Saturday, August 13, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

(Martin Luther or Kiko Arguello? Luther of course, but there's not much difference)

I really do try to stay off the NCW blog since debating almost never convinces anyone who's intellect is darkened. But then this little number below showed up in my inbox from a reader, and I checked it. Even now, I'm a little stunned:

Initial Comment:

Appearing  mysteriously? Wait, not God? God appears in the Eucharist? So much for our Catechism 1377-79.

Then another reader follows up, and sees the problem:

I still can't believe it. Diana admitted flat-out what we've been accusing all along.

To to be clear: when one of her commentors denied that the Eucharist is quite literally God, another person tried to let Diana correct herself, but Diana sees no need for correction. Because it's all ok with her. 

So when we see Diana's reaction to Chuck's post on the Kiko's Tabernacles, it's because she sees the Eucharist as sacramental, but in the most nuanced way. It's Jesus, but not God. Really? Is Jesus now not God? Or how do you mean?

Yes, it's a sacrament--the greatest of sacraments, but it's also God Himself under the accidents of bread and wine. Diana knows that the Church teaches this, so this can only be her denial.

And the follow-up commentor tried to give her the chance to correct, but no dice. So that's it. According to NCW, the Eucharist is not God. Belief that It is God is just silliness (their words, not mine).

And that's EXACTLY why we can never relent on this. Protestantism indeed.

THAT's why they receive the Eucharist sitting. If they really believed that was the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ, they'd never be so bold as to treat it as a meal. And THAT's why Apuron referred to "the breadiness of the bread." Because ultimately, that's all it is. 

I'm not going to give some lengthy analysis on this because every 2nd grader who has received First Communion knows this stuff. Quote the Catechism all you want out of context, but paragraphs 1377-79 are unequivocal, and there's no more hiding. Just like the NCW's assertion that the Blessed Mother is an obstacle to Christ, it's all a spiritual sickness, and using the Catechism to try to teach contrary to the Magisterium shows how lost these poor souls are. 

This is why we've begged the priests to return to complete faithfulness to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. If you don't, all of this will continue, and where will our poor Church on Guam be? Souls are lost every day, and we must stand up for Christ. All of us.

I'm not even upset, just sad that their catechists have so poisoned the minds of our brothers and sisters like Diana, who would have been such great defenders of the True Faith if they had not been deceived by their master  Kiko Arguello and his prophet Pius Sammut.


  1. NOTE TO READERS: Obviously, the "the Eucharist is not God" is the give-away. But the other big phrase here is "appears in the Eucharist." In? So that can only means the bread and wine present with the Body and Blood, which is the Lutheran understanding.

    So what, you say? Because it's not what the Church teaches. After that, it's ultimately just bread and wine. And that's it. The rest of the original post on the NCW blog is a bunch of terms thrown around to muddy the waters. They hope that with any disagreement, they can say they used a word here or there, so that's the evidence they aren't wrong.

    Sorry, but those days of endless lies are over.

  2. Some more proof of the many heresies that make up the NCW. This is one more of those many Protestant/Judeo heresies of the NCW presented to you for all to see.

  3. I've said it time and time again, the dingbats are STUPID, and you can't fix STUPID. SMH

  4. It brings me to actual tears that the seminarians at RMS (for NCW members only) are most likely taught such un-catholic theology.
    Glaucon Jr. expresses what is in my heart today when he says
    "I'm not even upset, just sad (heart torn) that their catechists have so poisoned the minds of our brothers and sisters like Diana, who would have been such great defenders of the True Faith if they had not been deceived by.... here I will put "satan." Because he is the ultimate liar and deceiver. Even Kiko, Carman, and the priest(s) were all deceived even though they originally had good intentions.

    Let us not forget to pray for each deceived member.

    O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus, as a Font of Mercy for.......insert NCW or member's name....., I Trust in You.
    Jesus is merciful.
    Jesus Christ is capable of straightening the crooked.
    Praise be to God.

    1. It is most likely the case.Since both RMS and JP II students are taught at the Theological institute by Neos who are not even qualified to teach. In my piece on RMS I show that they have only three full time instead of nine as they pretend.Two of them being in their late 70s. My next piece will show that the "diocesan" is not a real school. So sad....and so expensive

  5. Imagine their heads bowing the look of sadness on the faces of all the angels and the saints in heaven as OUR FATHER-GOD is pained by the neo's believe that He our Creator is not alive and present in the tiny host of the Holy Eucharist. I pray for the neo's ------

    O My God, I believe, I adore, I hope, I trust, and I love You. I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, do not trust, and do not love You, O Lord.

  6. Here we go. Had to find my own answer to the Eucharist and this is it!


    by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

    The most fundamental question to ask about the Blessed Sacrament is, "Who is the Holy Eucharist?" And the correct answer is: The Holy Eucharist is Jesus Christ.

    End of story!

  7. You have to remember that to the Kikos, Jesus isn't God. He's a sinner just like us. That's why they have no problem saying the Eucharist isn't God.

  8. I should in fairness note that NCW folks cannot take back what they are saying on the Eucharist, nor defend it, so they continue to mount attacks on Chuck as a person. It's either that, or deflect by confusing the Eucharist with icons and flowers. They are lost souls as long as they persist in their Protestantism.

    It's called willful ignorance.

  9. What an attitude? As in "You can't teach an old dog a new trick".

    DianaAugust 14, 2016 at 5:44 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 12:43 am,
    And how are we being defiant when there are no rules stating that one should not put the Holy Bible in the tabernacle? That is only a rule YOU made up yourself. So, why should we follow YOUR rule?

  10. I think this deserves a little post.

  11. Alarming? What's really going to become of our Catholic Church for having the neo's alongside in the inner circle with their mind set as such. Give it up Diana, and may you come to your senses and ACCEPT that the Catholic Church existed way before you and I were born.

    DianaAugust 12, 2016 at 5:36 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 5:20 pm,

    So where did this rule come from that God's word (Sacred Scripture) should NOT be in the tabernacle??? It was a man-made rule imposed by Chuck White and the jungle who preached false teachings.

  12. Whoever this Diana is ....."strains at a gnat and swallows a camel!"

  13. In the Catholic Church they say, The Body of Christ, and we say Amen. The Kikos say, would you like some bread? That's Protestantism and not Catholic.

  14. It gets much worse, friends. We've opened the door with the next post already up, but from here on out, I think it's going to get ugly fast--and not by my hand.

    But no matter what, if there's sincere engagement from the other side (many here at JWN have talked about this), great. If they attack us, it's helps us see our faith clearly and more vibrantly. And either way, everything they say will be given to Hon: either at his request or stuffed in his mailbox, voicemail, and collection plates. But the Truth WILL out.

    And to think: the whole time they persist in denying the Lord, they are unshakable in their devotion to a pedophile. Amazing.

  15. i hope the diana realizes her/his/their grave error and seriously get rehabilitated. this is Catholic dogma we're talking about.

    if the diana doesn't believe she/he/they are embracing grave error, then "for sure, for sure," the neocats' so-called "catechists" and all the way up to kiko are responsible and ultimately should be brought to the attention of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith.

    if anyone was previously on the fence about whether or not to receive communion at a Mass said by an ncw presbyter, this should convince you to stay away until further notice.

    1. This is serious as a parish on Saipan has a ncw presbyter, so in essence aren't the faithful here held captive to what he performs for the non-neo attendees versus the "heretical neo masses" for the neos. I have walked out the time he substituted for our own absent pastor. (Luckily, that was an earlier saunday mass so I could go elsewhere. But for the SV parishioners this is daily masses. After the ordination of the new bishop, the neos, sounding drunken, took to their tambourines. Can't help to try and make themselves noticed i suppose. I wondered whether they had gotten permission or their brazen action was because they have ab hon there with them. Sadly, I feel an upward battle to be had to rectify the San Vicente Church situation with a neo presbyter. Sigh. Spn2