Monday, November 30, 2020


Program Notes

Thanksgiving cheer lasted for two days at the legislature—part time legislature anyone?! Everybody knows that Typhoon Pongsona hit Guam on December 8, 2002 because the legislature cancelled the Camarin Day GovGuam Holiday. NOT

Norway has criminalized hate speech. Jim W. Moylan, pls don’t go to Oslo on vacation. Wokesters don’t want any part of Jordan Peterson’s new book because his pronouns are ‘he’ ‘him’ and ‘his.’ Therese Terlaje again revises the history of the Chamorro Land Trust Act. Janela adds to the Bill 312 saga. Kentucky’s AG contrasts with ours. Given recent descriptions of Sidney’s filings Tucker may have to eat a little crow. Tall Tales takes Justice Alito to the woodshed.

The Card

  • The Legislature v. Working Stiffs
  • Tall Tales v. The December 8 Myth
  • Norway v. Free Speech
  • Penguin Random House v. Wokesters
  • Therese Terlaje v. History (again)
  • Mary Torres’ Bill 312 v. the Merit System (update)
  • Kentucky’s AG v. Leevin Camacho
  • Tucker Carlson v. Sidney Powell
  • Democrats v. Big Law
  • Tall Tales v. Justice Alito

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