Friday, December 23, 2016


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The Thin Red Line has become an English language figure of speech for any thinly spread military unit holding firm against attack. The phrase has also taken on the metaphorical meaning of the barrier which the relatively limited armed forces of a country present to potential attackers. (Battle of Balaclava)
Our own Thin Red Line began rather inauspiciously in March last year with a few old ladies mature women protesting the wrongs of apuron by praying the rosary under a tree at the Chancery. In April the ladies relocated to the Cathedral and also began a protest of static displays comprised of signs like APURON RESIGN, RETURN THE RMS, and RESTORE THE PRIESTS (3R's) across the street from the Cathedral. They also hand-billed at various parishes and distributed "Target Priest" by Tim. The more they protested, the more their numbers grew as more men and women joined them.

The static displays gave way to a picket line in June after apuron had been exposed and AA Hon came on board. The final R then morphed into REMOVE. The ladies also exposed the hypocrisy of the seminary and smoked out Cardinal Filoni in the process. While they were at it they testified at the legislature and made it possible for apuron's victims to get justice. 

Image result for i don't know what can't be doneThey were at it for 21 months including 28 straight Sundays of picketing, praying and singing. Although they were taunted, teased and tormented, advised by "the smart money" that the chips were so stacked against them that they couldn't win, they never wavered. They went eye-to-eye with the strongest, most powerful organization in civil society and never blinked. They didn't know what couldn't be done. Even though many needed canes and walkers they were the "foot-soldiers" of Junglewatch Nation. 

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2016 will be long remembered as the year of the underdog:

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  • The "smart money" said that President-elect Trump couldn't win.
  • Seven newcomers "turned the rascals out" in November.
  • The Cubs won the pennant for the first time since 1908.
  • A few old ladies mature women prevailed against the odds.

The Thin Red Line
Christmas and New Years fall on Sundays this year but come January 8, on the eve of apuron's canonical trial, they'll be back on the picket line: APURON OUT and DEFROCK APURON. 


  1. They didn't know what couldn't be done.

  2. The LFM is awesome!

  3. From The USoA - Felis Nåbidåt Yan Magof na Åñu Nuebu to All The True Katolicos and Faithful Picketers on My Island of Guam! You Are All Truly Inspirational to all of us who are not on the Island! Dankolo Na Si Yu'us Ma'åse' Yan Si Yu'us Un Fan Binendise!

  4. plane hijacked Malta.
    Identity hijackers unknown.
    hijackers threatening to blow up plane.
    looking for putrid pius.
    possible hijacker.

  5. How about Defrock Adrian?

  6. Amen to that Robert!!
    Joyeux Noël to you all