Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Your zeal for the Pope whom you thought was going to take us all back to the Rite and Era which you prefer and have passion for, Pre Vatican II. Your hopes were cut short when he became Pope Emeritus. Now that we have Francis as our Pope and you see his Jesuit Style in Pastoral Care, in shepherding our flock, you feel it necessary to go ahead and incardinate yourself as church hierarchy. Youve done a good job at it because you now have faithful followers who consider every notion that you have as truth. You fail to correct them, then causing more conflict because it raises an argument that could have been avoided. You want truth but yet you yourself have failed at this and continue to push forward nonsense. Its time that you understand that the way in which you want to receive the information, documents etc. is not going to happen. You are creating a paper trail that only serves as evidence of your lack to confront the problem upfront. You want something from the Archbishop then go and see him. You know where he lives, eats and celebrates. Joy!

You presume to know about me. You don't . You do what all my opponents do: try to cast me in a mold of your own making because you cannot engage my arguments. I don't want to receive any documents. There aren't any. Are there? And it's "my problem"? Sorry this was a problem a decade before I ever said anything about it, wasn't it? But thank you for the opportunity. I will use your comment as a reason to release the rest of the Archbishop's KOLG interview so people can hear the whole thing for themselves and what the Archbishop thinks of the people of Guam. I will also reveal who was at the meeting after that interview where a lie was concocted to cover for what the Archbishop did as well as what that lie was. I was waiting for this. You haven't learned. It is comments like yours that have driven this blog. By the way. You want me to shut up? Come and see me. Be a man. You know where I live, eat and celebrate. Joy!

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