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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "ATIENZA'S ATTACK ON YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR CULTURE...": 
Poor Eileen. I feel sorry for you because you accuse Mr. Atienza of not providing the source of his information in which he did. Tim just left that portion out. 

LOL. Adrian. Then I guess Atienza lied when he told Eileen: "My ethical code forces me to maintain the anonymity of my informants and I assume personally any mistake of the article."

So much for "sources. In fact, Atienza admits that he was only guessing:  "...academic research in anthropology works with hypothesis and generalizations that are exposed to be discussed and change if they are mistaken."
It is possible that there could have been a mix up in the translation of the line on the casket being open until the end of Mass. Remember that english is not his first language and this could have been overlooked and hopefully Mr. Atienza will explain to you more. This publication was probably also proofed by other professors at the MARC whom are spanish speaking also.
LOL. Adrian. Ummm, then what's a guy who can't speak English doing teaching at an English speaking institution of higher learning and publishing supposedly scholarly papers and not even having them proofed by people who speak English? LOL. Of course we know why. He's not here to teach at UOG. He's here to proselytize for the Kiko-catechumenal Way. How stupid that you try to excuse this on bad English. You incriminate him. Does the UOG admin know he can't speak English well enough to be teaching our students? If he can make mistakes like this in his publications perhaps he is making mistakes in reading and grading students' papers! What a joke, Adrian. What a joke!
This publication does bring to light the reality of what we have come to on Guam. What may have started as a form of inafamaolek has turned into reciprocity. It is very true and do not deny the fact that often we only attend funerals of those who have visited us during our moments of loss or celebrations. Remember the notebook of the ika or chenchule that every family has. Why do we keep notes of Names and Amounts? If this aint what is happening then you are in denial or my elders just taught me wrong. If you argue that the chamorro culture teaches us to help one another then why are the poor less attended to over the rich. Why did that poor old lady have so little people at her funeral while the rich educated old man have never ending lines at his? You tell me. The chamorro culture is both inafamaolek and reciprocal. 
Ummm, Adrian, how many years have you been a priest on Guam? Nearly 30 or more. And if this  is the problem you say it is and you did not address it then you just incriminated yourself and Apuron and all the other bozos who hide behind Kiko's skirt. So we need a freaking kiko-missionary to do your job? Fine, how about we just get rid of you then?!
In regards to the rosary. You know very well that we were never educated as to the importance of the Holy Rosary. We only knew that it was from Mother Mary and we should pray it for the dead, in the morning, at night and when the earth shakes. You know this is true. This is not your fault. Guam is so Marian in devotion that the Dec. 8 procession is attended in multitude but of those people who attend the procession, how many actually fulfilled the obligation of Mass for that day? It would probably be less than half because not only do they not know that it is the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion they probably dont even know that it is a Holy Day of obligation. To most it is Santa Marian Kamalen Day. Now, I thought Mary always points us to her son Jesus. I think most have stopped at Mary.
Holy Smokes, Adrian. Talk about damning yourself! I'm beginning to wonder if you really did graduate from summer school after all. 30 years a priest and you never educated anyone on the importance of the meaning of the rosary or why you pray for the dead? You describe a diocese with no real faith and only Marian superstition. LOL. If that's not a reason to get rid of you and Apuron then nothing is. You jokers have been running this place for 30 years and all you can do is perpetuate what you apparently believe is a superstition?? And so now we need the land-stealing Kiko's to come in and do what you were supposed to be doing but you were too busy playing - well who knows what you've been playing.
And you argue that we dont need an adult catechesis. It is very evident that we do and this is why the NCW is here. Stop denying it.
-Jokers Wild 
SIGH. So thirty years of you and Apuron and we need "adult catechesis." No, you idiot. What we need is adults in the chancery. Go back to your playpen.

P.S. Rome, if you need proof this is Adrian, just let me know. 

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