Friday, January 23, 2015


We have referred and linked to this expose several time on this blog but it's been awhile since we've drawn your attention to it and we would again like to do so.

The expose is titled: 

The PsychologicaI  Mechanisms of Mental Conditioning  Inside the Neocatechumenate Community and bears the copyright: Copyright (c) 2000 Fundacja Antyk. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone. 

Thus the author appears to be Polish. He is also a former member of the Neocatechumenal Way and speaks from knowing the NCW from the inside. The link to the original post is here: 

We have also made the text available as PDF document which can be downloaded here:

or read it online below:


  1. Thanks, Tim. Your readers may find some more discussion about this psychological conditioning or leveraging in these posts. I discuss the the First Scrutiny's "hotseating" here and the "idols" here.

    Of course, their Second Scrutiny really takes the cake. We'll get to that soon...

  2. Sounds like mind control. They use the body and the senses as a guide. The priest represents the head, the rostrum represents the stomach, the members are the limbs, etc. The senses also come into play.

    After reading this dissertation, it seems that one is placed in a hypnotic stage. SCARY


  3. Thanks chuck for posting this piece on mental conditioning. Readers need to be aware of this. Pius has been playing psychological games with people for years. Slowly truth is revealed just how evil all this is.

  4. I thank God for the Holy Spirit that made me see that this was not of God but of man. I was a member of the first community when they first invaded the island. I immediately discerned that this sect was pure evil and left. God is good!

  5. I have been reading The Pope’s Armada by Gordon Urquhart. He writes about the mental conditioning in several of the new movements within the church. Interesting. He also has a very informative two hour interview on the web.

    The Internet is now removing some of the secrecy of these movements. I only wish we the world spoke one language. Google translate is better than nothing but there is so much info out there that is hard for the average monoglot to translate.


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