Sunday, December 4, 2016


In his post-election analysis on a local news show, Guam pollster Ron McNinch attributed Sen. Frank Blas Jr.’s loss to his introduction of a bill lifting the civil statute of limitations on crimes involving child sexual abuse of minors.

McNinch may be right, but so what. 


NOTE: Here are the sources for the news items I referred to. I ALWAYS USE SOURCES.

"According to national and local statistics, Guam's per capita rate of reported forcible rape is more than twice the national average."

"Child abuse is frightening epidemic for Guam"


  1. Another quick note on the program Archbishop Byrnes was involved with in Detroit. For now I consider it a distraction. His job is completely different here and it is a big one. Keep the focus on Apuron and the Kiko's. And also it is time to do some looking in the mirror. While we are all aware of the aberrations of the neocats, just how strictly do we ourselves adhere to Catholic teaching and strict observance of the Liturgical norms? I've mentioned many times on this blog why the neocats found an easy time of it in this diocese and it wasn't just Apuron. One of the first things I personally would like to see is adherence to the norms for liturgical music as set out by the Vatican since 1967. I don't see this followed anywhere.

    I wrote a column about this a couple years ago for the Umatuna:

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    1. "Hairy balls?" LOL. Well at least I have some, coward. I'm winning Rude-ee 😆

    2. I am really getting frustrated with postings like Anon @ 5:38 AM who cannot even make any sense of what they are posting! What does he/she mean "watch out for the mic oh you're probably used to that LOL its Sunday asshole"? America is "Where America's Day Begins" and I have been educated with the USofA system since 1957! And this is 2016!

      I guess if I was on Guam, I will considered one of those "elderly protesters" who forget .............! What An Honor That Would Be!

      BiBa Katolikus!

    3. No worries. That's Rude-ee. He constantly references items (like a cigar) that he wants to stick up his rectum. LOL

    4. - Thank You for the clarification! I just noticed that I said "America is" when I meant to say "Guam is"! Do not post until you review what you meant to say!

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  3. Kudos to senator frank blas Jr. Thank you for standing up and doing what is right. Hopefully the archdiocese will no longer house priests like rudee, Waldo, brother tony, Luis camacho, etc.

    Hopefully, archbishop Byrnes cleans house and finally rids the archdiocese of these neocult idiots once and for all.

  4. While the loss may be painful, it frees Senator Blas to do more for the people and the Church. Doing the right thing is a lonely job, but he's not afraid of rejection or criticism. Much like you, Tim. The ugly comment above reminds us to guard against the evil ever present working to keep us divided. Let's not add to the sins. St. Michael, defend us in battle!