Friday, March 23, 2018


The (original) English text of Apuron's sentence is grossly different than the sentence as it appears in Italian. And the difference has permitted Apuron and his allies to exploit the sentence to their ends. 

On the March 19, KUAM special on the Apuron sentence, Apuron's civil attorney (apparently he can't get his canonical attorneys to speak for him) used the vague and awkward English text to accuse Archbishop Byrnes of being "unjust:" 

"I was a bit disheartened and disturbed by Coadjutor (Michael) Byrnes' statement. To publicly condemn Archbishop Anthony without having the full information, for me, it's an unjust condemnation of him. We don't know today which of the accusations Archbishop Anthony was found guilty of."

The Catholic News Agency and EWTN, colluded to go even further, suggesting that Apuron was not found guilty of sexual abuse against minors at all: 

The source said that if the archbishop is guilty of sexual abuse against minors, "justice would demand the strongest possible penalty," adding "this punishment maintains the status quo."  

The CNA/EWTN article goes on to state that Apuron received an "unusually light sanction," further suggesting that Apuron was probably not found guilty of sex abuse but perhaps failed to take out the trash on time. (Sarcasm intended). 

The difference between the (original) published English text of the sentence and the Italian is so glaring that once again we cannot discount the influence of the Kikos. And in fact, as already posted, in THEY'RE NOT GOING TO GIVE UP, the Red Pope (aka Kiko's pope) dropped in on Pope Francis the morning before the sentence was published (the sentence was released that night):

Knowing that the majority of people who cared about the outcome of the Apuron trial would be reading the sentence in English, we could assume, given the glaring difference with the Italian, that someone on Apuron's team directly manipulated the language to produce exactly the opportunity that Apuron's people are now taking advantage of. 

Let's examine the two translations as found on the Vatican website on March 16, 2018 (Vatican time):

The text in Italian:

The "original" text in English (Note that I said "original!):

PDF of original statement here

Without even translating the Italian, the differences in the length of the opening phrase is immediately obvious. I'll copy them both here:

ITALIAN: "Il processo canonico in relazione alle accuse, incluse quelle di abusi sessuali su minori..."
ENGLISH: "The canonical trial of minors..."

Note that the English does NOT even mention sex abuse!

However, whether you use Google translate or the Vatican website's own translator, the Italian will read:

"The canonical process in relation to the accusations, including those of child sexual abuse..."

The Italian leaves ZERO doubt about what Apuron was found guilty of, whereas the English, the language Kiko's people (including the Red Pope) knew most of us would read, leaves out any mention of "sex abuse!"

I immediately saw the difference and posted about it yesterday in my commentary on the GUAM DAILY POST EDITORIAL. Additionally, I sent an email to all the local press, pointing out the dichotomy, a dichotomy which has permitted Apuron's people to suggest that "sex abuse" may not have even been one of the charges he was found guilty of.

Also, something told me not to close the tab on the original Vatican statement as it appeared on March 16. I'm glad I left it open, because today when I visited the same URL in a different tab, THERE WAS A NEW ENGLISH TRANSLATION:

ORIGINAL STATEMENT: "The canonical trial of minors..."
REVISED STATEMENT: "The canonical trial in the matter of accusations, including accusations of sexual abuse of minor..."

I doubt that anyone in Rome saw my commentary yesterday, so more than likely Cardinal Burke, or someone with similar influence, saw that the Tribunal's sentence had been purposely gutted (inEnglish), permitting Apuron to squirrel through the hole, and immediately addressed what appears to be sabotage (something the Kikos are adept at!).

We can assume this because while Latin is the official language of the Church, the language of everyday business at the Vatican is Italian and thus the sentence, as it first appeared in Italian, was the actual sentence that the Tribunal crafted. 

Just today the Vatican announced the resignation of its media chief over his doctoring of a letter from Pope Benedict to make it look like Benedict was endorsing something he wasn't. It's being called "letter-gate." 

So do we now have "sentence-gate?"

At least now, there is now NO DOUBT about what Apuron was found guilty of. However, do not expect the Kikos to stop there. As we are already seeing from The Diana, they intend to wage war on Archbishop Byrnes.