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Coadjutor Archbishop Byrnes' statement as reported in the Feb. 2 PDN:

Coadjutor Archbishop Michael Byrnes momentarily walks"Byrnes, for a few moments on Sunday, joined dozens of Catholics led by the Laity Forward Movement and Concerned Catholics of Guam in a peaceful protest.
Byrnes said it’s safe to say he respects and supports the peaceful picketers’ desire for justice, and “a clear answer.”
The picketers have been calling for Apuron’s removal as archbishop of Guam and for Apuron to be defrocked because of his alleged sex abuses and his alleged leadership failures."

Image result for DUELImage result for JOUSTOn another blog two bloggers, Anonymous and Diana, jousted over the activities of Archbishop Byrnes on Sunday. The contest is set out below with my emphases:

  • He will be found guilty unless Rome decides to cover up and hide him. Even archbishop Byrnes joined in the protests. So that in itself showed a lot.

  • Dear Anonymous at 11:17 pm, 

    Archbishop Byrnes did not join the protest. That is a false rumor being spread in the jungle....just like the false rumor that there is no canonical trial. Tim created the rumor that is no canonical trial. He is wrong. It is the jungle who spread false rumors and you fell for it.

  • Some people like anon. 11:17 can't think for themselves. If Byrnes had joined the picket line, it would be in the photos of JW blog. Just look at what happened before. JW spread the false rumor that Apuron was hiding out at the Seminary, and a bunch of old ladies comes storming the seminary demanding to see Apuron. No common sense at all. Just believe everything that comes out of Rohr's mouth without questioning him.
  • Dear anon at 10:12 pm, please, tell us how can money buy you healing?
  • Go check out the photos on pdn. Lol. The archbishop was protesting too. It's online for the world to see. Lol. Wait, you gonna say it's photoshopped?
  • Dear Anonymous at 4:25 am,

    And you believe the anti-Catholic media? Was Archbishop Byrnes holding up any signs? That alone should have told you the truth.
  • The photos are very clear, he was walking with the protesters. He wasn't standing next to or walking around them, he was in line with them. You cannot deny or pretend it didn't happen.

    But why he did that is up to him to answer.
  • Dear Anonymous at 6:55 am, 

    He was trying to get to his destination without causing any disruption to your peaceful protest. If he was truly protesting, he would be walking the line longer than "momentarily" and he would be holding up a sign.
  • Diana, were you there to see what archbishop Byrnes did or are you just assuming again? What's funny is that the whole point is that THIS archbishop doesn't just hide like brother tony is doing. At least archbishop Byrnes walked with the protestors. And who says the neos are the true Catholics?

  • Abp Byrnes came out of the east side of the cathedral to greet some people arriving for the mass. He then walked to the front and got in line walking toward the front steps. As he got out of line to enter the cathedral he said, "I'm sorry for interrupting your rosary."
  • Archbishop Byrnes walked the line a bit greeting picketers. When he realized we were all deep in prayer, he apologized for disturbing us and left the picket line to say mass. Kudos to him for the gesture, but Tony Apuron is officially still the Archbishop of Agana and must be defrocked.
  • Sooooooo who wins the duel:

    Andrew & Gerald
    4 Archbishop Byrnes

    Coadjutor Archbishop Michael Byrnes momentarily walks
    Here's a little help. This picture appeared in the Pacific Sunday News for January 29 along with other pictures of the picket line in front of the Cathedral Basilica. Credibility counts.                  
                     Please vote for
    1 Anonymous, 2 Diana,
    3 Andrew & Gerald
    4 CAB Byrnes
    in the comments.


    1. Andrew & Gerald gave eyewitness accounts. And then there's Diana...

    2. Diana, the Mistress of Alternative Facts....

    3. dear, bloggers Anonymous and Diana,

      It seems like yesterday,
      That you were giving vows and making crazy promises
      It seems like yesterday that you were apologizing
      Hearts and paths don't break apart like that

      Stop exaggerating
      Since you were the first one who forgot what you wanted
      The heart can see the future
      I swear, I haven't heard so many lies,
      Ever before
      They take me back to the past
      Finally stop exaggerating

      You came again yesterday
      Looking for reasons to tell me that you want me
      You came again yesterday to say you're sorry
      Hearts and paths don't break apart like that


    4. Anonymous is credible. Diana is incredible.

    5. Andrew & Gerald, did a great explanation. HONESTY & TRUTHFULNESS, THAT'S WHAT REAL CATHOLICS DO.

    6. Andrew and Gerald get my vote.

      Byrnes was not walking with the protestors. He didn't engage with the group or carry a picket sign. He showed up briefly for PR purposes just to humor them. By referring to the picketers' gathering as a "rosary", he officially refused to acknowledge the existence of their well known protest.

      In the bottom photo, he's obviously walking silently on a slightly elevated path that runs past the picketers, trying to go somewhere else. It looks like he's on Cathedral grounds and they're on the adjacent sidewalk.

      1. He walked in-between the protesting line for a short distance, about half-way from Blessed San Vitores statute and Cathedral front steps.

    7. If Byrnes was truly protesting, he would not have dismissed the picket line as a "rosary"!

    8. He made a conscious decision to walk with the picketers, whatever his intention was. He only realized the picketers were saying the rosary after walking in the line and striking up a conversation with one of the picketers.

    9. Oh my, I just read the Guam Post. Are we now hiding behind the Kiko goat beard?

    10. 7:30 can't or won't read.

    11. "Diana" has the Insider's View - her head is stuck way up inside her . . .

    12. picket Chili's restaurant!!

      1. According to the news, the voucher system was stopped so it makes me wonder if our local Chilli's contributes directly or indirectly to Planned Parenthood.

      2. Picket the Cathedral on Sunday.

    13. Checkout the update. Contrast the three who were there with the one who wasn't.

    14. Diana and her fantastic creatures. They live inside her head. Peculiar child indeed.

    15. Ai adai. Hafa talu si Diana. And to think I felt she truly had a change of heart by preaching Respect Understanding and Peace. It doesn't take long for her to ruin it all. Run along Diana and leave the picketers in peace will you?
      DianaNovember 29, 2016 at 7:18 AM
      Dear Anonymous at 6:33 am,

      I do not use threats, ridicule, and mockery nor impose my beliefs. A dialogue always consist of mutual respect for the other despite their beliefs. The goal of the dialogue is not to impose your belief but come to a better understanding so the two can abide in peace.

    16. Diana is a transgender presbyter of the neocatechumenal way. Father Pius's personal plaything.