Friday, November 4, 2016


Posted by Tim

In my post HELL NO TO THIS FILTHY BISHOP (11/3/16), exposing the Vatican slap down of Apuron's attempt to get rid of Archbishop Hon, I referenced sources that I chose not to publish. Instead I concluded my post with the following:
These words turn my post into a sworn statement. Additionally, I copied the post to a document bearing my signature above my name which you can find here

A sworn statement, a declaration under penalty of perjury, means that I understand that my statement can be used in a court of law and that I can go to jail if what I stated isn't true. 

I specifically chose to make such a statement rather than publish the documents because I do not want to compromise the documents should they be requested in a court proceeding nor do I want endanger my sources. 

In fact, a sworn statement authenticates a document even more than the actual publication of the document itself since merely publishing a document creates no legal culpability as does a statement made under penalty of perjury. 

One commenter insisted that I publish the documents. I have published many documents. If I choose not to publish a document then I have good reason not to. This was the case with the referenced post. Knowing that my credibility would be questioned, I offered something even more credible, a statement under penalty of perjury.

I have created a tab above where I will link future statements. I am willing to go to court and prove all I know if and when the time comes. My enemies know this, which is why they can only ridicule me personally from behind their anonymous rocks. 

My challenge to those who visit The Diana is to demand she do the same: declare under penalty of perjury that what she says is true and correct. She won't of course. But then that will tell you who is telling the truth and who isn't. 

It's time to take the gloves off and call liars liars. Tim Rohr is willing to stand before a court of law and testify under penalty of perjury to everything I have ever posted on this blog. Let's see if The Diana will do the same. 


  1. I'll put all of my money on Tom Rohr anytime.

    1. I would also put all my money on Tim.

  2. Good Job Tim. Therese

  3. I would not necessarily put any money on Mr. Tim Rohr but I will definitely put my trust in him. He has made this fight against NCW and the sexual deviant apuron as his personal crusade. Anyone who puts his name, reputation and safety on the line in order to expose the ugliness of crime and deception has my respect and trust. It is great insult to Mr. Rohr to even pit him against a pseudonym of Diana who is a mere dilettante in the world of journalism. "She" is a complete whacko that can only be compared to a quack, a fake spiritualist who feeds on what people of her ilk want to hear. "She" does not have credibility because she is a walking zombie of her "responsibles."

    1. Just as much against the thieves, and against those who lie to individuals who want a deeper faith (who are fellow victims), and against those who lie to church authorities and to secular authorities about every aspect of their constitution and activities. May the ordinary membership reject the itinerants every one of them, all over the world. The itinerants have become greatly more brazen in the last few months. It is time for all of the ordinary membership, everywhere, to awaken as I recently did!

  4. And, if any component of Las Dianas is a priest of Agana. You are a fallen priest. Under a spell! whatever your original inspiration to serve the People of God was it is long snuffed out by your sins. A tragedy.

  5. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)November 5, 2016 at 2:53 AM

    Tim is correct in the effect of his sworn statement and in his decision not to publish the Abp Apuron (ghost written) letter. Some reasons come to my mind as far as the publication of that letter goes. The reason of which I'm wary is the possible alteration of that letter the way the NCW tinkered with the documents of the Yona property. Another example was from the last day or two is the suspicion of the reproduction of the Archdiocese of Agana letterhead on which Abp Apuron released his self-serving "welcome" statement on the appointment of Abp Brynes.