Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The McCarrick debacle is finally pushing the real problem to the fore: a homosexual subculture within the Church that stretches from the seminaries to the highest halls of power. But it is also (finally) exposing something JungleWatchNation started yelling about during the Apuron debacle: the bishops have exempted themselves from their own sex abuse polices.

This fact became glaringly clear immediately after John Toves first accused Apuron of molesting his relative. But Apuron hadn't done anything that the entire U.S. Bishops conference hadn't already done with the so-called "Dallas Charter," a supposed gold standard in response of "zero tolerance" concocted by the bishops in 2002 after the whole clergy sex abuse thing first blew up.

At its core, the problem is: Who does one go to when you have a bad bishop and the bishop is the ultimate authority?

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