Sunday, October 2, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Neocatechumenals are ungovernable people. 
They do not obey their prophet Kiko when he forbides them using internet and social networks.
Sooner or later we will know the whole secret mamotrete of the new year's convivence, 2016-2017. In the mean time, we have here -thank to those disobedient gossiping brothers and sisters- a new portrait of Carmen, the holy founder.

Carmen's face divided in two different parts. The coloured one is reflecting her life after the NCW, red means her bloodshedding for evangelization. Because, of course, holy Carmen gave til the last drop of her blood (supposedly) for the Gospel. And (supposedly) for the Church. 
 We are attending a new saint's birth. 

We already knew Kiko has announced Carmen on heaven had already made three miracles.
Please read next chronicle, made by Father Alonso, one of the 72 wise of the NCW, and notice the dimension of the matter:

"Posted on September 4. 2016
Friday, 09/02/2016

Christian burial was given
for the lifeless body
of Carmen Hernandez
in a mausoleum prepared
at the Seminary R. M. de Madrid.

The ceremony was short and simple,
but also dense
and charged with emotion.
Archbishop presided
and there were itinerant, responsible and brothers of the communities that had
Kiko and Carmen as catechist.
Also present they were
her brothers and nephews.

From late June until now,
her body has remained
in the chamber of a tanatory.
In this interval,
Kiko with the architects of the Way
have erected a pantheon
made of marble and glass,
all flooded with light,
as she liked.
As you can see by the pictures, it is extremely beautiful.

The liturgy began
with an entrance song
and Kiko admonition:
He read a poem
a book just published in the BAC,
where the mission praises Carmen:
"The woman who never flattered him".
He concluded by stressing what Carmen many times he repeated: "In Rome they all say that you are a saint because you have to put up with me."
Just for this, concluded Kiko,
it can be started
the Beatification process,
Carmen has practiced
virtue of rejection
in a heroic degree".

Then Father Mario read
a mystical experience.
Carmen was in the early
of her religious vocation.
Something like transverberation
of Santa Teresa.
During a month,
young Carmen lived
in a state of bliss,
like Paul in the third heaven.
This supernatural vision
of Heaven and Christ
forged his soul
and gave her the strength
to live for 50 years
"Alone with the Alone".

Two readings were proclaimed.
First Corinthians: "not all of us will die, but all we shall be transformed".
The second,
the Transfiguration,
her favorite text.
In his homily,
Archbishop highlighted
the figure of Carmen
as the woman who knew how to live in Truth:
faithful to God,
faithful to the Gospel,
faithful to the Church,
true to herself.

Finally, we proceeded to
the transfer of the coffin
into the new Pantheon.
for seminarians,
we proceeded to the funeral liturgy.
Kiko made official requests
and as the coffin was descending,
all present
with one heart
sang the Creed.
Archbishop blessed and incensed
the grave and the coffin.
while marble workers
sealed the tomb
we sang Carmen 63.

After the ceremony,
we passed in strict silence,
inside where on our knees
we venerate her tomb
and we raised a prayer for his soul.

On Saturday, when we celebrate the Eucharist together
It will be a song
to the death
and Resurrection
not only of Christ
but also of Carmen,
True Servant of God.

From Madrid,
God bless you.
P. Alonso"

As you can see, the degree of worship of death Carmen is amazing.
Some underlined things to remember:

1. Neocatechumenals, obviously, do not knee in front of Jesus consecrated Body, but they do knee to pray for their holy Carmen in front of her tomb.

2. Kiko speaks about a supranatural transverberation lived by Carmen as St. Teresa de Jesús. It is a state of Spiritual Marriage (see for more).

3. Kiko talks about "rejection in heroic degree" exerted by Carmen. It is, Carmen exerted rejection of him in heroic degree. What does it mean? That she verbally humiliated Kiko til the end or that she also rejected him in terms of carnal knowledge or what?

4. For neocatechumenals is allowed to think the eucharist is a song or a chant not only "to the death and Resurrection of Christ but also of Carmen"?

These people have lost the north point. Definetly.

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