1. NCW members are being had. After the initial8 weeks of catechesis they are invited to a weekend away. Here they are introduced to the NCW Eucharist and told that this is the mass of the catechumens and has the approval of the Vatican. Then they are told that at the end of the Way when they are fully formed adult Christians they will revert to the parish and the Mass. After many years most members will have forgotten all this and all communities that finish the Way carry on with the NCW Eucharist although now in their white shrouds and the milk and honey of the kingdom. After 20+ years of formation(?) it is difficult for members to be intellectually honest or morally sensitive enough to reallise or object and walk away.

  2. have you ever considered that the NCW was expecting the PP to be in the way by the time the community finished the way (say after 20 years). Then the NCW eucharist would have been the normal parish mass? The PP would have become a member of a community and under obedience to the community responsible. Thus the loyalty of the PP to his bishop would have been put into tension and the NCW effectively infiltrated and taken control of the parish!! When will the hierarchy wake up?? The NCW believes that the charisms now lie with the laity and as Joshua led the chosen people across the Jordan so the NCW leader will lead the elect in to the promised land and will instruct the Levites (clergy) to carry the Ark before them.


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