Sunday, July 2, 2017


Posted by Tim

Frenchie has an important post this morning. Although we now know that the new head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) is neither O'Malley or Schonburn (two cardinals "in the tank" for Kiko), there is certainly reason for concern. (The new prefect is Archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer, a Spanish Jesuit.)

A verdict on Apuron was rumored to be forthcoming in June. Suddenly there was no news. And now the new rumors indicate August or even September. Meanwhile, Cardinal Mueller's term as the prefect for the CDF has conveniently (?) expired.

The findings of Apuron's unprecedented canonical trial are required to be presented to the CDF. Mueller, a tough administrator and doctrinal stalwart like Burke, would have been the prefect to review the findings of the trial. But apparently this step has been delayed and now Mueller is gone.

We had been hearing for several weeks from the Kiko's that "good news" was coming. And I had been warning our side that the Kiko's never give up. There was no doubt that after it became absolutely clear that there was no way to win in Guam by manipulation (they tried hard), and knowing that Burke could certainly not be swayed, they changed their track to working the back channels in the Vatican and now it appears that they may have succeeded.

However, all may not be lost. Here's the new prefect indicating the size of Apuron's brain.

(Well, we can hope!)

NOTE: I will reserve one caveat. I believe this has more to do with Amoris Laetitia than the Kiko's, who I believe Francis despises as much as he does Apuron.

Read Frenchie's post here.

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