Monday, November 28, 2016


Not much can be derived from this interview other than Archbishop Byrnes is aware not to show his hand. It was a meet and greet and that's it. A couple of items to note though would be:
  • His reference to "the victims" (i.e. not "alleged victims" as Hon used to say)
  • His reference to the NCW as a "Movement." (That term is hated by the Kikos.)
  • His statement "several of their priests." (Denoting that the NCW priests are "different.")
Some will be disturbed by his saying that he "reports to Filoni," however, that is not a reference to authority. Byrnes' only boss is the pope. I'll say more about this later. And as for the NCW, do not expect him to get rid of them. I've been saying this all along. We only expect him to require them to conform to what is permitted by their statute. However, THAT will break them.

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