Thursday, January 22, 2015


So we can now piece things together. We were suspicious of everything from the beginning. 
  • AAA's unannounced visit to the pope on Nov. 21. 
  • The "surprise" announcement that we would be paid a visit from Rome only three weeks later. The chancery's "very happy" framing of the visit. 
  • The surprise AAA was obviously not expecting when he went to greet the visitors and met three of our own government officials already there awaiting the visitors as well. 
  • The absolute stacking of pro-Neo or pro-Apuron people for all the appointment slots (which is why they wanted to keep the schedule from us and why AAA went nuts when he found out that we had a copy of the schedule - blaming everyone from people inside the chancery to the visitors themselves.)

It was set up. And now we can easily see that the visit was prompted not so much by our long stream of complaints about AAA to Rome, but by AAA's direct complaint to the pope that he was being "persecuted". 
  • The Holy Father immediately ordered the investigation. 
  • AAA thinks he's won so he announces the visit as if it is a triumph.
  • He stacks the appointments so that all of his friends can testify to how the poor archbishop is being "persecuted". 
  • He has the U Matuna tuned and ready to go with the seminary story, obviously believing that the visitors were going to believe his version. 
  • We also know that he and his people (especially a certain nun) came with both barrels blazing against Msgr. James. The reason is because they believed (and still do) that Msgr. James is behind all the "persecution" and that if they could discredit Msgr. James to the visitors, AAA would be exonerated and the rebellion would be put down. 
Everything was going as planned, but they had not accounted for the work of secret agents, one of whom was the Holy Spirit. 
  • The visitors began making their own calls and booking their own appointments. 
  • I was one of them. That wasn't supposed to happen. 
  • Also, once the knowledge about on particular unscheduled appointment became known, AAA knew he was in trouble and immediately informed Kiko's forces in Rome. 
  • He knew that the battle would have to be fought there. 
  • He had already lost it here. 
  • This accounts for his frenzied attempt to get to the pope in Manila. 
  • He did not succeed.
Our agents were there too. And right in the belly of the beast. 

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