Thursday, October 5, 2017


Several comments have referred to RMS as a "failed" seminary. RMS was anything but a failure. In fact it was massively successful. 

  • It succeeded in ripping off millions from the local Catholic faithful under the guise of "a seminary for Guam," when it was really only "a seminary IN Guam," and of course it never was a "seminary." 
  • It succeeded in keeping local young men from being ordained to the "real" diocesan priesthood. 
  • It succeeded in stealing away our diocese's largest material asset, a mega-million dollar property, which it appropriated as its own exclusive seaside resort where visitors were forced to make "reservations."
  • It succeeded in ordaining seventeen presbyters and inserting them into our parishes and were well on the way to breaking them. 
  • It succeeded in destroying Fr. Paul Gofigan and Msgr. James Benavente and eventually every other non-neo priest.
  • It succeeded in ridding Guam of the Capuchins. 
  • It succeeded in covering for decades of sex abuse by covering for Apuron. 
  • It succeeded in keeping Archbishop Apuron Archbishop of Agana and seeing to either Adrian or David as his successor.
  • It succeeded in the absolute destruction of the diocesan priesthood on Guam.
  • It succeeded....

Wait, you say. Didn't "we" stop all that? Didn't "we" turn all that around? Didn't "we" save our diocese and our parishes? 

Well? Did you? Did you picket? Did you call in to talk radio? Did you write letters to the editor? Did you join the CCOG? Did you stand up somewhere, sometime, some place? Did you testify at the public hearings for the bill which lifted the statute of limitations? Did you put your face on TV? Did you risk anything? 

Just wondering. 

If you did not, no worries. There's still time. All of the above could come true tomorrow if Apuron is exonerated and restored. So where are you? 


  1. I'm in. I'll do anything to protect our Mother Church. Always ready & willing to STAND UP & BE HEARD, TO SAVE OUR TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC FAITH, & CHURCH. I'm sure our real catholic faithful will stand up when they really need too. SO FAR, I believe Archbishop Byrnes is headed in the right direction. I just feel he needs not to forget to discipline YOUNG DAVID QUTUGUA, ADRIAN, FOR SURE FOR SURE & THAT PRESBYTER,THE SPOKEPERSON FOR APURON. ARCHBISHOP BYRNES NEEDS TO SHOW THESE PEOPLE, THAT WHAT THEY DID, WOULD NOT BE TOLERATED. HE NEEDS TO SHOW THE OTHER PRIEST, FAIRNESS.

  2. I can't wait until all Guam churches use the Latin Rite.