Monday, November 28, 2016


Still, Byrnes insists “we can’t rush to judgment and condemnation.” - Detroit News

Dear Archbishop Byrnes.

Those of us who have been in the depths of this battle for several years at great personal cost understand that at this point you must speak generally and pastorally. We also have great confidence that you have been duly and severely informed about why you have been uprooted from your home and cast into this place which has endured decades of internal hell, despite its calm Catholic face. Nevertheless, given the horrible consequences if Apuron is ever allowed to return, we must continue to restate the facts.

What you see being played out before you on our island of Guam is anything but a "rush to judgment." What you see being played out before you is the result of years of painstaking research, prayer, and effort under the most grueling of conditions given the absolute power of Archbishop Apuron to crush us, using all the resources of the Church as he has threatened to do.

What you see before you on our island of Guam is a phenomenon not possible without the Holy Spirit. 

The faithful of Guam are non-confrontational to a fault and that is exponentially true when it comes to their Church. The faithful of Guam, for decades, even went so far as to threaten their own children into silence when those same children tried to tell those parents about their sexual brutalization at the hands of some of Guam's clerics, including Apuron. Thus, for those same faithful to now stand up and stand up publicly against the hierarchy of this Church is evidence of just how deeply the faithful have been moved by all that has been done to them over the decades of abuse.

Despite what you may read, this is not about a few old people upset about some changes in the liturgy. In fact, the liturgy of the Neocatechumenal Way and the liturgy of the Roman Missal (they are different) never intersect. And for almost twenty years, despite Apuron's growing disdain for anyone who didn't support the Neocatechumenal Way, the majority of the faithful held their peace and were willing to live and let live.

However, in 2013, when Apuron threatened a priest, known to have resisted the NCW, with an "arduous and painful closure to (his) assignment," it was obvious that there was something much more monstrous happening than a variation in the liturgy.

A year later, Apuron publicly canned another priest who also was known to have resisted the NCW. And then Apuron proceeded to debase and defame him in the public media.

A few months after that we discovered that while parishes and schools struggle to stay alive (some are massively in debt) Apuron secretly gifted his NCW friends with a mega-million dollar asset. This was followed by an almost weekly campaign of lies in our Catholic newspaper in an effort to cover up his crime.

In the midst of this, Apuron, through the Neocatechumenal Way, hid two NCW priests (John Wadeson and Luis Camacho) whose alleged sexual misdeeds had come to light.

Then came the horrific accounts of sexual abuse by Roy, Walter, Roland, and the particularly painful account of the now deceased Joseph "Sonny" Quinata, as shared with us by Sonny's mother and brother.

Of particular note is the testimony of Sonny's brother John "Champ" Quinata since his is the one testimony from someone who is the nearest thing to a witness. The other victims were molested and raped and then threatened into silence until now. However, Sonny told his brother, and forty years later, his brother, John, spoke for Sonny beyond the grave. You can and should watch it here:

Dead Altar Boy's Brother Testifies from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.

The files for all four of Apuron's victims who have come forward so far are consolidated here for your reference:

Roy Quintanilla: Video - Statement - File
Walter Denton: Video - Statement - File
Doris Concepcion (Mother of Joseph Quinata): Video - Statement - File
John "Champ" Quinata (Brother of Joseph Quinata): Video - Statement
Roland Sondia: Video - Statement - File

To be continued    

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