Thursday, March 2, 2017


Posted by Tim
Abuse Survivor Resigns From Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors

VATICAN CITY — On Wednesday the decision of clerical-abuse survivor Marie Collins to resign from her post on the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors was announced, citing frustrations with “a lack of cooperation” by the Curia as a leading factor. CONTINUED

And guess what? Guess who is the head of this commission? Cardinal Sean O'Malley, the kiko-in-chief of the NCW financial empire, aka Domus Jerusalem, Inc., and fellow Capuchin and Apuron neocat confidant and protector. Wow! The Cardinal who heads the "Commission for the Protection of Minors" is, next to Filoni, Kiko's best friend in the Vatican, and Apuron's protector. SMH.


  1. O'Malley and Tony...just more bones to pave the road to hell with when they depart this earthly life.

  2. Worth repeating:

    Uncle Screw Tape: My my you little monster (Wormwood) you’re not such a bad fiend after all. These past years have proven to be quite challenging for our brothers in black, but the chaos and confusion they’ve provided in the parishes with our new theology is exactly what we needed to divide brothers sisters husbands wives. Our plan will flourish and the harvest will be abundant.

    Wormwood: Why thank you Uncle, it was really nothing, with the help of the Weak One who is reclused and now his timorous proxy who has proven to be a complete failure, life couldn’t be easier. All the while the ‘victims’ are ignored by the unholy preacher they call his eminence, hahahaha, brilliant isn’t it Uncle.

    Uncle Screw Tape: Yes yes Wormwood! But have you considered the inverse, after all the invocation of that that that brute of an Angel Mikelis and that Woman of Revelation who as you know Is our demise, we need to keep the collective conscience numb and uninspired so they will accept the weak position and sit on the proverbial fence, hehehehe.

    Wormwood: Uncle our helpers in the high edifice of Roma has accepted our father the devil himself, his offerings of the same silver coins of our brother Judas. The new request and orders from the Proxy man in Red on this dreadful little island will prove to be helpful to our brothers in the cove where they blaspheme the Woman’s name, The Redeemer’s Mother day and night. The devils liturgy they promote at their so called ‘Mass’ is absolutely delightful!

    Uncle Screw Tape: Awww yes they do perform such beautiful aria up at their ‘Table’, hahahaha, and the poor little ones have no clue, no clue of what they’re consuming. But enough, our enemies, these little troops who are called the church militants, these you must observe, the soldiers of the true faith, tire them down with as our friend has stated at his overture ‘in two weeks they will faint’.

    Wormwood: Yes Uncle, our unholy collars are already acquiescing as expected and our floors below are ready for their RECEPTION!

  3. A deep black market on the reputation of the Capuchins

    1. Business as usual. Historically, the Capuchins have always had a bad reputation in both Italy and the US. Mafia connections in Italy. Predatory pedophiles and homosexuals in the US.

      They tried to clean up their perverse US act by bringing some of their Irish Province into Northern California several years ago. It's now known as the Western US Capuchin Province. Scandal-free so far, their popular priests staff a large, liberal parish in Burlingame CA, an affluent Peninsula suburb in the San Francisco Archdiocese.


  4. ..and then there was this.

    Uncle Screwtape: Arrrrrrrrrrrgggg WORMWOOOOOOOOD! DAAAMN YOU LITTLE IDIOT! We are not in the business to appease these natives. This parlay is obvious even to the novice reader.

    Wormwood: But wait uncle, this is just a disturbance from the real matter and the greater good for our father below. It will only appear to be the prudent path for our Legion in his diocese and to keep the minds and soul of those lost ones intact yet drunk with false tenets that Luther and Erasmus proclaim, reformation but in truth ‘deformation’.

    Uncle Screwtape: Hmmmmm…yeeesss, you do that my little imp, let’s see what your so called legionnaire’s next move will be. Our floor below can always use more skulls of these so called priests and bishops. One day we will give insight and visions for all to see Who’s Who and why they have chosen to make residence in the valley of Hinnom and to lay with Moloch.

    Wormwood: Yes, Gehenna is such a warm place this time of the year. Why with all the nonsense and errors they preach on their very own sacraments even the Luthers are now able to receive “Holy Communion”. Such easy pickens these days.

    Uncle Screwtape: Watch for the truly faithful ones, those recipients of The Lady and the Saints of old, we will lose much souls from these who are enlighten. Strike the core of the family, wound them with false teachings, occupy their day with loose manners and objects, for their priests are no longer Holy and unable to kneel when they pray!

  5. Ahhh, yes. O'Malley with the old cardigan and handmade expensive sandals. Something is up with this guy. This photo is a classic. Kiki. Gotta hand it to him and the late crude Carmen.

  6. I mentioned O'Malley's phony Franciscan persona elsewhere on this blog. Who does he think he's kidding with his Friar Tuck garb? His humility act is sickening. He's as deceitful and self-serving as the other Curial reptiles who are protecting Apuron. He still hasn't said a word about the dissolved child protection Commission he disgracefully failed to support.