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Posted by Tim

In his press conference on November 30, Archbishop Byrnes mentioned a "victims support group" headed by Sister Angela Perez, RSM. 

My first thought was "where did that come from?" 

As expressed in other posts, the chancery has no business - at least for the next few years - doing anything in the way of "victims support." The only "support" it should be giving is support to a professional, independent, neutral, third party to which victims may be referred. 

The Archdiocese of Agana, no matter who is running things for now, is so damaged that it cannot offer anything but a waste of time and money when it comes to interfacing directly with its own victims. 

• First there was the decades of horrific abuse that not only went unaddressed, but, as we will soon see, was aided and abetted by certain clergy and religious and even some of the people who are now being offered to us as "support." 

• Prior to our learning of these horrors, there was the firing of Sex Abuse Response Coordinator, Deacon Steve Martinez after Martinez started to do the job that Apuron's own sex abuse policy required him to do. 

• Martinez was replaced by Deacon Larry ("for sure for sure") Claros, whose only apparent assignment was to to run interference for Apuron, a role which became spectacularly clear when John Toves showed up.

• Then, after Apuron's victims began speaking up in May-June 2016, there was the "re-molesting" of the victims in the media, first by Apuron, then Deacon Tenorio, Adrian Cristobal, and Edivaldo

• Soon after the first victim came forward in May, Deacon Steve Martinez was slapped with a decree courtesy of Apuron, David the VG, and Adrian, forbidding him to speak publicly about the matter as he did on June 1, 2016

• This was followed by months of the absolute ignoring of the situation by Archbishop Hon whose very presence in Guam was necessitated by the abuse allegations. 

• Then there was the all out push from the pulpit to manipulate the governor into vetoing the only real path to justice for the church's victims. 

• And then, after the bill was passed and signed into law, there was the obvious attempt by the Archdiocese's lawyers to intimidate the lawmakers who passed the bill lifting the civil statute of limitations on sex crimes against minors, if not actually seek a path to overturn the law or at least cripple it. 

And amidst all this, the Archdiocese wants you to call 477-RAPE x ME. 

Making things even more suspicious and sinister was the selection of Sister Angela Perez, RSM as some sort of coordinator for this new "victims support group." The GUAM DAILY POST reported:
"The coadjutor archbishop also met with support groups for clergy abuse victims, working with Sister Angela Perez to further the process of communication between victims and the church."
Here are some of the comments which were posted after the news:

Absoloutely sickening to me that Sister Angela Perez has anything to do with Victims. she knew of victims for many years and freely chose to support Anthony Apuron.

Ahhhh, yes, the mighty Angela Perez rears her Ugly head. Hon thought he made a big catch there. Hon , this was not your best move. Setting up good staff takes time Angela was just too easy. Watch out Archbishop Byrnes. Your authority may soon be challenged by Angela who knows more than you do. Maybe more than any one! I thought she retired! New twist folks.

Angela Perez supported Abuse Anthony Apuron. She knew what was happening she allowed suffering in order to keep her position in schools and remain in Apuron's good graces. she is a two faced ugly woman. All victims must keep away from her. she is a no good woman.

Angela Perez had spent time praying in the 80s 90s less time shopping in Bloomingdales for her fancy cloths shoes bags kids could have been saved from abuse. But she sucked up to Apuron to keep her positions knowing full well of his abuse. woman is a total disgrace. Today she claims to support victims. " Lyin Angela" Come on Guam we need to start shouting for the removal of " Lyin Angela"

And then there is a long comment (shortened here) from Rose in Seattle. (The full comment can be read by clicking on the hyperlinked date.)

Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)December 27, 2016 at 4:11 AM
As to the team that conducts the child sexual abuse safety trainings, the comments reflect a mistrust, specifically, toward Sr. Angela Perez who heads that program because of her decades long friendship with and professional collaborations with Abp Apuron. 

I don't know this Sr. Angela, but obviously some do. And if what they say is true then it is quite possible that Apuron himself may be behind this "victims support group," which she heads. As stated earlier, it seems to appear out of nowhere. It just suddenly exists in Byrnes' press conference. 
It appears to me and others that some of Apuron's "friends" may have "offered their services" to Byrnes, who, not knowing their history, accepted the offer, inadvertently establishing a group that can now intervene and divert Apuron's victims away from the courts. Nice.  

P.S. As mentioned several times already, we need and want Archbishop Byrnes to succeed. However, despite the "listening to both sides" posture, I am unaware that Byrnes has met with anyone from the CCOG except for a casual run-in at the chancery with CCOG President, David Sablan, even though the CCOG gave the archdiocese TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to help with the legal fees associated with the return of the Yona property.

The CCOG has put its money where its mouth is. It has demonstrated its desire to help and further stands ready to do so. Yet, while the archdiocese willingly accepted the money, there has been no phone call from Byrnes. True, he has only been here a short while, but apparently he has been here long enough to rehabilitate Edivaldo, send Adrian off to canon law school, and see to it that the legislature got "FOIA'd." Maybe when he gets back he'll find time to "listen" to the people who write his check rather than just the people he writes checks for. 

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