Monday, November 28, 2016


Not much can be derived from this interview other than Archbishop Byrnes is aware not to show his hand. It was a meet and greet and that's it. A couple of items to note though would be:
  • His reference to "the victims" (i.e. not "alleged victims" as Hon used to say)
  • His reference to the NCW as a "Movement." (That term is hated by the Kikos.)
  • His statement "several of their priests." (Denoting that the NCW priests are "different.")
Some will be disturbed by his saying that he "reports to Filoni," however, that is not a reference to authority. Byrnes' only boss is the pope. I'll say more about this later. And as for the NCW, do not expect him to get rid of them. I've been saying this all along. We only expect him to require them to conform to what is permitted by their statute. However, THAT will break them.


  1. I agree. He can't or won't ban the NEO movement but I believe he will force them to comply with the rules.

  2. Yes, he said "victims" and acknowledged that they are going through shame and guilt and other feelings, offering Grace and to walk with them. This is a major recognition!

  3. It's a good start. He won't take shit ftom anyone.

  4. I like the Irish American style being conveyed by Archbishop Michael. He has culture style dignity. His very person will re build trust healing.
    no comparison between Archbishop Michael and the hateful evil dictator Apuron. Still need to fight to terminate that cockroach for good and his evil way.

  5. Tim, hypothetically if Apuron had not abused any kids as a parish priest, do you think that this replacement (at the very least a gradual replacement) would have occurred? I ask because I wonder since Hon said they have been searching for a replacement for Apuron since early 2015, is Byrnes really here because of the sex abuse allegations, or rather the largest issue before the victims came forward, which is Apuron's leadership and the Neocatechumenal Way?

  6. Archbishop Byrnes. . .be careful with advice Cardinal Filoni gives you. He is a wolf in sheep's wool! When he says to "build a bridge", he means try to find common ground between the neocats and us. Sorry, there is no such "bridge to be built" with an organization which lies through their teeth to sound legitimate as Catholics but holds a disdain for the Faithful of this island of Guam; nor are we wanting to work things out with an organization which harbors pedophile priests like Wadeson and Camacho and Apuron. This Neocatechumenal Way sect is NOT CATHOLIC. They preach heresy and are disobedient to the Pope, and Filoni is their enabler in the Vatican.

    Please get us back to be with the US Conference of Bishops. Get us our of CEPAC and Filoni's Vatican Department or Congregration which manages affairs of missions around the world. Guam is NOT a mission anymore. We've been Catholic for hundreds of years.

    Filoni wants to give Guam to Kiko Arguello to convert to the Neocatechumenal Way's practices and life so he can build his base here in the Pacific to do their work to win converts from the Faithful on Guam, and be a feather in Kiko's cap!

    In the 20 years since they have been on Guam, the Neocats only have 800 followers out of 150,000 Catholics. Their mission is money and power and running the Archdiocese of Agana through the corruption of Archbishop Apuron who found these Neocats kissing not only his ring but his derriere as well.

    He loves the Neocats because they bow to him. Apuron is a classic Narcissist. When Walter Denton confronted Apuron in Tacoma, Washington somtime ago at a Guamanian get-together, asking for an apology for abusing him when Denton was an altar boy in Agat village, APURON DID NOT APOLOGIZE BUT INSTEAD WANTED TO GIVE DENTON A COPY OF HIS MUSIC CD's!!

    God help us!

  7. My thoughts on this initial Q&A and how it pertains to Abp Byrnes handling of the NCW:

    1. The NCW is not to be treated as just some movement and I hope he comes to learning more about why they are such a problem on Guam and how these problems are indicative of the NCW worldwide. I know that I sound very absolute about this, and I aim to be.

    2. If Abp Byrnes has full authority as the Archbishop of Guam, then he has absolute full authority to severely limit or even pose a moratorium on the NCW here on Guam. Banning the NCW is not the same as ridding the island of the NCW.

    3. Saying that he reports to Filioni is not only extremely curious (even troubling) but requires (maybe even demands) clarification on his part. I wish these reporters were well versed in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church to at least have understood that this statement of who he "reports" to was a significant revelation and had asked him to clarify; especially with Filioni's apparent interference with the authority given to Fr. Jeff via Abp Hon in the LFM's attempt to enter the RMS a few months back.

    The evidence is overwhelming in revealing that the outside (read international) leadership of the NCW is manipulative as through their SOP. It is no longer a secret that they coerced and imposed themselves on our Archdiocese through Apuron; embedding Pius and other foreign catechist as well. Importantly, there is much evidence on how they have profaned the sacrament of Holy Orders through the actions of the now defunct Board of Guarantors of the RMS. I pray that Abp Byrnes will be able to see through the fog of false humility that these NCW leaders project and recognize that their actions and methods reflect a stark difference from what a Catholic is called to be and how we are called to serve.

    It is important to remain patient and optimistic with the appointment of a more seemingly permanent replacement of Apuron (granted he remains Archbishop), however, I will not project upon this blank canvas that is our new Archbishop on how I think he will or will not act. I can only pray that he does much more than just find middle ground.

    When "many of his disciples" turned away and walked away from His truth about His body and blood (John 6), Jesus Christ did not chase after them. Rather, he asked his remaining original twelve, "Do you also want to leave?" Jesus Christ did not seek to find middle ground when he spoke of Himself as the Bread of Life. He did not adapt himself to meet the needs of those who couldn't accept his truth.

    The truth of the Body and Blood of our Lord, the Eucharist, the Real Presence, is the crux of our faith. Where does this truth reside? Where is this truth worshipped and adored?

    "Do you also want to leave?"

    Simon Peter answered " ... to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."

  8. Jose is spot on. Address individuals. Never let the subject of the conversation be what we neos want it to be because we bore an imprint which meant we were grinding somebody's axe. Be polite but don't entertain us neos' foibles, schemes or projects one bit. Don't be fooled by our "appearing helpful". The most sincere Catholic is a deadpan one.

    In this life Catholics are not meant to eliminate ills, only dilute them!

  9. Apuron is a flaming psychopath. The Vatican-indicted pervert had more nerve than a brass monkey attending the recent USCCB conference and openly visiting with Abp. Byrnes there. He acts confident in being acquitted by the canonical tribunal.

    It sounds like Abp. Byrnes is off to a good start. I love how he blew up the Neocats before he even arrived on Guam. Hopefully,he'll vaporize what's left of them.

  10. Even more than "movement", a word that really riles the neo leaders is "programme" !!!!!