Monday, May 25, 2020


This is something some of us have been doing since about 2005: meeting once a week for about an hour and engaging in a variety of studies from Apologetics to a read through of the Bible. 

It's called a Catholic Adult Study Group because, in our opinion, while church leadership spends untold resources on our kids, their parents, Catholic adults, are mostly neglected...despite the fact that the constant mantra from the top is "faith begins at home." And then we wonder why the kids leave. SMH

Initially, we spent several years on apologetics, i.e. learning how to share the faith with others, both Catholic and non-Catholic. 

Then we did a complete read through and study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Currently we are doing a chronological read through of the Bible. This has proven to be especially challenging because not only are there many different versions of the Bible - even approved Catholic versions, some of those versions differ so radically that if you don't have the same version it's hard to know what the others are reading. However, we persist, and even the radically different versions of the same scripture give us cause for study.

After the Covid thing and we were no longer able to meet physically, some of us began meeting virtually. The virtual meeting had an added benefit. Per the "share screen" function, we could all read from the same version and we could collectively use helpful online commentaries. 

While we have never put this out to the general public before, we are now. Feel free to join us per the following information. While we are using the Douay-Rheims version of the Bible (Challoner edition), you are welcome to follow along in whatever version you prefer to use and share how your version translates/interprets the same verse(s). 

Oh, and no need to be Catholic to join. 

Tonight (Monday, 6pm, Guam Time) we will be doing this:

and using this:

We will be meeting at 6pm at:

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