Sunday, July 29, 2018


The path to worldly power within the Roman Catholic Church is no different than the path to power anywhere else: numbers. 

In the World, "might makes right." And "might" is numbers. 

The neocat hierarchy, which I shall "kikos" from here on, understood this from the outset and never failed to recite a litany of their numbers at every event, every meeting with the power brokers in the Church, and at every media opportunity. 

Within the Church, the red hat (the office of Cardinal) is, short of the office of pope, the office of power. And the path to the red hat is numbers, specifically numbers of vocations. 

As every human institution must perpetuate itself in order to continue to exist, so too, the priesthood. Thus the number of vocations within a diocese have historically been an indicator as to whether or not a bishop is on track for a promotion. 

The "genius" of the kikos was to recognize not just this fact, but that at this particular moment in history, with vocations flagging - mostly due to to lazy if not immoral bishops - these same bishops (which we are now finding to be a majority), were more than happy to let someone else do the work. 

Enter the kikos. 

At the earliest opportunity, the kikos sought and obtained a permit to establish their own seminaries, seminaries which were little more than turn-key, "make a priest," franchise operations which could be sold to the lazy, and often immoral bishops, who had (if they were not raping and molesting their young charges) given up on the true recruitment of men to the office of the priesthood, and took the cheap way out of blaming "the world."

The problem for the kikos though was that they had many more recruits than what most bishops would take. Even in their laziness and immorality, many of the bishops still had a conscience about ordaining men who they knew had no business being priests. 

Enter Apuron... or more specifically, Cristobal. 


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