Saturday, August 9, 2014


Dear Doctor Eusebio, 

You write: “Oust the archbishop? Is this the same man who was lauded for leading the fight against gambling, abortion and same-sex marriage?” 

No, Doctor, it is not the same man. The man before us now is a demonstrable liar, or at least willing to lie at someone’s behest.

You write: “I have never seen the catechists or the archbishop carry a gun and threaten anyone to join.”

No, Doctor, the Archbishop doesn’t need “a gun”, he simply threatens priests with “arduous and painful” closures to their assignments and banishment from their families, friends, parishes, and homes.

On March 28, 2008, Archbishop Apuron threatened three beloved Filipino priests to either serve the Neocatechumenal Way or GET OUT! 

To one priest he wrote: “If you decide you will not serve, I will have to let you know now, that your time in this Archdiocese will be for only one year from the above date.”

To the two others he wrote: “If you do not agree to the above, then you are free to begin to look around for a benevolent bishop to accept you into his arch/diocese.”

You can read those letters here. The names of the priests were redacted to save them from even more pain that people like you and the Archbishop seem determined to inflict on men who love their Lord, their Church, their priesthood, and their people.

Lastly, you write: “What is the agenda behind these coordinated efforts to tarnish his name, reputation and office?”

We wish we knew. Who is putting the Archbishop up to taking all these amazingly stupid missteps? You were aiming at me with that question. How pathetic. 
  • Was it I who went to the press with false allegations against Msgr. James? 
  • Was it I who locked Fr. Paul out of his office and publicly kicked him into the street? 
  • Was it I who tried to illegally alienate the seminary property and then illegally fired the members of the finance council who opposed him? (See letter from Archbishop Balvo.)
  • Was it I who lied to Aaron Quitugua about why he could not go to a real diocesan seminary? 
  • Was it I who slandered and maligned Fr. Paul in Tagaytay in front of 30 members of the clergy and is now slandering another priest in the same way?  
  • Was it I who incardinated John Wadeson and then hid his history, and as we are now learning, hid him as well after that history became known? 
And you call me the enemy? 

Doctor, do you really want to put your professional integrity on the line like this? Apparently so. 


  1. Wonderful, Tim!
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  2. I can't speak for gambling or same sex marriage, but I can tell you for certain that Archbishop Apuron has done ZERO to fight abortion on Guam. That 4 or 5 really important pro-life laws have been enacted in the recent years is largely due to the efforts of Tim Rohr and the people that he has inspired, including his own children, who, by the way, are VERY active in fighting abortion on Guam and trying to restore to the island the Catholic values which were lost in the course of the last 25 years.

  3. Dr. Eusebius is now a neocrats? I see... Having issues and the way led you to their neoway

  4. I am so disgusted that Dr Eusebio and the Neo movement open their public letter with a story about a priest and a prostitute. He could of used any story and chose that. How disrespectful then again they don't recognize priests that says it all

    1. That is an excellent point. Please make that comment to him on the online PDN

    2. That's how their minds work....all the marriages in shambles, and suicidal..and don't forget hate their fathers. And Eusebios make thier story very well known, UNFORTUNATELY. All due to the fact that the beloved communities are made up of people not bound to seal of confession.

    3. Did Jesus not show compassion for even prostitutes? If you only drew from the story that it is wrong to put priests and prostitutes together in the same sentence, then you are missing the bigger picture. Also, don't forget that their presbyters are priests as well, that still serve regular mass in your parishes, that still serve you and and our fellow Catholic islanders. So, I don't think it's so disrespectful. It's not like he said a "non-neo priest" and a prostitute were out back. No, he said priest. It was a generalization.
      As for not being "bound to the seal of confession," if they want to air their stuff out in hopes that it inspires someone that may be experiencing the same problem at that point in time, what's the problem with that? It's their story. And how is that "unfortunate?" Don't you think that if it helps one person, just one person to go back to God or reconcile their marriage or go back to Mother Church, not necessarily through the neo, it would be fortunate that those people were able to help someone?

    4. Jesus, and the real priests that I know, would not have handed a prostitute money and then left her in the alley, as Eusebio's story appears to imply.

      As for the presbyters and priest who "still serve regular mass in your parishes." I see, so there's a pretty stark admission that your mass is different than ours...which is only "regular". Yet, your statute requires that the "liturgical books are to be followed" except for three very small exception. See Art. 13.

      As Pope Francis recently ordered Kiko: "follow your charter".

    5. He never said the priest left her in the alley. "In a dark alley behind the Church, a priest is seen giving a known prostitute money. Is this a picture of a priest giving a prostitute money for services rendered, or a priest helping a poor soul get by this month to feed her starving child?" There is no mention of abandoning her.
      As far as the "regular" comment. It isn't a "stark admission" of anything nor is it meant to say one is "regular unleaded" and one is "super unleaded." No, it was only meant in the context of "what we are used to as normal." It was a poor choice of words that happens to people from time to time. I could have used "traditional" or "non-neo" mass instead. My apologies to my fellow Catholics if anyone was offended.

    6. Why is there a "neo mass"?

    7. I am not sure what you are referring to or where you are going with that question. We both know that there is the "traditional" mass and what The Way refers to as Celebration of the Eucharist.
      If you are trying to rope me in and ask why there has to be a separate "mass" for "Neos" and begin to go into how it violates Mother Church's directives. You got me. I won't touch that with a ten-foot pole. That's for you, Kiko, the Vatican and the Pope to discuss.

    8. My point is that the "language of division", which is what we are accused of using, is actually the language of the Neocatechumenal Way. The NCW has the exact same Mass as the rest of the church with the 3 exceptions noted. The fact that it is experienced differently enough to refer to it differently is an indication that Mass as celebrated in the Neo-communities differs far beyond the exceptions given it in the Statute.

    9. I will give that to you. Some of the terminology is just something we learn (as we have our own words for certain things much like any group does) from the very beginning and use so much daily (That for those who have no knowledge of Catholicism because they spent their life as a weekend warrior in the Church or are seasoned Catholics that have been walking for a long period of time) they don't even realize what they are saying. It's just second nature. Kind of like a cop or a military member. They have their own jargon and when they go back to civilian life, they sound weird because they use a totally different word for the same concept.
      I will be honest when I say that I grew up as one of those weekend warriors that did my once-a-week visit to church and that was it. I have absolutely zero knowledge of the technical aspects of the Church, why we do the things we do in a traditional mass and it is something that I am slowly learning along the way. For that, I am guilty. I didn't know much about the Church when I entered The Way and so I am used to talking a certain way because this is where I started to become more serious.

    10. Then I would encourage you to get serious beyond the Way. I knew nothing about my faith either a few years ago. But I got tired of not knowing about it and picked up a Catechism of the Catholic Church.

      Fundamentally, Kiko Arguello believes and teaches something entirely different than what the Catholic Church teaches, particularly in the matter of the Eucharist, which is why he REFUSED to change the manner in which communion is distributed when first ordered to in 2005 and again in 2008 when his way of distributing communion was NOT authorized by the statutes.

      He refuses to allow what Rome calls for because he believes something very different about the Eucharist. This is also why there is the language of division. It is not simply jargon, though that is how most members may think of it. The language is rooted in Kiko's "church", his own concocted Catechesis. He is able to impart this easily because, as you testify, most do not know their faith and thus believe Kiko is teaching it.

      How would you know if what he teaches is true or not if you have nothing to compare it too. This is why Archbishop Apuron is gravely culpable. By giving it his approval and even being a member he is saying to tall that this is authentically Catholic. It is not.

    11. You're right in that I don't. Call me brainwashed if you will, but I believe that since this is the way that God revealed Himself to me, then I have to have the faith that God will not steer me in the wrong direction and so far, he hasn't. It is only when I have decided to take matters into my own hands, used my own judgment and without praying to God for discernment that I made my own life miserable.
      I ask this with all sincerity, have you made efforts to contact Kiko and discuss this with him? If so, has he responded? I'm not trying to be a smart-alek, I am really asking. I want this all to go away, much like you. Not The Way, mind you, but the issues you have a difference with so that we may all continue our paths towards conversion and Him.

    12. I won't call you brainwashed...yet. But how would you even know that it is God who is leading you? Many have thought so. Satan comes as an angel of light, not darkness. Our only surety is the magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church. Have you read the Catechism? The real one?

      There is no need to contact Kiko. Kiko doesn't even listen to the pope. Recently Pope Francis told Kiko to stay faithful to his charter, meaning the Statute of the NCW. He does not and he will not. What I have done is confront regular members like you and asked you to compare what you do and see at your Eucharists with what your charter, your statute actually permits.

      This is no small matter. The Eucharist is the center of our faith and is the fundamental "Sacrament of Unity." Departure from that which is strictly defined in the manner of its celebration is a fundamental break with the Church at the deepest level.

      Sadly, not only is it your neo leadership which shows disregard for the church's "sacrament of unity", many priests have made it their personal plaything. The neo's have only taken it to the next level.

      I don't need to contact Kiko because I can contact you. Read your statute and compare it to what you see. Then challenge yourself. The next time you receive the consecrated bread, consume it immediately as you are supposed to. The next time "father" does NOT receive his communion before he distributes it, challenge him to show you where that behavior is permitted, and NOT just tell you that it is. The church does not teach us through private messages and secrets.

    13. By the way, I have contacted major figures in the NCW including Fr. Neil O'Donoghue, and posed these same questions to them. Answer: NONE.

  5. It sounds like under neo doctrine it's okay to slander and defame, harbor sex offenders while alienating young men interested in priesthood, lie to the media, as long as you are anti abortion and anti gambling. Why will no one defend Apuron's current actions? Not even the Neo's. They defend him reminding us of the distant past non-neo past.

    1. "Alienating young men interested in priesthood." If the Bishop leaves and the neos leave and the seminary is torn down or whatever, this will restore a call to vocations of our island's young men? So far, that seminary has produced a bunch of priests. And if you're one of the many that takes offense that they are all foreigners, well then, there's at least one local, Father Luis. There are also several other local boys that are in the seminary forming as I write this that will one day, God willing, become full-fledged priests to serve our island.

    2. This is a two-way street when it comes to "slander and defam[ation]." Both sides have said a lot of stuff. Who's to say that everything coming from the neo's side is absolutely true and who's to say that everything said on this side of the street is absolutely true? Nobody. You guys have been slinging a lot of mud just as well.

    3. 1:15. Everything. EVERYTHING! Everything I have said is demonstrably, verifiably, and absolutely true. That's why the chancery is running for cover. They never dreamed I'd have what I have.

    4. At 12:31. The seminary CANNOT produce priests for this diocese. It is constituted in its Articles of Incorporation to ONLY produce priests formed in the Neocatechumenal Way, which by definition, is opposed to parish life.

    5. Yet somehow, they are still performing services for the flock throughout the parishes. Aren't they? Aren't they serving the traditional mass for our islanders? They do the work they are supposed to do for their parishioners FIRST and then when they are all done and nice and tired at the end of the day, they celebrate with their communities. They aren't neglecting their duties or their flock.

    6. Yes, "their " communities. By this, I mean that some have been catechized with a particular community or asked to "walk" with a community that may not have a priest of their own. Not all communities have their own priest though and sometimes these priests have previous obligations to the parish that preclude them from a Celebration and if possible another priest will help out. If not, then they will combine communities. Sometimes, one community will celebrate alone and other times, they will celebrate with two or three other communities to make due with however many priests are available. It all depends. There are just too many communities to have their own priest. They are doing their best to tend to All of the island's Catholics. There are often times they are exhausted. I don't know if they all do, but there are those that say mass first thing in the morning and do whatever their duties are, tend to whatever obligations they may have, say evening masses and then tend to the communities. There was even a time when I asked a priest if I could treat him to a movie and he was simply too tired from the day's events and needed rest to say morning mass the next day. They are trying. They really are. These are young priests that are trying to work for everyone.

    7. Again, my point is "the language of division" that is natural to the NCW. A pastor has only one community, his parish. While he may preside at the celebration of the Eucharist for the individual communities as allowed for by the Statute, he, like the bishop, is NOT to be "in it" or belong to it, he is to be over it.

      But we know that this is not the case. And in fact, we know that a neo-priest's membership in his community comes first before the parish. We also know, courtesy of a seminary professor, that the NCW views the parish as a model that is passing and will be replaced by the small community.

      The parish is just something neo-priests put up with as a necessary step to a full implementation of Kiko's revolution. I am sure that you do not know this. Most don't. Nor do most suspect. This is why there is an all out attempt by the Kiko's to shut me up.

    8. Whether you believe me or not, I can tell you that priests that are in a community sometimes put their parish or other responsibilities before us as well. Not every celebration is said by the same priest from times to time because of a conflict of their schedule or another obligation has arisen. The Diocese and her parishes comes before our communities, too.
      Many times, another priest has to preside in his place because of these obligations. Sometimes, we have to wait for 30 minutes or so because a priest has to go from saying traditional mass and then haul but across the island to preside over our Celebrations, which in turn makes us wait and we end up staying late.
      As for Kiko's revolution and full implementation, even if every priest on island was a member of The Way, I don't think it is possible to take over an entire island with such a deep-rooted love for the traditional parish model and mass, let alone a metropolitan city or a state or a country. There will always be those that don't want things forced upon them and as long as a there is a Vatican for the masses to go to, I am sure that they will prevent it if the people don't want it, much like anti-Way/anti-Bishop Apuron supporters are trying to do now.

    9. So why is a priest, a pastor of a parish, having to "haul butt" across the island to be with your community? Why not have your community celebrate at Mass with the rest of us? Is there something wrong with the Mass the rest of the church celebrates?

      In fact, your statute DOES NOT permit you to celebrate "your Mass" outside the church. It allows for a celebration within the "small community" but NOT outside a consecrated space. Yet you do it regularly. I'm sure you don't know this simply because most members of the Way have not bothered to study their own statute, which is the ONLY THING that gives the Way its authentic membership in the Catholic Church.

      This is NOT an argument between the "traditional' and the "neo". This is an argument between those who understand and know what the Catholic Church authentically and magisterially teaches and those who would impose a fundamentally different church upon it.

      This is nothing new. The church, the true one, has always fought against error, especially when it arises from within. The error in the Way is rooted in Kiko and Carmen's fundamentally different understanding of the Eucharist, which is exactly why they have insisted that you celebrate separately. So that you do not become contaminated with Roman liturgy which they believe to be not just wrong, but apostate.

    10. No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional mass. In some parishes they are really beautiful and parishioners really put their all into making it as great as can be. However, we celebrate mass in our own way and it's a way that some enjoy and it really breaks through to them in a way that maybe a the traditional mass doesn't. The Celebration of the Eucharist is open to all as I am sure you already know and before you point out that signs point otherwise, I will admit that there was an issue with how the Celebration times were not listed in parish schedules or leaflets, etc. I know of at least one parish/group of communities that has made steps to rectify that and have published the time so others may join in if they wish. I only know of the one, but there could be more, or there could only be the one. I honestly don't know, but I am sure it is something that will be rectified throughout the parishes in time as the issue has come up several times in the past few weeks.
      In terms of the statutes, you've got me once again because I don't know and yes, I know, I should go beyond The Way and learn more about the Church, but what I can tell you is that (even if it may fly in the face of what is prescribed, as you are trying to make clear) no matter where the Celebration is held, it is beautiful. Beautiful rugs, beautiful flowers, beautiful decorations, beautiful music with either direct quotes from scripture or paraphrased quotes from scripture (Most likely so it will work because of translation issues or technical issues in terms of writing music to accompany the words, I am sure), people dress their best (if they wish, not everyone follows this suggestion and no, they won't be kicked out if they are in jeans), etc. much like we do in traditional mass or vigils in the parishes.
      We know that God is not cheap with us therefore, we do our best to not be cheap with Him, even if it is in a hotel, and those celebrations are held outside at a minimum. Only in an event like a step, a beginning of the year convivence or the Easter vigil where there are dozens upon dozens, if not a hundred or more catechumens are gathered, are those Celebrations held outside of the small confines of a community on the premises of a parish. And those are the rare events of the year and I am sure that it is for logistical purposes or some other issue and they probably have to seek permission before they do.
      Even if you feel it is wrong, I assure you, we try to make it as beautify as possible. And when you spend an entire day with your community, with your brothers and sisters preparing a ballroom in order to make sure that it may be worthy of Christ and to get ready to spend the entire night at an Easter vigil waiting for Him or even a convivence it is equally beautiful.

    11. 3:44AM. Great. Tell us the time and the location for your community celebration of the Eucharist.

    12. @3:44 I don't think that the Church ever requires anything to be beautiful as authentication. In fact, there are specific instructions in the GIRM that omits music in some prayer, regardless of its beauty. Why? Because God is not looking for beauty in which our limited senses deem, but rather beauty in worship that is correctly converged and conveyed. Who determines that? The Holy Spirit through the authority of the Church does. And that is why, no matter how beautiful someone deems their service, it is still required to be celebrated in accordance with the liturgy laid out by the Church. Variations are not permitted unless noted, as in your NCW statutes, and it should be noted that they ARE variances whether approved or not.
      Importantly, it must be pointed out that the NCW statues did not create a new liturgy, so comparison to the Traditional Latin Mass celebrated at the Friary is an incorrect analogy. The NCW celebration is an exception. This perhaps is what makes non-neo Catholics uncomfortable with your services. Exception has become the norm which goes against the notion of communion in our One Church.
      Exception is the limited mass that occurs at weekend retreats, at the limited mass that is performed in the field during wartime, at the limited mass in the hospital for those immobile and confined. A NCW service has strayed from the notion of exception to the norm as it has become as regular as the weekend comes. Your itinerary should have a conclusion to these exceptions and return you to regular parish worship, and it has not! This is why some to most of us see the NCW as a split or separation to parish life. No matter how many neo cut the grass on church grounds, no matter how many neo are lectors, no matter how many help decorate during holidays, the NCW still have a deliberate action that is detached from parish life, one that is most important; the celebration of the Eucharist as a parish.

    13. Anon at 3:44am. Nowhere in your impassioned defense of the NCW "Eucharist" is there a hint of the understanding that what is going on is primarily an act of God - not the community. The true beauty of the Mass is the Holy Sacrifice that is offered. In fact, that is the only sufficient reason to attend Mass. While it is proper to make every effort to "beautify" the actions of the Mass, if you muck around with the sacrifice, it only ends up ugly.

      This is heart of the problem with the NCW celebration of the Eucharist. Something different is intended. The 'sacrifice' is minimized or at least diminished; and through aesthetics and actions (also evident in your own words) the NCW proclaims that the Mass is an act of the community, not of God himself.

      You will find, should you look, that Kiko and Carmen teach that it is from the "assembly" that the Eucharist springs. This is just plain heresy - coming from a misunderstanding which also conflates the "Sacrifice of the Mass" with "Holy Communion". This is also why the "Real Presence" is confused with presence of Our Lord in the community (*assembly) and in the proclamation of the Gospels. We who have had the good fortune to have discovered (or been taught) this, look on the activities of the NCW with horror.

    14. Tim, and for all islanders, the Celebration of the Eucharist is held every Saturday at 7:30pm (They usually run late though. Umbre, you know, Chamorro time.) at whatever Parish you may find The Way, i.e. Cathedral, Barrigada, Tamuning, Yigo, etc. You are all most welcome to come and experience it for yourself.

    15. Mine is at the Cathedral. Sometimes in the small chapel and sometimes in the conference room adjacent to the main body of the Cathedral. Location is dictated by logistics sometimes.

  6. Here's my response to Dr. Ric Eusebio, for what it's worth:
    Dr. Ric Eusebio,

    I found your op ed piece today to be sugar coated warm pap and several of your assertions to be quite disingenuous. Let's go over a few:

    “I have never seen the catechists or the archbishop carry a gun and threaten anyone to join.”

    Nobody said anything about guns, Dr. Eusebio. The psychological leveraging found in “the Way” only needs verbally intimidating catechists and perhaps a few flashes of temper. Members of “the Way” know that they will not progress to the next stage of “the Way” without the concurrence of the catechists assigned to their community. They want very badly to pass the scrutiny, so why on earth would they want to do or say anything to anger their catechists?

    “I have never seen them take so much as a dime of our people's money for themselves.”

    Well, I have rock-solid proof that a significant portion of the money and valuables collected during the second scrutiny goes directly to the Archbishop. Kiko says so, and I believe him. In fact, Kiko calls this “the loot of demons”. Now, I’m willing to give the Archbishop the benefit of doubt and assume that this money - in once certain instance it involved tens of thousands of dollars - is used to further the Gospel. But transparency (didn’t you use that word?) is needed. How much has the Archbishop accrued in this manner over the years and what has he done with it?

    “I have never heard or seen a grand design to insert all Catholics in Guam in the Way or a plan to "take over" all parishes in Guam.”

    Ask the priest that are not in “the Way”. They live in a climate of fear and reprisal and they made that fact known to our Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Krebs when he was here.

    “Serving his flock faithfully as he was chosen by the Vatican, now suddenly he is evil?”

    I for one, have never criticized the Holy Father’s choice of Anthony Sablan Apuron to lead the See of Agana, but I am extremely critical of Anthony Sablan Apuron’s choices since he assumed that See.

    “Despite his efforts to be transparent, the facts he presents seem to be taken out of context and interpreted in a "colored" malicious manner.”
    Dr. Eusebio, I find it curious that you made no mention of the whole John Howard Wadeson fiasco of the last few weeks. Is this your idea of transparency??

    Chuck White

    1. Dr. Eusebio's comments are quite thoughtful and quite sincere in his new beliefs and trust in the Neo-Ways. Of course, he and his fellow supporters for the Neos has the same rights to worship God in own "ways"; BUT, do they have right to "push other worshipers"? Let's take for example: (1) The Canada Chapel in lower Barrigada - A parishioner wants to have a "rosary" conducted and later a funeral for one of their family members. This particular family"lives" practically NEXT to the Chapel, and of course, they desire to have the traditional nine(9) nites of Rosary at the Chapel. The "neo-priest" absolutely denied the family from conducting the Rosary at the Chapel, since the Chapel has been "reserved" nightlyt exclusively for the Neos to worship/or meet. Thus, the family were forced to"erect a Tent- a few feet away from the Chapel and have their family rosary. (2) San Vicente Barrigada Church 's basement has been used whenever their is a"funeral viewing at the upper Church" for viewers to partake food and other refreshments. NOW, the Neos "took over the Basement" for their own nightly Neo mass- and again requires the temporary construction of a Tent for any other Church activities.
      IF there is indeed a "separate Neo mass different from the traditional Catholic Mass", why don't the Neos "construct their own Church facilities" rather than essentially "push and assumed current facilities at the expense of non-neo utilization?
      One should always remember that to DATE, Neos has "no church facilities of their own,and to prevent parishioners who are responsible for the initial construction of the Church facilities and go deny them or limit their usage begs the question of "who is trespacing"?

    2. It's all about the church take over. It must begin with the takeover of the Mother Church, the Agana Cathedral Basilica. From there they filter out by demoting all non neo priest and replacing them with the newly ordained priests from RMS!

    3. In response to the Canada Chapel and the San Vicente/San Roke basement and spaces, based on what I have learned and what you had pointed out, the spaces have to be "reserved." If it is reserved, then whoever made the request has the right to that space or the chapel. The spaces used, such as the basement and the chapel or the upstairs chapel and balcony areas are where the communities hold their Celebrations. It takes time to set up all of those chairs, to clean the floors, lay out the rugs, set up the altar and the flowers, sound equipment, etc. Community members will go to these spaces hours in advance to prepare for mass. If someone decides they want or need the space at the last moment without having given ample time's notice and reserved the space in the first place, then it forces others who have previously been there to have to pack up all of their stuff and scramble to set up all over again.
      Now, if the space or the chapel has been claimed by a person in advance, then those people get the space and the communities adjust to it because they have advance notice and move to the very hot balcony or cram in the chapel behind the altar, etc. If the chapel is being used they cram as many people as possible in the basement. If the basement is being used, then they send them to the Canada Chapel and the balcony or what have you. It has most definitely happened before. Parishioners have most definitely used these spaces and the communities have had to make due when those reservations have arisen.
      As for creating "their own church facilities;" Despite the "language of division," we are still Catholics, we still belong to Mother CHurch and we still belong to the parish as well.

  7. Wait, wait, I can't hear you...some doctor is screaming at a nurse at the nursing desk in med-surg. Okay, he's done now. What was I saying? Now I forgot. Oh well.

    1. Haha, I was going to mention this screaming, but thought Tim May not clear it. If everyone has heard this they would probably read with caution. Just plain nutso in surgery. Hey, you walkers, does your catechist scream at you? If he does, you deserve it for staying around.

  8. Dr. Eusebio, did you give a copy of this to Archbishop? Saggee,saggee, cashee,cashee, lunchee,lunchee, lexee,lexee ai...leche,leche!

  9. Tim, you probably listed the info, but Ric E mentioned he is on RMS board of Directores. Who else is on this so called board?

    1. The 2002 copy of the RMS Articles of Incorporation show the following names listed under Board of Directors:
      Fr. Ramond LaBranche
      Fr. Pius Sammut
      Shawn Leon-Guerrero
      Edward Untalan
      Ricardo Eusebio, M.D.

      Guam law requires all corporations, profit or not, to file an annual corporate report showing the current board of directors. There is no record in the file at Rev & Tax of any annual report being filed. So we do not know who is on the current board for sure.

      Article IV of the By Laws states who appoints the members of the board: “The board shall be appointed by the Archbishop of Agana among those persons chosen by the Archbishop and, in what concerns the Neocatechumenal Way, from those indicated by the team responsible of the aforementioned Neocatechumenal Way for the U.S.”

      It appears that the Archbishop controls the board, but the key phrase is “in what concerns the Neocatechumenal Way”. Article III of the Articles of Incorporation state that the there is no other function of the seminary than “what concerns the Neocatechumenal Way: “The purpose of the Corporation shall be to establish and conduct a House of formation to prepare men for the priesthood for the new evangelization following the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way.”

      Thus, according to Article IV of the By Laws, it is the “team responsible” for the Neocatechumenal Way in the U.S. who appoints the board. And who is that team? Giuseppe and Claudia Gennarini from New Jersey and whose immediate superior is Kiko Arguello.

      So while RMS is a “corporation sole” with the Archbishop as its sole member, when you dig, you see clever language that has given all the power and control, even control over who enters the seminary and who becomes a priest, directly to Kiko via the Gennarini’s.

      This is why we OPPOSE the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam. We do not oppose your experience of it, your fixed marriages, your getting off drugs, your change of life, etc. We oppose the underlying takeover of this archdiocese and the complete control of its archbishop by its international leadership for which all the “good” of the Neocatechumenal Way is just a useful facade.