Sunday, October 22, 2017


From a JungleWatch blog post on Oct 29, 2015:

That was the last we saw of Fr. Harold. But now, at least we know where he went "on mission" to:

Personally, I don't have anything against Harold, or most of the "RMS boys." They were sold a bill of goods and probably ended up semi-prisoners. They may still want to get out and don't know how. 

But the fact is that the people of Guam were made to pay at least $17,000 per year for each one of these seminarians. (That's Apuron's number.) Most were at RMS at least 6 years, so, it can be assumed that the faithful of Guam forked over at least $102,000 for Harold's "education," and we hardly got a couple weeks work out of him. 

Perhaps we should send San Francisco an invoice, but then they might soon send us back one for not telling us what they were really getting. Notice that Harold address is an "independent residence." Guess where?

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