Thursday, January 26, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Tall Tales Talk Show Host, Bob Klitzkie, recently addressed news about the possible introduction of a bill by Senator "Santa Claus" which would permit the "caning" of certain criminals, a la Singapore

Not only does rookie Senator Dwayne San Nicolas look and dress (sort of) like Santa Claus, his last name literally translates to "Santa Claus:" San (Saint) Nicolas (Nik-o-Laus). 

But Guam's Saint Nick "ain't" interested in depositing Christmas candy "canes" into the stockings of good little girls and boys ("hung by the chimneys with care in hopes that Saint Nikolaus soon would be there").

No, Guam's Saint Nick is apparently much more interested in depositing judicial "canes" onto the backs of bad little girls and boys. 

It's probably a publicity stunt. But whether it is or not, San Nicolas, a businessman, and apparently a good one, is getting lots of "earned media" for said "stunt," and probably ho-ho-ho-ing all the way to his office and re-election.

However, Guam's Saint Nick and his red-nosed foray into Singaporean justice is not the subject of this post. 

Mr. Klitzkie's discussion of Singapore prior to his addressing the proposed caning bill reminded me of a column I wrote for the Umatuna, the newspaper for the Archdiocese of Agana, in 2012, wherein I wrote about Singapore's terrible problem - a problem that is creeping up on Guam as our current Governor continues to champion the destruction of Guam's native population by destroying Chamorro babies.

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