Thursday, March 22, 2018


Today on FROM BOB we consider Speaker BJ and his well......

Speaker BJ Cruz attempted to make hay out of what he mischaracterized as the inadequacy of § 5 of Public Law 34-87 and in so doing engaged in the "straw man fallacy."  [How's that for a mixed metaphor!]

BJ's office put out a press release that  tried to make the case that the proponents of § 5 of Public Law 34-87   held it out as the solution to GovGuam's  current cash problems. No one, one, advanced that proposition--not in floor debate, testimony, in the VOP, Op/Eds or the radio talk shows (at least while I was listening) not even BJ!

and along the same lines---No, § 5 didn't abolish agencies, under serve the disabled nor leave farmers unprotected. No, those who stumped for § 5 didn't advocate those unpalatable consequences that the release trotted out. Nope.

At least the PDN wasn't taken in, nor were FromBob Buffs.

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