Tuesday, January 17, 2017


In other words...

CCOG are the new Bishop of Guam.
Accept it, this is the new protestant Catholic Church of Guam.

CCOG despises the Catholic Church; They only obey to their thinking; they stir dissent; they accuse based on 'allegations'; they want everyone to agree with them; they are the Despot's in Command of the Catholic church or else they let their smear-dog (Tim Rohr) lose who with his JungleTrash sewer-machine smear and throw mud at anyone who opposes their hateful rhetoric.

Sadly, and because the real Christians are the silent majority, they have become the face of the Catholic Church in the public-sewer sphere.

My condolences to the Guam faithful.

Well since the bishops are either busy grabbing pre-pubescent genitalia or ramming the rectums of 12 years olds, and guys like Byrnes and Cristobal are more interested in covering for their brothers arses, well, yah, then we'll do this ourselves. LOL

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