Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Lawsuits: Church operated 'harem of young boys'
Four more former altar boys filed separate federal lawsuits Wednesday, alleging that former island priest Louis Brouillard sexually molested them repeatedly when they were children in the 1970s, bringing to 22 the total number of clergy sexual abuse cases filed on Guam. CONTINUED

New suits claim altar boy service front for abuse
Three brothers allege abuse by 'pedophile' priest
Four new civil lawsuits have been filed against the Archdiocese of Agana in the District Court of Guam alleging the practice of altar boy service ultimately became a “tool by which sexually predatory priests would gain access to young boys.” CONTINUED


  1. Per, pedophile Brouillard was removed from active ministry on Guam in 1985 at age 64. However, his faculties weren't revoked until 2013 when he was over 90 years old. Reportedly, he now has long-term memory issues and is probably unfit to stand civil trial.

    Post-1985, Brouillard's whereabouts were allegedly unknown much of the time. Apparently, he was roaming free on the US mainland and re-offending at will.

    This sounds similar to pervert Wadeson's disappearance from Guam around three years ago, but his faculties weren't revoked and no one will admit to knowing where he is.

    Wadeson was dismissed from the SVD's and last seen at an insular Hispanic parish, St. Charles Borromeo in San Francisco. It has has a NCW community and a dilapidated old grammar school that's being forcibly closed in June.

  2. Catholic school-based Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops have been infested by homosexual and pedophile Scout masters for years. Perverse priests and religious are active participants in that "harem of young boys" as well.

    Now it's illegal in the US to ban homosexuals from Scout troops. Over 30 years ago, several Catholic fathers, some of them former Eagle Scouts, formed excellent independent troops in order to protect their sons from known predators approved by the filthy organization.

    Where I live, all of those wonderful independent troops disbanded when their leaders retired or died. Our diocese no longer sponsors school-based Scouting, undoubtedly as a safety measure. When decades of coverup dust was blown away, pedophile priests and religious cost the local bishop over $70 million.

    US Brownie and Girl Scout troops also went to hell years ago. One of their major financial sponsors is satanic Planned Parenthood. Promiscuity, contraception and abortion are openly advocated by their leadership which prematurely sexualizes young girls.

    Sadly, kids are no longer safe in Scouting. Extreme right-wing Evangelical troops also exist as alternatives, but they're generally regarded as latter-day Hitler Youth because of their overt racism.