Friday, January 23, 2015


This was copied and sent to me. It appears to be Zoltan's comment on Sue's blog (aka Diana).
Zoltan December 29, 2014 at 2:18 PM 
Let's have a look at the objectives of Concerned Catholics about the Neocatechumenal Way: 
"Review the practices of the NeoCatechumenal Way to determine if they are in compliance with their statutes and the precepts of the Roman Catholic Church."
This single objective reveals ill will rather than good will at the bottom of the intention of Concerned Catholics. This group has never been assigned or trusted with the task of determination that solely belongs to official Church bodies. Therefore this objective of Concerned Catholics is an obvious attempt to usurp the authority of the Catholic Church. 
Also, this objective is an interference with the faith life of members of the Neocatechumenal Way and thus is considered unfriendly. If Concerned Catholics truly want to have a dialogue with the Way, then they'd do better to distance themselves from the savage attitude of the JungleWatch blog and refrain from interfering with the Way's faith life.
Zoltan is right. Neither the CCOG or any other organization or person is officially authorized by the Church to police the Neocatechumenal Way. And had the neocats stayed in their communities and out of our Masses and our children's catechetical instruction, they might still be very well left alone.

But this is not the case. By inserting themselves into the parish Mass, as they did this last Sunday in several parishes, they have:
  • publicly violated the liturgical norms that were put in place to protect worshipping congregations from the whims of pastors;
  • violated our rights to worship as required and prescribed by the Church;
  • violated our sensibilities and our consciences with personal histories most of which should be confined to the confessional;
  • violated our families by exposing our children to their personal PG-13, if not R-rated garbage; and most egregiously, 
  • violated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the source and summit of our faith.
Also, in many parishes, they have inserted their skewed theology and liturgical practices into our children's catechetical instruction, violating our rights as parents and the trust we normally accord our parishes in providing for their instruction.

In doing the above and in the absence of a bishop who is the normal guardian of the liturgy and the catechetical instruction in a diocese, both the bishop and the neocats (which are one and the same in this case) have LICENSED the rest of us, in the name of our rights as Catholics and especially our rights as parents, to scrutinize the Neocatehumenal Way at will, and so we are. 

Whereas once we looked the other way when they routinely violated their own Statute relative to liturgical norms, we now must publicly condemn and criticize their beliefs and practices because they consistently desecrate our sacred celebrations and bastardize the instruction of our children in their efforts to recruit and instruct us in their errant ways. 

AND they do this with the approval of a bishop who personally violates and bastardizes us in all the same ways. 

Thus the CCOG and the rest of us stand publicly against this bishop and the leadership of Neocatechumenal Way since they shows no respect for our sacred rites, our families, or the legitimate authority of the Church. 

I made all of the above DOCUMENTABLE and PERFECTLY CLEAR to the Roman delegation when they questioned the reason for my criticism of this bishop and the Neocatechumenal Way. I will repeat my answer to them here:
"I am the father of eleven children and I am trying to get their souls into heaven. And I am having to fight against my own bishop to do it."
They understood. 

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