Friday, October 7, 2016


Posted by Tim

So getting back to this COUNTDOWN. 

This is the time left for Hon to file a complaint against RMS if the Archdiocese is ever going to see the return of the Yona property. At 12:AM on November 22, the statute of limitations (SOL) will expire on the claim on title to said property and the Archdiocese of Agana will be forever banned from making that claim. 

This is why the Declaration of Deed Restriction (DDR) was filed as it was in the first place. First, there was the deceptive title of the document, and second, it was filed without public notice purposely in the hopes that it would not be discovered before the SOL clock ran out. 

Had, the Gennarini-Pius-Apuron machine not gotten greedy and took out Fr. Paul and Msgr. James, the DDR might never have been discovered until it was too late to do anything about it. 

Retrieving title to the property will be complicated. The incorporation documents of RMS are purposely booby-trapped to insulate against any action to get the property back should the DDR be discovered, which is why legal counsel Edward Terlaje, in September of 2011, objected to the transfer of title in the first place.

Full document here

By simply filing the complaint, Hon can at least stop the clock from running out on the statute of limitations. However, he has not. 


And now for the second reason for the COUNTDOWN. While it may not be the exact time and date, there is intel now coming from Rome suggesting that this will be the approximate time that Hon will leave...and Apuron will return. 

Many wonder how can this be. But it is simple. Apuron was NOT removed because of the sex abuse allegations. Mere allegations are not grounds for the pope to remove a bishop as has been the case in several dioceses, most notably in the case of Cardinal Pell, who voluntarily removed himself to permit the investigation. No, Apuron was removed because of "his" response to those allegations, particularly this one:

Full document here

However, as most of us know, this was not released by Apuron, but by:

To be sure, Apuron has already thrown his number one playmate under the bus and has made his case in Rome that Edivaldo released the May 31 statement without his knowledge or permission. To save his boss, Edivaldo has probably already admitted this to Vatican authorities and now Rome has no reason to keep Apuron from returning, which is why sede plena, not sede vacante, was declared in the first place. 

It also explains why Hon drug his feet from the outset, only finally taking some corrective actions after being backed into a corner. And it may well be why Hon is dragging his feet now. However, our greatest danger is not Apuron, but the apathy and willingness to look the other way that allowed these horrors to go on for decades right under our noses. Apuron is just waiting for us to tire. He'll be back. 

Meanwhile, here is a new COUNT UP. The amount of time elapsed since Hon DEMANDED the resignations from the current Cemeteries Board.

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