Monday, July 30, 2018


(posted by Frenchie)
Yes ladies and gentlemen, Wadeson was seen on several occasions recently at the Ordot parish, which was given  a new Neo pastor as of early this month.
A man who was accused of child molestation in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles,  subsequently incardinated in this Diocese by another Child abuser, the disgraced Apuron, and "cleared" by the former Chancellor Adrian Cristobal, himself accused of child molestation, on the run like Wadeson was for a period of time, and hiding under the protection of his mentors of the NCW.

How was Wadeson "cleared"?  Plain and simple, because the archdiocese of Los Angeles, which had a dismal record, (and was sued for millions and millions of dollars because of abuse coverup)
lost the Wadeson files, and could no longer provide informations!
If that sounds eerily familiar, and similar to the still developing Mc Carrick scandal in Washington DC, New York and New Jersey, it is because we have exactly the same scenario.

What we have here, is a group of people, that think they are so much better than you and I, and can do whatever they wish. "Damn the torpedoes! full speed ahead!!"

It is interesting that every time the Archbishop goes off island, the Neo's Presbyters choose to show up and/or leave where ever and when ever they want.

What is going on?
Any moderately inquiring mind would be right to question what is going on here?

Lets start with the case at hand here.

Fr Caminiti, the newly minted pastor of Ordot parish, apparently on his own, decided to invite Wadeson in his parish, without notifying the Chancery,  just like some presbyters have in the past, "invited" other neo's presbyters without notifying the Chancery, and did this without any consequences for their own status.
You wonder if the loonies are running the Asylum

These are grave issues, but it is mind bungling that the Vicar General and  Moderator of the Curia, who is usually afflicted with an acute case of micro management syndrome, was not aware of this  situation until he was confronted by his fellow priests, at a recent meeting.
We knew father Jeff, was not a very good administrator, hampered by his habit of writing memos left and right, to cover his substantial behind. But, this is really the icing on the cake. If the gate keeper does not even know who comes and go where and when, then we have a huge problem.

Perhaps, it is not incidental....

  • Who knows the Archbishop's schedule well in advance?
  • Who likes to sit on both sides of the fence?
  • Who has surrendered to a petition to keep the toxic pastor of Agat, and failed to consider an even bigger petition, for not having Neo presbyters in Santa Barbara?
  • Who is responsible for the spreading of more presbyters to more parishes than ever before?
That is right folks: Fr Jeff San Nicolas!!

 One of the first initiative Archbishop Byrnes, took was the "Safe Environment Initiative"
This was a welcome departure of the weak state of affairs, under Apuron. This is why one cannot but be shocked by the fact that it is weakened and endangered by Fr San Nicolas himself.

What to say about his attempt of coverup of a complaint under this policy, and subsequent retaliation against the victim, by Fr Jeff, when he was acting Rector at the Cathedral, a few weeks back?
What to say about his lack of involvement, in the visit of Wadeson here, and his lack of reactions to it?
Lets hope that Wadeson does not get back to his "old ways" while on island. The scandal of a Vicar General and Head of the Curia aiding and abetting this kind of situation would destroy whatever sense of trust Archbishop  Byrnes has so painfully worked to regain.

The question therefore is: are the Neos running wild and doing whatever they want? (again)

Or, is this part of a wider and concerted effort to weaken and discredit the Archbishop, aided by one who has obviously caved in,to the ambitious failings of Adrian Cristobal? Has someone been tempted by the sirens who promised Apuron a red hat, and Adrian a purple one?

Keep posted, this should get very interesting. 
In the meantime, keep your boys away from Ordot for a little longer.

One last note. It is to be underlined that the visit of Wadeson, the second one I believe in 2018. (he was here earlier this spring) should probably be read as the new direct visiting messenger from Gennarini.
Wadeson, is close geographically to Giusseppe favorite son in Alabama, and is rumored to work closely with Gennarini daughter in law.
He is the perfect relay for the New Jersey boss to come and lecture the communities while on Guam.
Keep you eyes and ears opened.


  1. Well if you have been convinced that God has asked you to act in a certain way by your spiritual (political) leaders you would be prepared to do anything! (Even if this involved demonising and disobeying Popes, Cardinals or Arch-Bishops or becoming a suicide bomber). So taking a break on Guam doesn't even register as an issue on this scale. However it smacks of religious pride and (the touchstone) of causing disunity. Neo members who have bought into this organisation must examine their consciences and their roles and attitudes in empowering such attacks on the Church.

    1. Hello anon at 2.52, this is a very good analogy. Our problem is that even though our leaders are aware of the dangers of that disunity, they seem, strangely shy about which remedy to apply.
      Giving more room for the culprits to continue their destructive work.
      If on top of that we allow key parochial personnel who are corrupted one way or another (either morally, sexually, or financially)to abet them, in exchange of a promise for promotion and/or protection, we end up with corrupt leaders, like Mc Carrick, Apuron or Cristobal. There is definitely a pattern here.

    2. Add to that Cardinal O'Brian in Scotland and others under suspicion including Hendricks!

  2. Time for the Laity Forward Movement to mobilize and express the displeasure of parishioners, especially parents of young children. Praying that God will protect our children while we are in the process of rooting out the evil that threatens to proliferate again. St. Michael defend us in battle.

  3. Deacon Tenorio has been allowed to retire, and Cristobal is on the run. (officialy on the archdiocese website, they use the euphemism: "off island)

  4. My family and I started attending San Juan Bautista parish a couple of years ago, looking for a parish that does not cater to the influence of the neo/kiko/ heretic way of prayers. When I saw Wadeson last Sunday walking and talking with Camaniti, I started thinking of looking for another parish, Does anyone know if the priest in Our Lady of Peace Parish is under the influence of the neo/kiko group..,San Nicolas can cry all he wants, but I won't attend a mass he will be presiding in...

    1. Hello Jes,
      I understand the dilemma you are in. I have talked to several parishioners from Churches who recently were saddled with Neo presbyters, and they are not happy.
      The struggle being: Are we leaving and therefore letting the Neos run the place as they wish, or do we stay and demand accountability?
      This is a very personal choice.
      As far as Our Lady of Peace parish, I believe Fr Carlos Vila is the pastor.
      He is considered a very decent pastor. You should probably attend a couple of services and make your mind.
      Whatever your decision, I am sure you shall take the right one.
      In the meantime, make sure to let the chancery know about your feelings regarding this appointment and the consequences you already see.
      Since it appears that Fr Camaniti does not mind having a known child abuser around him, perhaps you should call the hotline of the Archdiocese at 475-2563.
      I am sure you are not the only one feeling the way you do. Let your friends know.

  5. CCOG at 12:54:
    Don't forget the evil actions of Fr Alberto and his rabid support of everything Neo and his closure of the Santa Ana Chapel to non-Neos in Agat; Fr Fabio for the unanswered questions to the hundreds of thousand of dollars missing from Santa Rita Church; Fr Julio and Fr Miguel for their deplorable management of the RMS and treating it like their personal fiefdom; Frs Harold and Pedro for their abandonment of duties on Guam, and Fr Egivaldo for his outrageous public comments on monkey masturbation and his public actions defending a sexual pervert like Apuron.
    A case could be made that solely due to the reckless and spiteful defense of Apurun by Adrian/Tenorio/Egivaldo we are facing hundreds of lawsuits. Their lies and cover ups inflammed the community to such an extent that the legislature created to law to force justice upon the Church. This is because the reasonable man and woman could see there would be no justice rendered by the Church itself for the victims.
    If Andrian/Tenorio/Egivaldo had just shut up, even the threats by Apurun would not have been enough to spark laws repealing the statute of limitations. So Adrian/Tenorio/Egivaldo are really responsible for the lawsuits we have today.
    If Byrnes were here 3 years ago, we would have had hope and healing to compensate victims, but no attorney fees.