Monday, August 14, 2017


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE NEXT WAVE OF...":Looks like this NEO Cult Presbyter Factory is here to stay. From the NEO Cult Zombie at the Dungbats latest blog:

AnonymousAugust 13, 2017 at 11:29 AM
RMS forms priests for the future of Holy Mother Church.
It forms young men to the mind and heart of Jesus Christ. Men who are obedient to Mother Church. This is a great blessing to the life Mission of the Church. Opportunties to help young people follow our Lord. This new group of priests will perhaps not repeat errors of the past. 

EXHIBIT B (Go here for Exhibit A)

04/20/16. KUAM. Church continues to investigate Fr. Luis Camacho

04/12/16. PNC. Priest Accused of Sexual Contact With Minor to Host Retreat for Youth This Month

04/09/16. Mons. Camillo Ballin: "Si vergogni!" (ma non ce l'aveva con don Luis)


03/28/15. KUAM. Priest allegedly had sexual contact with minor

03/27/15. CATHNEWS. Catholic Church in Guam still divided

03/25/15. MARIANAS VARIETY. Arrested priest may have had sexual contact with teen girl

03/23/15. PNC. Priest Had Sexual Contact with Student

03/22/15. UMATUNA. Archdiocese of Agana statement concerning Fr. Luis Camacho

03/19/15. MARIANAS VARIETY. Guam police find priest with 17- year-old girl

03/19/15. AP. Guam priest resigns after arrest for custodial interference

03/19/15. ONLYONGUAM. Neocat Priest Luis Camacho caught at beach in car with 17-year-old girl prompting everyone to say “At least it wasn’t a little boy..”

03/19/15. PDN. The Rev. Father Luis Camacho, of the San Dimas, Malesso, and San Dionisio, Umatac, parishes, resigned after being arrested

03/18/15. KUAM. Priest resigns from archdiocese following arrest

03/18/15. LETTER from Deacon Steve Martinez to Archbishop Apuron

03/18/15. PNC. Pastor Arrested for Taking Minor without Consent

11/09/13. AOA. Ordination to the Priesthood of Luis Camacho and Michael Jucutan


  1. Exhibit C should contain names and pictures of all the NEO Cult Presbyters that were ordained and incardinated in this Archdiocese but are nowhere to be found.....

  2. What is with this Church "investigation" shit?! Camacho should be defrocked immediately for admitted statutory rape.

    The fake priest-pervert repeatedly raped a female under 18 years of age. Whether or not the sexual contacts were consensual is irrelevant. She was legally a minor child when they occurred!

    1. Legally, consent is not irrelevant. However, canonically, it is. But then he's a Kiko. So full protection. Byrnes is going to have to get around to him sooner or later. I believe, given his statement immediately after ordination, that he could be given the equivalent of an annulment, since it appears he himself did not consent to be a priest.

  3. The KAKA filled Dungbat is using fake news to again discredit Deacon Steve when he was doing his job as the Archdiocese Sexual Abuse Coordinator. Everyone remembers that it was NEO Cult Presbyter Edivaldo, aka the fist pumping / orange squishing Zombie that used the diocesan letterhead to publish this ridiculous Archdiocese news release.

    Below is the latest blog from the KAKA filled Dungbat itself:

    Deacon Steve Martinez, who was a member of CCOG, was the only one who publicly accused Father Luis of having sexual relations with a 17 year old girl. KUAM news reported of a plot to remove Archbishop Apuron. The Archdiocese claimed that Deacon Steve Martinez was part of that plot. According to KUAM news:
    The church further claims Martinez, who was the former archdiocesan financial officer was incompetent in his position and for six years in a row failed to submit required financial reports to the Vatican. The archdiocese alleges this finance council conspired to sell the Yona seminary property in order to cover their financial misdeeds. So where does Rohr fit in?
    According to the church they allege he had a personal interest in the plan and was supposed to be involved in the multi-million dollar sale as a real estate mediator. You may remember the sudden removal of Monsignor James Benavente - the archdiocese now claims that his removal allowed the archdiocese to uncover the mismanagement and angered those who had a vested interest in the sale of the seminary property, "Thus the group condemning the archbishop today is working towards his demise and has continued with a relentlessly malicious smear campaign".
    Diana at 10:21 AM

    1. Ah, yes, thank you Diana, for reminding me of the reason for my proposed law suit against The Waldo and Adrian the idiot, who wrote the press release referenced. By the way, KUAM didn’t report on any conspiracy, they reported on the press release which alleged the conspiracy. LOL. Oh, and by the way, if all Lickin’ Louie did was give the girl a ride, why did Apuron accept his resignation the same day, and - like Tony - WHY DID HE RUN - hide, and change his appearance…just like Tony.

  4. The moronic Diana spins so much that she should change business and go into wool manufacturing.

    The Neos are scared about Deacon Steve assignment for several reasons.
    A) they know he is a man of conviction and of purpose
    B) unlike his predecessor he won't be easy to intimidate
    C) Yes, he was a member of CCOG, but he also walked for a short time. (long enough to see it was a scam)
    D)he is a man of integrity, which is something that truly scare the Neos. (like light scares the devil)

    That leaves them only one option: trying to destroy his reputation.
    We all know they are vicious enough, corrupt enough, deviant enough to go down that way.
    They have already demonstrated time and time again how they operate.
    St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.