Friday, January 27, 2023


The penchant for corporal punishment by Guam's Senator "Santa Claus" (Dwayne San Nicolas) is probably more akin to his original predecessor than Senator "Santa Claus" may realize.

The original "Santa Claus," Saint Nikolaus, 1,500 years before becoming iconized by Clement Moore in "A Visit from Saint Nicholas" ("T'was the night before Christmas..."), famously and allegedly "corporally punished" - during the First Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. -  a certain priest by punching him in the mouth.

The recipient of Nick's punch was a dude name Arius, who Nick regarded as a heretic. Google Arianism if you want to know more, but meanwhile, so much for the "jolly" part of "Jolly Ol' St. Nick." Nick apparently was the 4th century equivalent of a mad Mike Tyson on an airplane. 

So Senator Dwayne San Nicolas is not only in good company, but apparently on the right track. And here's hoping that Guam's Saint Nick goes after the heretics in GovGuam, i.e. the big boys and girls, as gleefully as he portends to go after Guam's bad little boys and girls who have been naughty and not nice. 

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  1. we already know about the pare system and we already know who is going to get whipped - the little naughty boys