Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Program Notes

Guam Police opened fire on two citizens, killing one. The result: a 20 day paid vacation for four cops—no riots, vandalism and arson, hafa?! Peinhof takes to the streets again to support his outReyes [sic] demand (beep!beep!) that he be permitted to earn a living after 263 days of lockdown. Get out your Law & Order notebooks out for Racism v. Reporting which was on the card earlier dealing with Japanese and American courts. The Post brushes the legal points aside to concentrate on race. Janela adds to the Bill 312 saga. Kentucky’s AG contrasts with ours. Given recent descriptions of Sidney’s filings Tucker may have to eat a little crow. Tall Tales take Justice Alito to the woodshed.

Today’s Card

  • Defund The Police v. Guam
  • Thomas Peinhof v. The 263 Day Lockdown
  • Racism v. Reporting [Japanese Courts v. District Court of Guam
  • Mary Torres’ Bill 312 v. the Merit System (update)
  • Kentucky’s AG v. Leevin Camacho
  • Tucker Carlson v. Sidney Powell
  • Democrats v. Big Law
  • Tall Tales v. Justice Alito
  • BLM v. Antifa! 

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