Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DEAR VISITORS... case you are wondering where I get all my information. 

Archbishop Apuron wants you to think that Msgr. James is behind this blog. He wants you to think that Msgr. James is behind everything. He wants you to think that because there is no one on this island who he fears more. 

He fears Msgr. James for one reason:


..and Archbishop Apuron cannot stand anyone being liked more than himself. 

So he must destroy Msgr. James. He must destroy anyone who people like more than him, which is why he also has tried to destroy Fr. Paul. 

But let me tell you where I get my documents and intel. I purposely keep the clergy at a distance simply because I know they would be the first Apuron would suspect. 

So where do I get it all? Well, let me tell you.

For 30 years Archbishop Apuron has made TONS OF ENEMIES. He has hurt people over and over and over again. They have prayed and written and begged for Rome to do something. For in the Catholic Church there is no recourse beyond an abusive bishop but you.

Because Rome was silent, my blog became the only door to the outside world. The only window of hope for a persecuted and suffering people on the island Rome forgot. 

It is these people, from everywhere, from all over the world, who have sent me documents, inside information, anything, everything, in the hopes that somehow it might all add up into a big enough mountain of trash that Rome would finally see it if we set it on fire. 

We lay people are cursed and told that it's not our business, that you are here on clergy business. We are told to shut up and sit down, that we don't know what we are talking about. 

Well we know that you wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for us, it it wasn't for our letters, our noise, our steady drum beat of disgust.

We are thankful that you are here. We know you have a job to do. But just know that there is a volcano beneath this island, and it is about to explode because for decades Rome fiddled while Agana burned. 

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