Thursday, November 2, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Again, taking a little detour from the usual JW stuff and sharing here a thing I left on my Facebook page .

"Looking back, I think we were a bit naive. At the beginning, I don't think anybody had any idea how difficult or complicated it would be. We somehow went into it thinking we could do it. And then we've stumbled along just taking each day at a time." - Peter Jackson 

I believe that this is how all big things are accomplished: stumble along taking each day at a time. The thing is to start and figure it out from there. 

This is contrary to the advice of most pop "self-help" gurus who market their goal-setting and plan-prepping in so many books and seminars. 

Of course, most of those guys really never did anything other than write books and do seminars. Real doers are people like Peter Jackson. They start with a vision and stumble along from there. 

This is similar to Donald Trump's business strategy as he sets out in his book "The Art of the Deal." Trump said he doesn't use a planner. He prefers to show up at the office, sit at a bare desk, and see what happens. 

I like that. And I do that. The trick though is to have and maintain the vision: to "feel the burn!"  😀

Anyway, as we all know - that troublesome saying: "Life happens while we're making other plans." So might as well see what "Life" has in mind. 


Link to the FB post with the full article about Peter Jackson

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