Friday, March 4, 2022


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Senator Taitague the champion RINO of the GOP of Guam has introduce a new bill in the Senate. Bill 259-36 aka "Akton Guma Incentive Act"

Assisted care housing.

For more information and details you can read the article on the Guam Daily Post,

read HERE

The bill is co-sponsered by Amanda Shelton, Sabine Perez, Joanne Brown, Frank Blas, Pedo Terlaje.


Upon first read, the bill appear as a fairly good idea. Until now most elderly people on Guam have been cared for by members of their respective families in their own homes. Unfortunately some of the negative sides of our modern world, have caught up with us on our beautiful island. When many of our seniors are able to stay fairly independent either in their own homes, or in retirement housing, there is a growing demand for specialized housing for people who need 24 hours care. 

Right now, no such service was available outside of the St Dominic House, which itself was sidelined by the Governor at the onset of the pandemic.

BUT!! and there is a BIG BUT!! last year in 2021, Junglewatch warned the general public about a worrisome intervention in the local press, by Dr Eusebio, the well known surgeon who is one of the loudest mouthpiece for the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam. Now that Pius has left Guam and this earthly world for good, one of the most public figure of the Neos on the Island is Dr Ricky Eusebio.

Last year on the feast day of St Peter and St Paul, I wrote a post on this blog denouncing the planned scheduled arrival of a new order of nuns, tied to the neos, with the mission to take care of the elderly.

Dr Eusebio aka little Ricky, is very much in tune with the tax breaks this bill would make available to "enterprises" who would build facilities  for the elderly.

Watch here 

Could it be that the Neos at Adelup who surround the Governor, are putting in place the proper tax environment for the Neos to push another one of their venture, while the Archdiocese is distracted with the settlement with its creditors?

That is a major question.

We shall follow this story very carefully.

So far there is a growing preponderance of facts that would allow for the old call:

"The shadow knows"!

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