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We have shown the last two weeks, how weak and soft Catholics leaders of the March for life in Washington DC were, as they threw the Covington Catholic Students under the proverbial bus.
We also saw how the Bishop of Covington  during his very late apology to the same students, blamed having been bullied into condemning them by social media activists.
More recently this past weekend we have witnessed the pathetic reactions of the Bishops of New York, facing the evil actions of the governor of their State: Andrew Cuomo.
We have been subjected to the sad spectacle of Cardinal Dolan of New York, making lukewarm arguments to defend their inaction in the face of Catholic politicians bringing scandalous situation to the Church they claim to belong to.

Of course this is not new. Back in 2004, several American Bishops chose to deny Holy Communion to those "Obstinately Persevering in Manifest Grave Sin" Canon 915
Naturally these Bishops came under question by other Bishops regarding the application of Canon 915, in the case of Catholic politicians who publicly after admonition continue to support legislation contrary to the teachings of the Church, namely abortion and other "scientific practices".
Many of the same leaders, who were consciously dropping a lead curtain on their role in hiding, priests and bishops who had committed sexual abuse, took to the bully pulpit to criticize the actions of their peers who drew a line in the sand, concerning the evils, some politicians were willing to support and/or propagate.

It took three years then, for Archbishop Burke to write a well drafted official document based on Canon law, to vindicate the prelates that had argued in favor of Canon 915, and correct the critics raised in the document "Catholic in Political life" adopted on June 18 2004 by the USCCB.
periodica 96 (2007) 3-58 (published at the Pontifical Gregorian University)

It looks like some might finally awake to the fact that playing nice with people who advocate immoral and evil agendas, is not paying off.
Facing a backlash from many concerned Catholics, and understanding he had been played by an unapologetic Cuomo, Cardinal Dolan finally found the courage to call a cat a cat.
Read Here
It might be too little, too late, but it is a definite step in the right direction.

Meanwhile back on Guam our Archbishop is up to his neck in the mess left to him by his disgraced predecessor. Therefore he is relying on the priests who have taken the lead on some subjects.

In regards to the March for life, this means Fr Mike Crisostomo.

Fr Mike is currently the Pastor of St Anthony, St Victor in Tamuning
He is the spiritual director for Catholic Radio KOLG 90.9
He was until recently the spiritual director for the March for Life
He is further involved as the Vicar for Clergy
A member of the College of Consulters
A member of the Presbyterial Council
The Leader of Kamalan Karidat
He is also on several boards 

By all accounts, many people consider Pale Mike, as a nice person.
Perhaps this is where the problem is.
Why am I saying this?

Simply because when you want to fight an evil as catastrophic as the Mass killing of millions of babies  (over 50 millions in the USA alone since the Roe vs Wade ruling), you need warriors for good that have steel resolve and steel will.
Not nice guys

Pale Mike, might be a "nice guy", but he obviously has way too many irons in the fire to be efficient, and he certainly does not have the shrewdness necessary to avoid the kind of traps our friends in the media like to lay around you, to push the agenda they are defending.

The last few weeks, the incidents in Washington DC and New York clearly showed us, that even some of our more astute leaders get manipulated by the medias to maligned both the Church and the March for Life.

The latest incident of that nature, here on Guam occurred just on the morning of Friday the 18th of January. It involved Pale Mike and talk show host Patty Arroyo

In order to understand what happened that morning, we need to put a few facts in perspective.

During last year gubernational race, this website brought to the attention of the public some disturbing facts regarding the sister of Patty Arroyo: Therese Mantanane Arroyo.

Therese was the official General Manager of KOLG 90.9, the local Catholic radio station.
While officially employed by the Archdiocese of Guam, Therese had accepted the job of press secretary for the Lourdes Leon Guerrero's Campaign.
Many faithful felt betrayed and upset at the fact that someone working for the Church would agree to represent the most well known advocate for Abortion on the Island.
These people in their wisdom, understood well the contradiction that was in that situation.
The story was picked up by other candidates and other blogs on Guam, and given wide birth.
It also forced the Chancery to address the issue. (even thought half heartedly)
Apparently the spiritual director of the station, and the chancellor were not too pleased, the story came out.
It looked like Patty Arroyo did not like the fact that someone would blow the lid off on that story, and felt that this was tantamount to persecution. (oddly a word often used and abused by the NCW)
Of course she did not highlight that fact at the time, since it probably would have given the story even more attention.
But apparently this issue kind of got stuck in her throat until now.

It is interesting to note that Patty and Therese the nieces of Msgr Bibi ( a friendly supporter of the NCW) did not mind to work with the neos in charge of LLG's campaign.
At the time, we did not insist on that issue, but the latest incident appear to suggest that this was a more important issue than first thought.

So, lets go back to the morning of the 18th of January and the Patty Arroyo interview of Pale Mike (the spiritual director of the March for life)
 Listen Here
What appeared at first like the typical promotion interview, turned out to be an ambush interview.
At first Patty is doing her usual routine, asking pointed question regarding the March for Life taking place later on that day, then once most of the promo has been done, she switches to a different subject. She brings up the fact that the Pro Life movement during the last election, was against the LLG campaign, and basically makes a strong and catch all accusation.

She then use the typical "journalistic" one way question, which was basically a demand for an apology, from Fr Mike. Our good guy of course falls for it and throw the March for life under the Bus. In one swift move Patti Arroyo, both had a statement condemning people that she basically portrays as radicals, and by the same time seems to justify the moves that she and her sister did in favor of our current governor.
You must give Patty a compliment, not only she marginalized the pro-lifers, but she also portrayed them as radical.
Perhaps Pale Mike should explain to her what "obstinately persevering in manifest sin" means.

Unfortunately, once more, we have an example of one of our Church representative getting weak knees at a time when strong resolve was needed.

What can we deduct from this? 

Perhaps a lesson from the old adage: "if you want things done right,  you need to do it yourself". Definitely, if you consult the Esperanza project, (see links on this webpage), you can clearly see that the movement for life on Guam, was able to have next to a dozen pieces of legislature in favor of life, and all this without the help of the Archdiocese and/or members of the clergy.

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