Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Fr. Jeff wants it both ways...or is he simply part of the Plan of Deceit? 

He tells us that the priests who are not living in the archdiocese are "on mission." 

He then tells us that they are no longer receiving financial support from us.

If these missing priests are really "on mission" then they are on official archdiocesan assignment and it is canonically ILLEGAL to withhold normal financial support. 

So either these missing priests are NOT really "on mission" or Fr. Jeff is supporting a policy which violates Canon Law. 

Of course the truth is they are NOT on mission. They are AWOL. Where is Wadeson, Apuron, Luis Camacho, Fabio...? 

Why did we spend tens of thousands of dollars on Jason Granado and then give him to Saipan? Or is there another reason he is in Saipan. 

On mission? Quit lying to us, Jeff. 

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