Thursday, August 26, 2021


 The Guam Pacific Daily News

which has long been a mouth piece for certain very identifiable political leaning, outdid itself today.

Trying to come to the rescue of the questionable governing by decree of Governor Lou Leon Guerrero-Cook, the editorial board of the PDN, decided to enroll the "support" of Pope Francis, to justify the immoral, and illegitimate segregation of one part of the population, and the vilification and division of Guam's population. Government by fear, aided and abetted by what is loosely called the local press.

Using dubious, poorly argued facts, which the population at large has been bombarded with since the proclamation of this manipulated medical emergency, the PDN hammers away at the Catholic faithful who so far have refused to bend the knee to manipulated science and false gods. In doing so they did what most hypocritical and profoundly anti Catholics usually do, they argue around moral teachings.

 Gov. LLG-C and Lt Gov JT, in front of their self- prophetic campaign logo
Indeed we are " All IN"..... deep trouble.
What the Pacific Daily News does, in this argument around moral teachings, with their shameless, distorting enrollment of Pope Francis amounts to such a high level of hypocrisy, that we had to make an official statement against what is false and flawed Catholic teachings.
In introducing their argument the editors make several assertions that are either arguable, or completely false, and advance them as science. Which they are not. Lets review the assertions.

"the vaccines are safe, developed by using science that has been around for decades, according to the CDC."
These vaccines safety have not been proven so far, the CDC and the FDA having refused to release statistic about side effects and death attributed to the vaccines. As of now only three nations, worldwide, and one territory (Gibraltar) have published their studies. These studies are subject for debate, because the results they show are not encouraging, regarding the usual safety levels of vaccines.

The claim that the science has been around for decade is in itself a white lie, since these vaccines have nothing in common with traditional vaccines, but rather are using a new and untested approach of activating RNA, to trigger an auto immune reaction from the patient. RNA biology, and RNA Synthethis, are a fairly new field of research related to Genome sequencing. It has possible applications in the field of Oncology, Fibrosis and NGS technology. Some of the challenges with RNA Biology are modification and purification. There are several sub-Studies of RNA, notably mRNA, tRNA, small RNA, Inc RNA and so on...... It is hardly what the PDN is wrongly advancing, by hiding behind edited work from the CDC. Here lies the problem, too many people since the beginning of said pandemic have manipulated and massaged the very little available science allowed to be shared, to making it fit their narrative. This is exactly what the Governor has done, by pretending to listen to her medical advisory board (which we now know is a lie), and this is exactly what the PDN continues on doing despite its change of ownership.

"The vaccines are effective, preventing most from contracting and spreading the virus"


Another white lie from the PDN. While the vaccines were fairly effective against the original variant of the virus, their efficacy with the Delta variant (which we are experiencing on Guam now) and the Epsilon variant is drastically less effective (almost by half). This is the reason that Big Pharma, is now recommending a third booster shot to prevent contracting the new variants. Furthermore, the viral loads of vaccinated people is 40 to 50 times higher among vaccinated individuals, than among non-vaccinated people, making them more likely to spread the virus around them. This fact in itself negates the value signaling and shaming argument to vaccinate to protect "the people you love, coworkers and others in the community"

"the vaccine is also effective against the Delta variant, which the CDC states causes more infections and spread faster"


Again another white lie, since the CDC also states that the virulence and severity of the Delta variant is also much less serious.  Please refer to the previous argument about Delta and Epsilon variant.



After this initial introduction of white lies and half truth, The PDN decides to be condescending and insulting.

 The level of  anti-catholic feelings expressed by the Editorial board of the PDN, cannot be hidden .

Their obvious contempt, resentment, and hatred oozes through from behind their poorly disguised reasonable face mask. Even the way the phrasing is done is contemptuous. It is actually what reveals the ugly truth behind the mask.

"If those simple, sensible reasons are not good enough reasons to convince the Catholic community on Guam to get the vaccine, how about this one: The Holy father says its a good idea"


Lets look at this closely. The way the phrase starts, is implying that Catholics that refuse to bend a knee in front of failed temporal powers are of course against reasonable scientific arguments. This is the old Marxist charade that religion is obscurantist by nature. Of course since these arguments are also "simple" it implies therefore that Catholics are not very smart, because they cannot recognize simple arguments. The Hatred is clearly visible and hardly contained. Lets continue

The PDN basically tells us: since you guys do not believe in science, you should listen to the head of your movement. Then to underline the power of their argument they used a specific term to re enforce their point, in case anyone would still disagree with  their value signaling . They use the term

"Holy Father, rather than Pope"  It is not accidental, it is a deliberate choice, to give more weight to their illogical argument. First, we demonstrated earlier, that Catholics are not against science, rather we are for a humanist science, based in truth and moral. But we are also against trans-humanist  science based on false pride and superiority.



Professor Jerome Lejeune

Perhaps the PDN should research the life work of professor Jerome Lejeune 1926-1994, pediatrician and geneticist, considered by many as the father of gene therapy. They could also read the work of Bishop Nicolas Steno, a leading Danish Scientist, and of course St Thomas Aquinas. If they kept their biases aside, they might be able to learn something about that religion. 

But perhaps this is too much to ask from narrow minded partisan people, who are happy to be big fishes in a small pound, and who obviously think very little of their readers.


The final push by the PDN is typical of the practices of the former owners of the paper. 

You pick and chose excerpts from the declaration of the subject at hand, (here Pope Francis), you juxtapose and link part of the declaration in order to make it sound exactly the way you want it to appear, then you conclude by using a statement, to finalize your point, sealing this way your narrow, twisted and dishonest argument.

This is exactly what the PDN did concluding : "getting vaccinated is a simple but profound way, to care for one another, especially the most vulnerable."

Who could resist such a strong emotional appeal, coming from the Holy father himself?

This type of dishonest manipulation in fact just prove the total lack of knowledge the PDN  has about the Catholic religion.

Lets make it easy, for those who kind of forgot the ABC of Catholic teachings, to navigate this grossly primitive, yet effective propaganda tactic used in general by enemies of the Church, or sometimes by some of the sects within the Church itself, in order to advance their narrow agenda.

How does the Pope communicate? Are all the things a pope says a directive and/or a command? 


Pope Francis is what many would call, an unusual Pope. He speaks a lot, he speaks often. And often there is little perceived logic behind his declarations, or at least it seems that way. If you want to understand where he is going and what he is trying to teach, you really need to make an effort to put things in context, and not jump to conclusion. At the same time Francis (aka George Bergoglio) is not a classic Pope, he is the first non European to sit at the helm of the Boat of Peter, and also the first Jesuit. Jesuits are renowned for their often convoluted approach to issues, and their thought provoking challenges.

This is why, it is of great importance to understand the Magisterium. The word Magisterium comes from the Latin Magister, which means teacher. Therefore the Magisterium is the teaching authority of the Church. This is manifested either by the Pope alone, or by the Pope with the Bishops worldwide.

The Church differentiate between two types of Magisterium: what is called the Ordinary Magisterium, and the Extraordinary Magisterium. Both form of Magisterium are considered as infallible. 

The Ordinary Magisterium :

This teaching is the most common, hence its name. It is constant, consistent and universal. It is communicated through letters, encyclicals and other traditional forms, such as:

\Papal bulls, Papal encyclicals, Papal briefs, Papal exhortations, Papal constitutions, Apostolic letters, Motu Propios.

Encyclical are the day to day, consistent teachings of the ordinary Magisterium.

I shall not go into the extraordinary Magisterium which covers councils (which is not what is at stake here)  Needless to say, the off the cuff remarks of the Pope during an audition, or in passing with a group of people are not part of the Magisterium. They are the mere opinions of the Bishop of Rome at a certain moment in time. It falls very short of any infallible teaching. If you want to know the official position of the Church on Vaccines and  taking "immoral vaccines" you would have to refer to the official Note on the morality of using some anti covid 19 vaccines, published on 12/21/2020 by the Prefect for the Congregation for the doctrine of Faith, Luis Ferrer Cardinal Ladaria SJ (hardly a conservative) and the Secretary of said congregation his excellency Monsignor Giacomo Morandi, Titular Archbishop of Cerveteri.At the Behest of Pope Francis.

If you are interested by the whole document, you can find it


Please feel free to download it and keep it for your own knowledge. 

I shall finish with the beginning of alinea 5:

"At the same time, practical reason makes evident that vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary." 

 It is obvious to most, except for the radical partisans of our failed Governor, that trying to turn Catholics as scapegoats for the lack of foresight of Mrs Lourdes Leon Guerrero Cook, is not acceptable. The Editorial Board of the Pacific Daily News by showing their true anti-catholic colors did not help their champion's cause, because they used flawed science to make a political point. 

Many of us are fed up with value lecturers who dare  forcing on us their narrow point of view , under the pretense that they know what is good for us.

We are not some helpless island bumpkins and dimwits who need to be saved against their will, by those who pretend to know best, and cannot hide their disdain for our faith. 


Perhaps this is the reason  the people pushing for that fear, have little to no faith

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