Monday, December 4, 2017


Do NOT think that we have won. The Kiko's do not give up. 

They, in fact, they KNOW they will wear us down. They KNOW we do not have the stomach to keep up the fight. They have endless resources, millions of dollars, thousands of automaton "missionaries."

They will not give up on Guam so easily. Not because Guam matters, but because THEY matter. 

They know that the downfall of Anthony S. Apuron could be cataclysmic for the NCW on an international scale. 

Thus from the inner halls of power in the Vatican to the reinforcements they are even now deploying to Guam (we'll talk about that), the NCW at the highest levels is mobilizing to save Apuron, or at least negate the impact of his fall from power, and pressure Byrnes to either abdicate or make nice. 

Much depends on the survival of the NCW on Guam. The whole world is watching and THEY know it! 

On October 2, 2017, the Pacific Daily News reported:

A decision has been reached in Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron's Vatican trial, Archbishop Michael Jude Byrnes said Monday, but it is still awaiting the judges' signatures.

It is now more than two months later and apparently we are still "awaiting the judges' signatures." 

Actually, we are not awaiting any signatures. What we are awaiting is three more years until Apuron can retire. 

You can bet that if the verdict was "not guilty" there would have been a RUSH to announce the verdict. There would have been a stampede to the neocat media lapdogs at La Stampa and Zenit. 


Thus the "Red Pope" and his crew are hard at work. Much depends on hustling the Apuron case out of sight. But they have a problem: BYRNES. 

Coadjutor Archbishop Byrnes has already publicly declared that the return of Apuron would be a DISASTER:

"I think it would be a disaster if Archbishop Apuron were to return as bishop of record," Byrnes said during a news conference Thursday.

"Damn it! Byrnes is not following the script...!" (You can just hear the kikos in Rome cursing.)

So what are they going to do? 

The first course of action is to rehabilitate Byrnes. 

After all, he was sent here with his marching orders, but something went wrong. Yes, something went terribly wrong. And now he's closing the fake RMS seminary and sending the kiko's elsewhere. 

The kiko's, always believing in their all-powerful superiority, believe that Byrnes is still salvageable (i.e. trainable). 

Thus, led by Enrico and Francesca (see who they are here), the kiko's are, via Venice, Dublin and Seoul, sending reinforcements to Guam. 

Our eyes in Europe sent us this:

"...i neocat veneziani partiranno domani. Scalo a Seul dove incontreranno i missionari a Dublino. Partenza tutti insieme... partenze successive con un volo per Guam,Una invasione... 

"...the Venetian neocat will leave tomorrow. Scalo to Seoul where they will meet the missionaries in Dublin. Departure all together.....subsequent departures with a flight to Guam,An invasion...

Should they fail to convert Byrnes, they will burrow into the neocat underground and work to undermine this diocese from within, sabotaging all we have worked for, and maybe even succeeding in resuscitating Apuron. 

After all they only need to keep him alive 3 more years until age 75 when all bishops are required to submit their resignations. 

As for JungleWatch, we will keep doing what we have always done. We will fight like we always have. But we are done with entertaining crap. 

If the haters want to come after me, let them take me on on in the media. 

I challenge all the haters to take me on in any media forum they choose so long as they have to show their face. 

No more anonymous bullshit. Four years of your cowardly crap is done. Call Jess Lujan. He'll put you on. Let's go head to head. Face to face. 

It's time. I'm ready to face you down. Are you ready to even show yours?

Come on, cowards. YOUR MOVE!