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Latin class at RMS (you'll understand later)


What has led me to this decision is a very simple thing. The model of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary envisions a type of priesthood, and the producing of priests, that, frankly, while it works in places like Denver where there’s over a million Catholics or like Miami where there’s a couple million Catholics that have this type of seminary, it’s very sustainable. 

But in a small island like ours, and as I look back on the history of this, as I’ve paid attention personally to the Redemptoris Mater Seminary here, the main reason for closing the seminary here is that it is not a sustainable model for the archdiocese of Agana. 

I have worked with the review committee, followed up on the review committee that Archbishop Hon installed last year. I’ve consulted with our presbyteral council, with our finance council, the college of consultors, everybody I could consult with, the seminary senior officers, and this has been my determination.

The current semester that is underway will be the final semester of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. The semester ends in the first couple of weeks in December. So certainly by the end of the year, the seminary will be officially closed. 

In that connection, in the coming weeks, I will establish a transition team to deal with important points of closing the seminary. 

So first of all, the first concern of course is the seminarians, who are there. So part of the role of the transition team is to foster a way for the seminarians who wish to continue their pursuit of the priesthood to other seminaries. Most probably other Redemptoris Mater Seminaries. 

Secondly, we will want to pay attention to how do we collect all the records, so this is a very detailed point, but it’s very important we have a repository of the records of the transcripts of what has taken place here, so that the seminarians, moving forward, know where they can find copies of their transcripts so they can be moving on to other things. 

Thirdly of course, we’ll have to look at the moveable assets of the seminary and their disposition. And we’ll also have to…another key point of this transition time will be how do we continue to take care of the property. 

So I’ve been here for about a year. The seminary was one of the first things, one of the first questions I faced. And I’ve deliberated long and hard, this has not been an easy decision. I know it saddens many, especially the people in the seminary. And it’s not with any delight that I do this. This has been a very difficult decision. But I think it’s the right one for moving ahead here in the Archdiocese of Agana. 


Because Archbishop Byrnes is a very nice person, he was vague about the real reason he closed the seminary. Unfortunately, being nice and purposely vague in situations like this which require absolute clarity have the potential to create greater problems than those one might be attempting to solve. So thus we see comments like this:


AnonymousOctober 4, 2017 at 3:20 PM
Did you hear one of the reports ask AB Byrnes that he thought RMS can sustain itself? AB Byrnes said "That's not the point!" LOL!!! That is the point! First, he said that Guam cannot sustain a seminary because it's a tiny island, then he's saying the opposite when someone brought up that the seminary has been sustaining itself without any help from the Archdiocese.


DianaOctober 4, 2017 at 3:33 PM
Dear Anonymous at 3:20 pm, 

Archbishop Byrnes is the Coadjuator Archbishop of Agana, and he does not even know how much the Archdiocese would save if they close down the seminary. Yet, he admitted that he spoke to the Archdiocesan Finance Council? 

He did not know that it would cost the Archdiocese $40,000 per year PER SEMINARIAN. That was what the Archdiocese was paying before RMS was established. After RMS was established, it only cost the Archdiocese $9000 per year per seminarian. And he admitted that he spoke to the Finance Council??? Someone does not know how to do their math. The answer to the question is simple. There is no savings. It cost the Archdiocese more money to send the seminarians off-island.


The choice of the word "sustainable" was unfortunate, because we could expect the small brains to immediately attach the adjective "economic" to it. But that's not what Byrnes was talking about. He makes it a little clearer in this exchange with the PDN reporter:

REPORTER: "Archbishop Byrnes, when you mentioned that the main reason for the closure of the seminary is that it’s not sustainable for an archdiocese, like, for this archdiocese to continue operating that, (is it) because the archdiocese is spending so much on that seminary?"

(Byrnes' response at 8:46 in the KUAM live feed): "It more has to do with the model of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. And I can’t go through all of that, but it envisions producing priests who will serve for a period of time on the island and then will go off into the missions, and so, we have several, close to a dozen priests who are off-island who are involved in matters of the Neocatechumenal Way - that’s the model." 

REPORTER: "So it’ s because they are formed in the Neocatechumenal Way process and not…"

BYRNES: "It’s the aim of their priests…and that’s as far as I’m going to go on that."

REPORTER: "So if their priests were to stay on Guam…"

BYRNES: "That would be a whole different kind of seminary. Redemptory Mater Seminaries are unique institutions."


The bottom line is that RMS is what we have always said it was. In fact, it has always been exactly what its corporate formators said RMS was: "TO FORM PRIESTS IN THE LIFE AND PRACTICE OF THE NEOCATECHUMENAL WAY. " (Article 3, RMS Articles of Incorporation - the original ones). 

This is why Byrnes said "That would be a whole DIFFERENT kind of seminary" when a reporter asked "if their priests were to stay on Guam...."

RMS was NEVER a seminary "for Guam." RMS was ALWAYS  a seminary for the Neocatechumenal Way and its own incorporation documents stated so.  RMS was only a seminary IN Guam, and only in Guam because Apuron promised them a free lunch...and a mega-million dollar seaside palace to boot. 

The word "sustainable" had nothing to do with costs. It had to do with the fact that it was a "whole different kind of seminary." 

Additionally, and this was only brought up by the KUAM reporter, the Blessed Diego Institute, the academic arm of RMS, had lost its affiliation with the Lateran. 

The affiliation had originally been granted in 2007, but after 5 years of noticeably poor performance, was renewed in 2012 with conditions. 

We knew this which is why JungleWatch constantly asked RMS to publish the current certificate of affiliation with the Lateran. We knew that if the Lateran had actually renewed its affiliation (accreditation) that Apuron and the RMS hierarchy would have had it splashed on the front page of the Umatuna. It wasn't. 

After months of research in 2014, we found a small picture on the Umatuna website of the conditional renewal which had been used with a news story about the renewal. It was in Latin and because of its size, mostly unreadable. We had the image professionally enhanced and the Latin translated. It was typical vague Vatican speak, but it was clear that the renewal of the Lateran affiliation was definitely conditional. (Latin. English)

We knew the renewal the affiliation had to be conditional because we knew that RMS literally had NO permanent professors except for maybe Francis Walsh whose "masters" degree was questionable, and David the former VG, who was sick most of the time. The other "permanent professors" were demonstrably "visitors," maybe staying long enough to get a bit of a tan around the RMS pool. 

The bottom line, as Byrnes confirmed in the Q & A of the  press conference, is that the Lateran DID NOT RENEW its affiliation with Blessed Diego Institute, essentially making the academic arm of RMS the equivalent of one of those Korean or Chinese fake universities that got busted here in Guam a few years ago. 


Bye, bye, RMS. You NEVER were a "seminary for Guam." You never were a "Miracle for Guam." You were a scam from the outset. That said, the real victims of RMS were not necessarily the faithful Catholics of Guam who gave millions over the years to RMS, but the otherwise sincere young men who believed their neocatechumenal masters who sent them to Apuron's version of "Tony's Boy's Town."

Now, hoping they will find their true vocations. 



  1. Diana, Dumb Ass,
    The issue is not how much money the Archdiocese will save. You NCW clowns are all about the money. The issue is RMS does not have the program to properly form priests, especially with the few faculty currently at RMS, It does not have the proper program in place to properly evaluate candidates during formation, not to mention have discernment program to determine if one is called to sacred orders. This institution has been known to have instructors who teach heretical doctrine to its deacon candidates, not to mention deviation of Liturgical rubrics from those approved by liturgical books of the church. All these discrepancies and more are probably reasons that the Lateran University affiliation will not be renewed. What other reason is there to keep this factory forming ill prepared presbyters in operation? None. Good Move AB Byrnes.

  2. So who is financially responsible for the remaining seminarians at RMS when they leave? What about the priests who were ordained here under the archdiocese, is the archdiocese still responsible for their payroll? Still many questions that need clarification......🤔

    1. Eusebio said they don't need the Archdiicese support. Guess Eusebio will be issuing the commercial trash bags to every community to fill up.

    2. The NCW presbyters formed for the mission of the NCW should be funded by the NCW. Next step is to boot the NCW out of Guam.

  3. "Sustainable" (in Italian: "sostenibile") is a classic Bishopspeak word often used here in Italy to mean a wide range of factors - including economical ones. Maybe mgr. Byrnes is just too used to Italian speeches.

  4. The key to understanding the real reason Byrnes closed RMS is found in his statement: "It's the aim of their priests, and that's as far as I'm going to go on that." If you listen to the rest of the Q&A he states that the "aim of their priests," the so called "on mission" is "Neocatechumenal Way activities." Also, notice he said "their priests," not just "priests."

    This is the whole ruse exposed. The "missions" is the cover for invading existing parishes and sucking both people and money out of them, just as they very visibly did here. So for 15 years we were asked to support an operation which formed priests which had as its very objective, the destruction of parish-based Catholicism, both on Guam and in dioceses around the world.

    Byrnes is right. It's "their priests," NOT OURS.

  5. Tim - I hope you're right> If Byrnes said "their priests" in that context maybe it means he will look to offload them on a "more benevolent bishop" in a land far far away from here.

  6. I was the anonymous blogger on the Dungbats 🤡latest blog. She continues to detract from publishing my response as I pointed out how it continues to deceive its readers by not being transparent. Everyone knows that NEO Presbyter Miguel already had a degree before entering the NEO Cult Half Baked Presbyter Factory. Yet the KAKA filled Dungbat 🤡continues to propagate how graduates like Miguel are able to become a cannon lawyer....LMAO 😂😂😂

    AnonymousOctober 4, 2017 at 10:00 PM
    The savings is not on the $$$ but on ensuring that the men whose answers the call of service are receiving the proper formation. FACT; one of those seminarians sent to CA had to repeat the first four years of formation and studies because the quality he received at RMS-Guam was very insufficient. These men once ordained must be afforded the proper education and formation if they are to continue the Holy Spirits call to service.

    DianaOctober 4, 2017 at 10:18 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 10:00 pm,

    It has always been about the money. These seminarians receive degrees from the Lateran University in Rome. Father Miguel earned a much higher degree than any of our local priests who were formed at St. Patrick's Seminary.

    Furthermore, we Chamorros have always valued our lands on Guam. See what is happening with the Chamorro Land Trust Act. And here you are willing to give valuable Guam land to foreign investors rather than keeping it under the Guam Archdiocese. Only foreign investors can afford to buy that Yona property.

    1. Interesting. It seems that what Mae Llanes is really proposing is that only Chamorros should have land rights, and all land should remain under Chamorro ownership. But isn't she filipina?

      Mae says "...we Chamorros [sic, because she's not] have always valued our lands on Guam." Hmm...
      1.) who were those people that first sold Tumon land when the tourism boom started? Chamorros
      2.) and who did they sell their land to? Japanese
      3.) and why was this a bad thing? It wasn't bad, it gave us an industry
      These only disprove her wacky assumption.

      Saipan has its Title XII which forbids foreign ownership of land in the CNMI. Not even US citizens can own land there, unless they are of CNMI descent. Is this what Mae is proposing for Guam? So funny that Mae seems to condemn foreigners, when she is one, and the cult she belongs to is filled to the brim with Spaniards, Italians, Brazilians, and Poles. The same foreigners that get all their kiko-cult members here on Guam to clap like flamencos and sing spanish songs.

      And Mae doesn't believe any Chamorros could afford to buy such a valuable piece of property. Apurun must feel the same way, which is why he GAVE it to the NCW for free!

      But wait a second Mae, who owns the Dusit Thani? Aren't there locals who could buy the land if they wanted? Yes there are. But Mae's solution is to have it stay with the NCW so it will always be in Chamorro hands. But aside from a few local kikos, aren't the NCW foreign invaders as well?

      Folks, the melt down is nearly complete. The kiko-bots are so beside themselves from the loss of Pius, the loss of Apurun, and the loss of RMS Yona. Next comes the loss of their movement here on Guam for the heresy they teach to poor unsuspecting cult members, and even to poor unsuspecting deacon candidates.
      Soon, all will be lost in the kiko fantasy land, and now their heads are spinning. I'm not sure if I should laugh, or if I should feel a deep sense of pity.

      Answer: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - LOL

      Sorry Mae/Diana - but you are now officially irrelevant.

  7. The next thing is to pass a moratorium on the NCW and eventually kick them out

    1. Partial moratorium is supposedly in place since March, but the NCW seems to be ignoring it.

      So yes, the next step is a complete and permanent moratorium for these idiots.

      But, hey, let them stay on Guam. Just please start your own church and leave ours alone.

    2. First in Guam then a worldwide moratorium on the NCW then eventually kick them out.

  8. Unless the place is falling apart on all four sides, don't be surprised if Neos buy RMS through a US ringer.

    They'll continue their fake seminary as usual, then sell the property at a massive profit to resort operators or an obscenely wealthy person who'll turn it into a palatial private estate. As the old saying goes: "Location, location, location". It really is a beautiful place.

    1. I really don't think we should worry about who buys it, as long as we get a reasonable price for it. Kiko's girlfriend/now supreme saint come from a very wealthy family. If they could afford to buy Cardinal Felony and half of Rome, they could certainly afford to buy some Yona property.

      But they would need Byrnes ok to run a seminary on that site, or anywhere else on Guam. Of course, if they break away from the Catholic Church they could run a protestant seminary there and Byrnes would have nothing to say about that...other that adios! Kiko and cult.

  9. This just in from Mae the Magnificent, aka Diana:
    It is a comment from her 10/2/17 post entitled "My Response", and the comments eventually revolve around the news of the seminary closing down.

    "Diana October 4, 2017 at 3:16 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 2:27 pm,

    It was already known since that time. After all, all the books in the libary [sic] at the seminary have already been boxed up."

    Obviously, Mae Llanes as the Diana is well connected with the happenings within the NCW. Also obviously, she should spend more time in a "libary" to learn how to spell the word, and also learn what it's purpose is for.

    When an institution is willing to conduct an entire semester with its library completely closed off to students, then that institution is not really serious about educating the persons entrusted to them.

    This is the case with RMS. Their goal is not to form well trained priests, with sound doctrinal understanding. The goal of RMS is simply to churn out presbyters en masse. The old quantity vs quality equation. This is what the ad hoc committee found, and it is also what Archbishop Byrnes msut have found as well.

    Thank you Mae for proving the ad hoc committee correct in their finding that the learning process at RMS was fatally flawed. It must also be the reason even the Lateran University decided to distance themselves from RMS and pull out of its affiliation with the faux institute in Yona.

    By the way, I am saddened, not by the closing of the seminary, for I think it was the right thing to do. I am saddened by the attitudes of the people on Diana's blog and their hardened hearts.

  10. Committee begins transition for closure of Yona seminary
    John O'Connor | The Guam Daily Post 17 hrs ago.

    What to do with the volunteers and employees of RMS? Need to collect transcripts, tax records, assets, etc.

  11. Only time any seminarian was in the LIBARY was for photo op. Mostly outside class leaning against the wall smoking. Go ahead deny it. BTW, transcripts???? Transcripts of grades profs were coerced to give ?... sound familiar???? Seminarians given grades they ‘needed’ not earned. Diana says these seminarians off to Rome. Pope Francis is Bishop of Rome. Let’s see if he accepts them in his Diocese. Oh, then he is going to send them to evangelize in the Pacific. ESPECIALLY the Marianas. I find the information of Las Dianas to be rock solid. Yup, my go to blog. So fun.

    1. Do you know what happened with the RMS in Japan? It was closed after a new Bishop thought it to be a "unsustainable" vision for his diocese but something greater happened. Rome? Pontifical? Maybe you can do some research into what really transpired from the Takamatsu moratorium and how Rome interceded, even more recently again by Filloni.

    2. Uhhh, huh. Filoni Baloney scratching around Asia. What’s up?