Friday, February 27, 2015


Note: Today, February 27, at 10:47am, I received a message from someone who I trust advising that the outstanding balance for the former FD student was "recently paid." (See posts here and here.)

I once again want to reiterate that the balance did not go unpaid due to any negligence on the part of school. In fact, the fact that it was eventually paid, albeit "recently", shows the diligence of the school and it's commitment to justice for all who attend FD. 

The whole episode simply shows the privileged status the neocatechumenal way enjoys in this diocese at our expense. And it will continue to enjoy that status so long as the majority of the people are willing to let it. 

What can you do?

There has been talk of organizing daily rosaries outside the gates of the chancery. Let's start that. You can also help organize a village meeting so that we can help people better understand the problems. To do so contact Vangie Lujan of the CCOG at 

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