Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Posted by Tim

Last Friday, June 16, days after he was completely blocked from a position on the newly elected presbyteral council, Msgr. James Benavente submitted his resignation to Archbishop Byrnes for his position as Delegate for Church Patrimony.

Kiko Hate

From the moment Msgr. James was appointed to that position by Archbishop Hon, the Kiko's had gone ballistic. 

From the beginning of the Kiko-empire on this island, Msgr. James was the one person who had to be crushed, and now he had gone from near banishment to a powerful position overseeing the property of the Archdiocese of Agana, property the Kikos had coveted as theirs. 

Msgr. James must be crushed some other way!


The future of the NCW on Guam depended on Apuron's successor being a neocat, and Msgr. James, perhaps the most likely prospect to succeed Apuron, was not a neocat. 

So he had to be destroyed. 

But how to do it? Msgr. James was very well-liked, especially by many of the island's powerful families who contributed mightily to the support of the diocese and particularly to the Cathedral. 

This relationship with the island's aristocracy made him even more hated by the evil step-sisters, David and Adrian. And he was just as despised by several other clerics, though not as blatantly as the step-sisters. 

The bottom line is that people liked Msgr. James because he liked them and treated them as human beings, something certain brain and soul dead clerics on this island don't get. 

So the pathetic dogs who were too lazy to get off the porch had to destroy Msgr. James because he made them look bad just by being Msgr. James. 

The destruction of Msgr. James was plotted and planned for several years, but the evil step-sisters got the green light from Pius the Putrid in July of 2014. It was time to move. It was time to "take James down."

The Attack

Msgr. James was called to the chancery on July 25, the feast day of St. James.

Thinking that Apuron was calling him to the chancery to celebrate his feast day, Msgr. James shows up to find himself forced to sit while Apuron read off a list of charges against him handed to him by the David the Villain. 

Stunned, Msgr. James asked for a copy of the charges. David the Villain refused. The next morning, David the Villain and his Adrian the Pudge showed up at his door with decrees removing him from all of his positions. 

There was no reassignment. There was no transfer to another parish. There were only decrees of removal. The goal was to get rid of Msgr. James, to force him out of the diocese.

But they overplayed their hand. They underestimated the power of JungleWatch and the growing power of a small group that would eventually become the CCOG. 

One week later, Art Ilagan and Joe Rivera, two men with a authoritative financial resumes stood on the steps of the Cathedral and refuted the claims of mismanagement that Apuron and David the Villain had leveled against Msgr. James. 

The Media blew up over this and there was rally attended by hundreds held on the steps of the Cathedral including some very powerful island business and government leaders. 

There was going to be no quietly getting rid of Msgr. James, so Apuron assigned him to St. Anthony's to get him out of the way and put David the Villain in his place at the Cathedral. 

David the Villain promptly ran the Cathedral into the ground, massively increasing its debt, and borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars that mysteriously disappeared. And to cover his incompetence, David the Villain, caused to be published one damning story after another about Msgr. James. 

Msgr. James had to be pounded into the ground at every opportunity. He had to be destroyed. So upon being cleared of Apuron's charges against him by Archbishop Hon and his appointment as Delegate for the Patrimony of the Church, the "Trained Lawyer" reported him to the police and the AG, using a falsely contrived resolution by the members of the Cemeteries board. (The Trained Lawyer stated that the resolution was unanimous - it wasn't.)

DESTROY - DESTROY - DESTROY! The Trained Lawyer, the Evil Stepsisters, and the other jealous haters couldn't help but salivate over the destruction of Msgr. James. They could smell it and it made them wet their pants.

The Final Solution

Msgr. James kept quiet and slowly rose back to the ranks of pastor and trusted advisor. This infuriated the haters to no end. With Byrnes being named coadjutor bishop, there was no chance of Msgr. James now being the next bishop, but so long as Msgr. James had a say in anything, he was a danger to the rabid, foaming at the mouth, James-haters.

They needed to eliminate his voice in any issues of diocesan government and thus needed to keep him from any position on the presbyteral council and especially the college of consultors. 

How to do this? 

Msgr. James is probably this diocese's most valuable asset when it comes to institutional knowledge, but even more so, because of his ability to form alliances with the people who could most help the diocese financially during this difficult time. 

These other clerics knew this, but being infected with the rabies of hate and jealousy, the good of the diocese be damned. Msgr. James must be stuffed. He must be snuffed out. He must be shut up. How to do this? How to do this?

Destroying Msgr. James was only part of the plan. The Kiko's had been plotting to regain control of our archdiocese ever since Apuron fled into hiding last year. At first it was through Filoni and Hon. 

But once we converted Hon to the truth, he was given the boot within days and replaced with Byrnes, who Filoni and Gennarini planned to control. 

However, manipulating Byrnes was something the Kikos had to be careful about. Byrnes wasn't Filoni's secretary as was Hon. They would have to get control another way. 

It wasn't hard to figure out. They would simply get control of the presbyteral council, and with Byrnes being a "newbie," he could be led to follow the lead of this council. 

Getting control of the presbyteral council would be easy. The Kiko's had superior numbers already. The only problem was that most of them were essentially AWOL. So the statutes governing the election of the council members would have to be amended. And amend them they did. 

Regarding the right to vote, the statutes went from:

"All secular priests incarnate in the archdiocese and in good standing" 


"All incardinated priests of the Archdiocese of Agana who are active regardless of whether they are living within or outside the archdiocese."

The justification, as Fr. Jeff stated on K57 last Friday, was to include those priests who are "on mission.

That's bullshit. 

Right! Apuron, Wadeson, The Waldo, Fabio, etc. are "on mission!" Geez. And notice that the words "in good standing" were eliminated in the present statute. 

So once that was done it was easy. Pius sent out the order to stack the election to make sure Msgr. James, the one priest who could truly help restore this diocese, was eliminated. And so he was. 

And in his place? David the Villain. The pathetic louse at the root of most of the evil in this diocese.


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