Friday, December 23, 2016


Apuron in San Francisco on December 12.
Anyone seen Adrian?


  1. Shouldn't Apurun be in Rome defending his honor?

    Oops. Silly me. I almost forgot that Apurun has

  2. Yes it is true Apuron often seen in San Francisco. He stays in the shared home with a former altar boy. Aputon is seen shopping in Union Square coffee shops late evenings.

    1. 3:28 p.m. I loathe Apuron, but there are no "coffee shops" in San Francisco's Union Square itself. Also, there is no "shopping" in the few coffee shops located in that general area, "late evenings" or otherwise.

      Can you name the so-called coffee shops where Apuron is allegedly seen? They might be part of the local gay bar circuit.

    2. No coffee shops??...Not even Starbucks?? Oh No,,that's a death wish for ApuRun!!

  3. Adrian? Check the Rainbow Room in the Castro District.

    1. googled Rainbow room. It is a dress shop for women. looks like cross gender for men who dress women.

    2. 3:33 p.m. there is no Rainbow Room in San Francisco's Castro District.

      I'm all for dumping perverse Apuron and his filthy crew, but keep your stories truthful and properly documented if you want to have any sort of credibility.

    3. I didn't see a Rainbow Room dress shop in the Castro listed on Google or anywhere else.

    4. I think someone was trying to be funny.

    5. In the Castro District, the Rainbow Room is associated with this address:

      San Francisco LGBT Center
      1800 Market Street
      San Francisco CA 94102-6227

      The Rainbow Room may also be a boarding house in nearby Lower Nob Hill, within walking distance of Union Square.

      711 Hyde Street
      San Francisco, CA  94109-5960

  4. He was spotted a couple of weeks ago playing slots at the Thunder Valley Casino in Sacramento.

    1. according to sources yes it is possible Apuron visited Thunder Valley Casino.
      He visited a place called Gurneyvill or something near Bodega bay on tbe northern Ca coastline.
      From Bodega he went to Sacramento. No direct evidence he did. possible? Yes. Reason. poker machine. Apuron loves poker playing when off Island. Hence his property in Vegas later sold. He loves Casino.

    2. The backwoods town you're talking about is Guerneville. Nothing there, but it's near the Russian River, a popular gay hangout.

      Does Apuron have a gambling problem too? If so, did he steal money from the Archdiocese to finance it? Is that why he goes to New Jersey? To gamble in Donald Trump's Atlantic City hotel casinos?

    3. yes checked source said Guerneville. log cabin by Russian River. source informs three hour drive from Mountainview.Private log cabin of a fraternity brotherhood. source believes gay fraternity.


  5. frequented gay bars in the castro district early 1990s. Apuron invite me to drinks in a gay bar Market street August 1992. He then wrote me a letter to go to seminary. Unbelievable I Know.

  6. Vatican City Congregations closed until after January 7th.
    I doubt the Holy Father is inviting Apuron to Midnight Mass followed by mince pies Lunch Christmas day.Would you invite a Child abuser to your Christmas Table?

  7. Christmas 2014 we were filled with Joy at the announcement of the Apostolic Visitors. Through Tim Rohr's blog the Holy Father had learnt of the evil dictator operating in Guam.
    I remember thinking at the time how happy Christmas would be if we can just get rid of this human garbage. I believed peace would come.
    Christmas 2016 the evil dictator was blasted out of Guam by the protestors and Tim Rohr. But as I contemplate Christmas I am still not happy. Although Apuron has gone his stench will remain for the rest of life. It is unfortunately a stench many live with. I can spray the volumes of creed aftershave in my bathroom and all the Jo malone in the world but it will never cover his stench the stench of Satan that is a reminder he lurks in the background.
    Even a Million USD will not remove his stench. It will always be there. The stench of Apuron will always hover over Guam. we long for peace pray for peace but it may take many years to achieve.

  8. Apuron continues to preside over dying Archdiocese of Agana. Agana will continue to burn while he presides.

  9. The Neocats' San Francisco HQ is valued at around $1.1 million. In photos, it looks like a good-sized private house in a middle-class residential neighborhood.

    It's anyone's guess who actually lives there. Allegedly, it was Wadeson's hidey-hole at one time. If Apuron was seen in San Francisco, he might be staying there too.

    1. Nope. If in San Francisco he is hiding out with his pare JQ John Quitugua at the Bank of Guam house provided for BOG branch VP Shirley Quitugua.

  10. YouTube's TOS forbids giving out personal info or home addresses, but here's what I found out about the Neocats' San Francisco HQ.

    1) It's a private house in a residential neighborhood. The property is owned by Trust that is not named after an individual, a family, or anything readily identifiable as a Neocat asset.

    2) Currently valued at $1,383,200, the 2,799 sq.ft., 2BA house sits on a 4,347 sq.ft. lot. Located in a lower middle-class neighborhood, it sold for only $42,000 in 1971. It looks like a cheap old frame house that was stuccoed-over by a 1970's-style remodeling job.

    3) The house occupant of record is a single, older man with a last name that sounds Hispanic or Filipino. No indication that he is the Trust owner or Trustee. His occupation is unknown.

    San Francisco real estate of all types has become obscenely expensive for reasons unknown. Even in sketchy areas. The very small town is just a grimy old burg with horrible weather and a couple of upper crust areas.

    1. Neocatechumenal Center
      195 Otsego Ave.
      San Francisco, CA  94112-2535

  11. Sounds to me like the single older man living at San Francisco's Neocat Center actually owns the 2BA house.

    He's hiding it behind a nebulous Trust. If it's legally classified as church property, the $1,383,200 house is tax-exempt.

  12. But is it actually tax exempt?

    One would have to check the property tax rolls of the Assessor for the City and County of San Francisco.

  13. The building has 7 rooms. (No “bedrooms” are listed, presumably because of the remodeling job.)

    While the tax exemption status is not immediately available, the existence of many other documents is.

    The most recent recorded document about the S.F. Neocatechumenal Center is a Deed of Trust recorded 19 October 2016 from B & V Properties, LLC and Otsego Avenue Trust to First Republic Bank.

    The last sale was on 25 July 1997 upon the death of Harold Eugene Budig. Theresa Budig and the Estate of Doris L. Budig sold the property to Sergio Iantorno.

    On 28 January 1998 there was a Deed of Trust from Sergio Iantorno to David A. Bowman and Frederick Ferber.

    On 7 June 1999 there was a Deed of Trust from Sergio Iantorno to the Loan Center of California, Inc.

    On 9 July 1999 those two assigned the Deed of Trust to IndyMAC Mortgage Holdings, Inc.

    On 1 March 2000 a Deed was recorded from from Sergio Iantorno to the Iantorno Trust and Lilia Varela.

    On 25 October 2001 a Deed of Trust was recorded from the Iantorno Trust and Lilia Varela to Sergio Iantorno.

    On 12 February 2002 a Deed was recorded from Lilia Varela to Rafael E. Varela and a Deed of Trust was recorded from Rafael E. Varela to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc.

    On the same day there was also a Substitution of Trustee from the Iantorno Trust, Sergio Santorini, Lilia Varela, and Old Republic Title Co. to Sergio Iantorno.

    Among many other refinancing documents, on 8 June 2009 there was an Assignment of Rents from Rafael Varela to Sergio Iantorno.

    On 30 April 2010 Executive Trustee Services, LLC and ETS Services, LLC cancelled a Notice of Default to Rafael E. Varela.

    On 31 December 2010 there was recorded an Assignment of Deed of Trust from MERS, Inc. and Rafael E. Varela to Deutsche Bank Trust Co. and “RALI 2004QS3”. (Indicated in another document as “BALI 2004QS3”.)

    On 25 January 2011 there was yet another Notice of Default, this one involving Rafael E. Varela as well as MERS, Inc. and Homecomings Financial Network, Inc.

    The penultimate transaction was a Substitution of Trustee from Bank of America, N.A., PRLAP, Inc., Lilia Varela, Rafael Varela, and Rafael E. Varela to Recontrust Co., N.A. On 4 December 2013.

    On the same date was a Reconveyance from Lilia Varela, Rafael Varela, and Rafael E. Varela to Recontrust Co., N.A.

    The foregoing is not all-inclusive. There have been 42 recorded documents since the last “sale” in 1997.

    Sergio Iantorno and Rafael E. Varela (or Rafael Varela) seem to be consistently involved on behalf of the NCW in San Francisco, with respect to this property.