Monday, August 1, 2016


rey d has left a new comment on your post "AND HON SMILES":

i'm just catching up on developments. so frs james and paul are satisfied with the moves that archbishop hon made regarding their status?

it's fine if they are satisfied as it relates to their own individual fates.

but it's not fine at all in the interest of truth and justice as it affects the rest of us. why not?
because, at least on one level, it signals that members of the hierarchy can continue to abuse their power and can still get away with it--even if only partially.

sadly, it's the two priests' attitude of willing acceptance that the men in power are counting on to continue to get away with the evils that are plaguing the Church.

yes, there are times when humility of accepting one's fate--even if unjust--is called for. that's governed by one's conscience.

but even if frs paul and james did accept their fates and individually are satisfied with this outcome, they should *not* call on the rest of us to go along and accept it with them. don't they understand that by expecting everyone else to do so, it leaves fertile ground for continuing abuse?

pass the bill! bring on the lawsuits!

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