Friday, March 20, 2015


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Catholic church officials remain tight-lipped on Camacho arrest

CATHOLIC church officials said they initiated a canonical investigation into the arrest of Rev. Luis Camacho but it is still unclear what the investigation will cover.

Pacific Daily News

Former priest case heads to AG's office

A case involving a former priest accused of custodial interference has been handed off to the Office of the Attorney General.


  1. "CATHOLIC church officials said they initiated a canonical investigation into the arrest of Rev. Luis Camacho but it is still unclear what the investigation will cover."

    How about a charge of Unbecoming Action of a Priest?

    In many organizations, a Code of Ethics is established so as to "guide" and remind members of the organization's intolerance to "hanky-panky" behavior. I'm pretty sure that within the Roman Catholic clerics, there has to be a violation for the action Camacho is accused of.....Right? Or do we as Catholics, Forgive and Forget......????

  2. An investigation, seriously? Those yahoos on the hill are not trained investigators AND they won't be objective at all. They are known to misrepresent the truth and lie outright to protect their interests and further their unholy agenda. Puhlease, give us a break. SMH

  3. Obviously AAA is besieged on all sides with deeds of his own making. He is unable to make decisions on his own and relies solely on orders from his handlers. When is Rome going to realize that remaining silent and ignoring the destructive nature of NCW has fractured the Guam Church???? PLEASE ROME, TAKE ACTION THIS CHARADE IS HARMFUL TO ALL CATHOLICS. The Bishop is completely inept to address this situation. The only solution is to remove NCW from Guam, but he is the leader so he will not do anything harmful that will affect his "flock"

    1. As they hear the voices of our people from afar, Rome shall come to our rescue.

      Ezekiel 33:
      The word of the LORD came to me:
      Son of man, speak to your people and tell them: When I bring the sword against a land, if the people of that land select one of their number as a sentinel* for them,a
      and the sentinel sees the sword coming against the land, he should blow the trumpet to warn the people.b
      If they hear the trumpet but do not take the warning and a sword attacks and kills them, their blood will be on their own heads.c
      They heard the trumpet blast but ignored the warning; their blood is on them. If they had heeded the warning, they could have escaped with their lives.
      If, however, the sentinel sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the sword attacks and takes someone’s life, his life will be taken for his own sin, but I will hold the sentinel responsible for his blood.

      d You, son of man—I have appointed you as a sentinel for the house of Israel; when you hear a word from my mouth, you must warn them for me.
      When I say to the wicked, “You wicked, you must die,” and you do not speak up to warn the wicked about their ways, they shall die in their sins, but I will hold you responsible for their blood.
      If, however, you warn the wicked to turn from their ways, but they do not, then they shall die in their sins, but you shall save your life.

  4. For sure for sure . now I believe that gpd has an influence in the matter..ūüėĀ same statements made over and over.... If it were another case by now would have gotten statements from or by the suspect or parents of the victim by this time...its also funny that the police report does not describe details of the initial findings at the beach but if it were a traffic stop and they pulled over someone who was drinking we get the whole works from blood shot eyes to odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle ...... The whole nine. But for some reason this case seems to a halt... What about the first case that also was limited info and has come to a halt..... Wow government officials involved with religious racketeers..... Lol now I can say that we are in a world of shit....pardon my chamorro language

    1. Maybe because nothing happened...

    2. Then that's all the archbishop has to say, isn't it.

    3. Fr. Luis wouldn't have resigned and the Archbishop sure as heck wouldn't have accepted it, if "nothing happened."

    4. High level stragedizing at the hill was recorded after Anon 10:56 comments: "Maybe because nothing happened..."

      DLC: For sure...for sure. Maybe nothing happened!
      AAA: Good one with that.
      FAC: Tony. Be careful. What if Rizal botches this one up like the Toves thing in November?
      AAA: Have faith, he'll do whatever we tell him to do.
      FAC: That's what he was supposed to do before, but he screwed the pooch.
      DLC: Hey, by the way, why did Fr Luis resign? I thought he was a priest for life. I even sang at his ordination. You mean priests can just quit whenever they want? How 'bout dacons?
      AAA: That may need to be a possibility!?!
      FAC: Accept it Tony! Accept!
      DLC: Another hey! Why did we accept Luis' resignation? Was it the secret letter you sent him? But still, maybe nothing happened.
      AAA: Adrian, tell me this conversation isn't happening, please.
      DLC: Last hey! Why am I not involved in the matter?
      AAA: Because, weren't there! That's it. You're off the case!
      FAC: Finally! Good move your highness.
      DLC: I never get to have any hoo, boo hoo.
      AAA: Adrian, call Giuseppi and assure them all is handled. BTW, where the hell is David when we really need him?
      FAC: Fridays are his sick days, sire.
      AAA: Darn. Make sure to remind him next day he isn't sick to check into what the heck a canonical investigation is? I need to make sure we get this one right.
      FAC: Will do. BTW, your highness, the travel agency is on the line. They need to know where to send Luis...where will he be a missionary at?
      AAA: send him to work under the tuteledge of Fr John Wadeson. One-way, first class ticket to San F.........................
      FAC: Great...pizzas here.

      Very revealing how these good ole boys think.

    5. @ 10:56 AM. Nothing happened? What of accepting and resigning are not clear to you? That at least happened.



  5. No priest in the Guam chancery has the ability to perform a cannonical investigation into anything. They simply do not have the academic, spiritual, pastoral ability.
    This case needs a priest appointed by the Holy See to investigate.

    1. The clowns on the Hill just want to dazzle us with their double talk and impress us with their ability to BS us further. I agree, a canonical investigation must be done by an appointed priest/person by the Holy See.

    2. Just one problem: theres no relation of this incident to cannon law. The archdiocese has a zero tolerance policy of clergy sexual abuse. He should have been terminated immediately, not asked to resign and he should have had his faculties revoked, not restricted.

    3. Father Ted? You busy??

    4. Who is Father Ted.

    5. One of the visitors. A Seminary specialist. From Rome. Hmmmm wonder if he missed something. ???

  6. This incident with Father Camacho is just another example of why the Guam Catholics are strongly opposed to Neo Clergy taking over our Parishes. I am disappointed that the Apostolic Delegation that was sent here to investigate has not issued their findings so far. We need to start appealing to Rome on their obligation to resolve this situation on Guam. Not only is this incident an embarrassment to the Catholic Community, but it has served to divide Guam’s faithful even more. The Archbishop, whose responsibility it is to address this situation, remains mute, because he knows he is the root of the problem.

    We must find a way to appeal to Rome and impress upon them their obligation to resolve these issues we are facing. We hope that they hear the prayers of thousands of Catholics who want their Church back. This situation is being followed by thousands of people near and far through Junglewatch. I am hoping that Rome is somehow monitoring these exchanges and understands the urgency and need for their intervention.

  7. Marilu Diaz MartinezMarch 20, 2015 at 11:30 AM

    This obviously was a civil and criminal case from the get go! … and it still is! But, the chancery's lame cover-up explanation for not going public with the truth is because they're doing a "cannonical investigation"? Another insult (amongst the many insults we’re constantly dealt) to the intelligence of all Catholic faithful of this archdiocese!

    Our local priests are removed as Parish Priests -- with no civil, criminal nor canonically legitimate reasons -- yet, a young neo wet-behind-the-ears, newly ordained and newly assigned as a parish priest is civilly accused and arrested for civil improprieties and what the faithful of this archdiocese “deserve” is a lame cover-up by our Catholic leader and hierarchy?!

    Regardless of the label slapped on this civil case, it is an immoral impropriety and a scandal deserving an explanation and an assurance of the safety of all families of this archdiocese when it involves a clergy; yet, silence is all we get from our Catholic hierarchy!

    Are we, the Catholic faithful on Guam going to be satisfied with our silence in return for the silence of our hierarchy?

    This, NOW, should be "THE STRAW " for all Catholic faithful on Guam!

    1. No. See you on March 25th.

    2. And who bears responsibility for this scandal? Apuron, of course. Don't let his silence fool us into him slithering away from the issue (and other big issues that have yet to be explained).

  8. This is terrible. Becoming a priest is sacred. Setting an example for faithful people is required. To go against the vows and become a mockery of this role is displeasing to God. No need to become a priest if your humanity is urging for something else. The call to become a priest may have been hidden/masked and you think you're following your heart, when you should be leading it instead. Terrible....

    1. But of course you are actually assuming he was taught these things about the priesthood in the seminary. Given the product of RMS in general, we should assume NOTHING.

    2. This is just par for those who are trying to be a priest. Just about this time, he is supposed to be out of the seminary and discerning if it is really his calling to be a priest. If I am not mistaken, they are given 2 years for the discernment and then they go back to the seminary and continue. Unfortunately, no time for discernment happened. Something is wrong here. Something terribly wrong here.

    3. Though stated in so many comments, I too believe the whole NCW system is set up to churn out as much religious sisters and priests as possible. The large families in the communities are encouraged and from these communities, the call to vocations is "encouraged" as well. I believe Chuck did an article on the Kiko Altar Call, so people can get an idea with the psychology behind it. Now if you look at Fr. Luis, he graduated from high school in 2003 and then for ten years was in the seminary - no college education from a U.S. accredited university. Was he able to work in a real life setting? What does RMS do to help the individual discern? If a seminarian feels called to another life is he supported and treated with charity? We may never know what goes on there.

      On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Franciscans for example, have something like Pre-Noviate, Noviate, Temporary Profession, and Solemn Profession. These steps take years because throughout you are discerning whether or not the life is for you and the order also gets a chance to know the individual's strength and weaknesses. In addition, you are required to attend a four-year accredited university for a bachelor degree, and if priesthood is desired, another two years for a Masters in Divinity. Having real world experience is a must so many Postulants have to work in different fields of study.

      I don't know what happens at a RMS school, but from what we seen, we know their formation lacks in many areas. Also, I feel as though the seminarians are pressured to stay with the program even if they feel called to another vocation, because this same pressure comes from their individual communities as well. I have heard of responsibles dictating to the young adults about their vocations in life, who they should date etc. Imagine having to be obedient to what someone else has to say regarding your child.

      Tim said he felt sorry for the teacher at St. Thomas, well, I feel very sorry for Fr Luis. His lack of formation did not help, especially being so young and handling two parishes. I feel sorry for his family having to bear this public display, more so, for his mother. I also feel bad for the young girl and her family - thank goodness she is anonymous. Needless to say, they all are collateral damage of the Neo agenda.

  9. Marilu D. MartinezMarch 20, 2015 at 1:39 PM

    anon 10:56 Maybe nothing happened; or, maybe something did. Precisely! All we get is utter silence -- from our Catholic leader, for goodness sake! When it involves the clergy and a civil arrest, when it involves "custody" issues of a student who is still in school, it is a scandal deserving the truth and public assurances!

    We all understand that priests are human, as we all are! As catechized Catholics we also know and understand the value and the need to forgive and be forgiven, but your statement misses our frustration and anger; or maybe, your statement simply ignores and poo poos the issue and the point of the faithful's impatience, distrust and suspicions of misdeeds of our hierarchy!

    We’re kept in the dark as though we were under the Gestapo! Are we expected to acquiesce to the deafening silence and the insulting treatment of the faithful by the hierarchy with regard to this particular case and incident?

    … because we remember: the hierarchy was certainly very vocal and open, certainly very public and sooo itching and anxious to spill so much irrelevant or non-documented accusations and GOSSIP for other clergy who were removed from their parishes and thrown to the wind to survive the malicious accusations -- lodged by the hierarchy from the Chancery! Remember?

    The Catholic faithful’s “perceived cover-up by the Chancery” should be expected because of the continued silence by our Catholic leader about the truth or silence about assurances to Guam families about this island’s Catholic hierarchy’s concern for the welfare of all students and all families!

  10. To Mr. Tom Tanaka: You asked how to appeal to Rome and have them resolve the issues facing the Catholic Church on Guam. Tim gave the answer in one of his posts/comments: The Apostolic Delegation only came to Guam after something happened that made it into the News
    (print, Radio, TV).

    Rome does not like negative publicity.

    Let's have a show of force starting in front of the Cathedral on March 25th with Teri Untalan.
    Invite the media to cover the event. Bring signs/placards expressing our displeasure with Apuron and his Neo bosses.

    Let's become "Mad as Hell, and not take it anymore!"

  11. We have languished with the hope that things will get resolved. There simply isn't the will to resolve our church issues. Very sad! Even the Vatican seems to have turned a blind eye and ear to our cries. Our desire is so simple: credible leadership in the Archdiocese of Agana, vg. an archbishop who represents the best of Roman Catholic loyalty and tradition, and who embraces EVERYONE with love regardless of their faith expression. Is that too much to ask?

  12. Brand new Vice Rector HAROLD. Student one Day Vice Rector the next. Just take it from there. IMPOSSIBLE!! Where is that guy, HAROLD, anyhow. Let's keep an eye on him.

    1. Harold is a little dog trying to run with the bigger dogs. Heck, he's so young it still hurts when he pees.

  13. If there are forty or so guys there at Yona RMS. There is no way statistically that almost all persevere. Did you hear Gabe say how awful his grades were? Are there any academic standards?? At all?? Very few have left the cult seminary over the years. Except for runaway Daniel!, good for him. Good luck wherever you are.