Tuesday, August 8, 2017

lujan accusing church of collaborating with jackie
jackie motion is dismiss granted
different spin on mediation
if you're going to win a suit why would you want to settle it
byrnes caspino committed to paying off all meritorious claims
insurance companies not going to put money into pot if they're not going to lose
diocese using jackie as a stalking horse
granitng of motion to dismiss would discourage insurance companies
swipe at apuron
if apuron spoils the mediation
lawsuits are over

"There is no absolute necessity at this juncture that Apuron participate," Terlaje told the court during a status hearing yesterday.

"It is Apuron's and the Archdiocese's secret conspiracy to minimize financial loss to the church on Guam, and perhaps Apuron's ticket not to be completely removed as an archbishop," Lujan wrote in his opposition to the motion to dismiss.

Archdiocese of Agana attorney Michael Patterson participated in the status hearing, via teleconference, expressing the church's opposition to proceeding with the Apuron cases.

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