Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Poor Joelle Casteix of SNAP. She has nothing better to do than brood over the fact that normal people like us in the pews were actually able to stand up to evil all by ourselves and not depend on the professionals like her and her lawyer friends who have made a nice career out being the "professionals." 

It is critical for SNAP and the law firms it sleeps with to destroy any alternative to themselves, lest they cease to matter, and more importantly, line their own pockets. This is why Casteix is obsessed with destroying Attorney Michael Caspino to the point of laughable lies.

Casteix writes
In April, a mainlander church lawyer came to Archbishop Michael Byrnes and told him he had a plan. A plan get the sex abuse cases out of the courts. They’d disguise it as “Hope and Healing.” They’d focus messaging on rebuilding spiritual bonds with the church, prayer … things like that. And no one would ever learn the truth.
It is hard not to use profanity in responding to such a small brain pretending to be a big one. Casteix either doesn't know crap or she's a pathetic liar. After all we have been through to expose Apuron and his evils do you really think we would support an organization that was here to hide what we have worked four years to expose? 

Hell no!

ALL will be known, but here's the difference: ONLY IF THE VICTIM WANTS IT TO BE. 

Casteix and her SNAP careerists, in pushing for court-only solutions, show that they care nothing for the victims of sex abuse. The courts push the victims and what happened to them into public view and for some its an even greater trauma than when they were first violated. 

I know this first hand from working with Apuron's victims. Life has been hell for them. And it was for this reason that they initially only wanted quiet justice. They wanted to confront Apuron with what he had done to them and they wanted Rome to know. They did NOT want to go to court. 

It was I who convinced them to come forward publicly for the good of others. I asked them to sacrifice themselves because I knew there were hundreds of victims hiding in the shadows who would die with from their wounds and untold stories still in them if someone did not stand up on the street and shout at the evil behind the chancery walls. 

As expected, Apuron immediately launched a campaign to make their lives hell. But we were ready for him, and within days he fled into hiding. 

At the same time, I have listened to many other victims who do not want to go through what Roy, Walter, Doris, and Roland have gone through, but, like what Roy et al. originally wanted, only wanted to privately confront their violator or at least have Rome acknowledge their accounts. They did not want to be drug through the courts.

Attorney Michael Caspino's solution permits victims to choose their own way. Nothing prohibits victims from continuing through the courts. Caspino's program simply gives victims access to help and compensation they would not otherwise have if they did things SNAP's way. 

SNAP's way would leave hundreds suffering in silence because they cannot bring themselves to drag themselves and their families through the public legal system. 

Casteix writes:
But this we do know is true: The Archdiocese’s ultimate goal is get these cases out of the court system so that none of the secret sex abuse and cover-up documents would see the light of day.
LOL. I have met with Archbishop Byrnes and personally know otherwise. Casteix is full of crap. SNAP CRAP. The files - what's left of them after David and Adrian's purge - WILL be known. But once again, it will be UP TO THE VICTIM to decide if that's what he or she wants. Imagine that! A justice system where the victim's wants and needs are actually put FIRST!

What Casteix doesn't get is that we have done something in Guam completely foreign to her experience. In her world, she has had to fight against the same diocesan regimes that produced and protected the abusers. 

In Guam we have done something quite different. And in this, we are alone in the world of clergy sex abuse. 

We first CHASED OUT the regime. 

We still have some vestiges of it to clean up (e.g. David C. Quitugua), but today's news indicates we are getting closer. We had quite a time of it with Hon too, but we finally brought him to the side of truth and he became our best ally. 

Of course we are still pending the decision from the Vatican to remove Apuron entirely, but thanks to the people on the street, even if the Vatican screws that up, Apuron will be rendered inept by the absolute public rage anything short of absolute removal will produce.

And the other thing that Casteix doesn't get is that her "villainous archdiocese" is Us! No priest or bishop will be made to pay a damn cent (except maybe Apuron). No. WE, the people in the pews, the people marching in the street every Sunday....WE are the ones left with the damn bill that Casteix is so anxious for us to pay. 

Priests and bishops come and go. It is the people in the pews who gave their lands, their backs, their treasures, their talents to build this Church on Guam. 

We forced the lifting of the statute of limitations into legal reality to break the back of an obstinate leadership. We succeeded. We forced out the diseased church leadership and it was replaced with a new leadership willing to take responsibility for what was done, which is what we were really after - NOT monetary damages that would just punish ourselves!

Unfortunately things have continued to be screwed up, not because of Hope and Healing, but because of the officious intermeddlers working behind the scenes to keep Hope and Healing out of the solution. These intermeddlers have already cost our church nearly ONE MILLION DOLLARS in their own legal fees and NOT A CENT of it went to any victims. 

And this is what the likes of Casteix apparently wants. Millions in legal fees going to lawyers with victims getting a few crumbs after they have been drug through a potentially soul-damaging public circus. 

Everyone knows that in the courts, where Casteix wants us to go, is where the lawyers win...EVEN IF THEY LOSE!

However, kudos to Attorney David Lujan for seeing that the best route for his clients is whatever his clients choose. And if his clients choose to settle out of court, then he will support their choice. And if they choose not to, then he will support their choice. 

That's an option Casteix does not want the VICTIMS to have. 


  1. John C. Ada TovesJune 21, 2017 at 7:08 AM

    The numerous times I spoke with Casteix she always seemed to push back the work onto me. This was as far back as late 2014. I knew she was USELESS. She's there for the glory and photo ops, but not the I do not believe she has the victims concerns at heart.

    1. You go John! Mrs Casteix has no clue what a Typhoon can do.

  2. Joelle Casteix is in demand as a speaker on child protection issues throughout the US and her books on the subject are often given away free.

    Unless you suffered what she did in a Catholic high school, you have nothing valid to say. SNAP is far from perfect, but most of these atrocities would still be under tight wraps if people like Joelle hadn't blown the whistle. That's why SNAP is hated by the Church.

    Guam's Catholics must be incredibly stupid to have paid a pervert like Apuron screw them non-stop for 30 years. Your sad situation is firmly entrenched and it cannot be corrected as long as the diabolic NCW is in power. Concentrate on getting rid of them instead of blasting successful people you don't know.

    1. LOL. Another foreign shithead. Oh because you weren’t f—d in the ass you have no right to speak about it. What a turd.

    2. Dear Anon at 8.49,
      In your first sentence you confirm that Mrs Casteix is actually running a very juicy business.
      Unfortunately, many NGO types who were started by well meaning people, end up becoming cash cows for advocating certain causes. Old and notorious organizations like the red cross or the march of dimes, have found themselves under strong criticism, for having top heavy, high salaried administrations, while not delivering the goods as promised.
      My experience with Mrs Casteix was mitigated. While not as arrogant and conceited as their Chairman, Mrs Casteix did absolutely nothing to clear the reputation of Fr Gofigan, which they had helped smear on the behest of Apuron.
      So dear anon, thank you, but no thanks, we are responsible enough and strong enough to handle our issues, without the help of condescending and moralizing Johnny come lately.

  3. God bless you, Tim, for keeping our focus where it rightfully belongs: on the victims/survivors.

    The Archdiocese of Agaña and its faithful are not an instrument to be used and manipulated as part of a nationwide progressive ideological campaign -- no matter how “high-minded”, and regardless of the individual personal history of suffering by the promoter.

    Two wrongs do not make a right.

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

  4. And in that post, I call you an unsung hero.

    Tim Rohr is an unsung hero on Guam.

    Tim publishes the blog JungleWatch, which exposed Apuron, began the protests, got Apuron ousted, encouraged the victims to come forward, and started the whole movement. And he did it at great risk.

    And everyone you point to the blog will see that. That makes me happy.

    I don't get paid to do what I do. I am just a volunteer.

    1. Then STOP attacking my work. And Hope and Healing is MY work.

  5. John C. Ada TovesJune 21, 2017 at 2:49 PM

    Sorry Joelle but you always seem to apologize after the fact, or placate. Just be upfront about your role and abilities. It's hard for many to be let down when they are led to believe you are to be the savior.

  6. You need to stop carping about Joelle Casteix and clean up the filthy nest idiots paid pedophile Apuron to foul for 30 years. There's no denying that Guam's Catholics are the architects of their own destruction.

    Joelle isn't stuck in a jungle dump run by Neocat heretics and thieves. You are. She has always lived in the wealthy Diocese of Orange in California which recovered from its clergy abuse crisis long ago. It's one of the most successful dioceses in the US in every respect.

    1. 1. I never "carp" about Casteix unless she first carps about us. I could give a shit what she thinks. But apparently she has nothing else to do but write about Guam.

      2. You make my point. Yes, the Diocese of Orange DID recover and recovered nicely. Guess why? Because of the guy she is criticizing:

      "Caspino said one goal of Hope and Healing is to settle the abuse lawsuits out of court. Caspino served as general counsel to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County and has worked on hundreds of clergy sex abuse cases."

      The Diocese of Orange recovered because the cases NEVER went to court, something your friend Casteix is demanding. LOL.

      We'll take care of the neocat heretics and thieves. You just get your facts straight. Well, never mind. We don't need your help anyway. Go hang out on Joelle's blog.

    2. Most of the US abuse cases were settled out of Court because all of the guilty parties were in an indefensible position and they surrendered. The evidence against them was overwhelming. Joelle Casteix had no control or influence over the $3 billion paid. Only the $1.6 million she rightfully received.

      Settlement-wise, most of the US abuse cases are history and bankrupt dioceses are gradually recovering. You're the ones still chasing your tails in the dark, broke as the Ten Commandments and lashing out stupidly at victims who had competent lawyers. You're also stuck with with a weak bishop and you're mired in by a pack of destructive NCW fake priests.

      SNAP was founded by abused Catholics. Most of them understandably left the Church. It serves its mission by exposing pedophile clergy and religious in all denominations. They have a successful working group based in Northern California that is dedicated to uncovering Eastern Orthodox perverts nationwide. A very difficult task because of autonomy and schism issues. If I remember the name of their website, I will post it here.

    3. LOL. After I make you look like a fool with your own comments, you fall in line for more. Well here you go fool. Step into this. SMH. Too fun.

    4. Everything I said has been common knowledge for years. You can't disprove any of it so all you can do is wrongly call me a fool.

      If the Church on Guam was functioning properly, you and this blog wouldn't be online. Sadly, the archdiocese looks hopeless to me.

    5. Well no one gives a shit what another no name shithead thinks. Find another blog to play on, loser.

  7. The Diocese of Orange recovered because of a new bishop from Texas and multi-billionaire tax attorney Tim Busch who arranged the real estate purchase and financing for that spectacular 33-acre campus which house the Cathedral, chancery, $57 million EWTN broadcast facility that covers half the State, and much more.

    Vatican insider Busch also gave $47 million to CUA's Business school a year or so ago and he owns fancy resorts and vineyards throughout California. All of that is light years beyond Joelle's $1.6 million settlement. She has nothing to do with the Diocese.

  8. The Northern California SNAP affiliate that works with abuse survivors of Eastern Rite Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches is "Pokrov":

    They picketed The Cathedral in San Francisco about something a while back, but I don't remember what the issue was.

    1. Several years ago, Pokrov's two founders uncovered a homosexual disaster at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in San Francisco. One of the priests who was either HIV+ or had full-blown AIDS was having an affair with an emotionally disturbed parishoner. I don't remember the outcome, but the media had a field day with that scandal.