Wednesday, March 30, 2016


What is so terribly comical about this is that Apuron, David, and Cristobal cannot remember their own lies.

On November 16, 2011, Apuron wrote a letter to then-president of the finance council, Mr. Richard Untalan, saying that, as per David's counsel, the transfer of title to the property was not an "alienation" because Apuron was "only" assigning title to the property to another entity that was still subject to himself:

Let's look at the middle paragraph. 

Apuron uses the words "assigning", "transferred", and "renamed.

It is clear, in Apuron's own words, and as per David's counsel, that Apuron is clearly aware that he is assigning, transferring, and renaming the title (of the seminary property) to another "juridic person" (a corporation).

Apuron does not deny that he is transferring the Title to RMS, Inc. (which is the "other juridic person"). His only claim is that RMS, Inc. is "subject to the same Ordinary," himself. 

The only question is, according to Guam law, is RMS, Inc. "subject to the same ordinary?"

Guam law says no. 

A Guam corporation is governed by a Board of Directors, NOT the incorporator(s) or the member(s). As per the RMS 2015 Annual Report, there are five directors on the Board of Directors. Apuron is only one of them. Since the other four are hard core neo's, they may be personally "subject to him," but not legally. 

Legally, RMS, Inc. is NOT "subject to the same Ordinary," as Apuron claims and he knew it. He KNEW it because only a few weeks earlier, his legal counsel, Atty. Edward Terlaje, had warned him that he would NOT retain control if he "assigned, transferred, and renamed" Title to RMS, Inc.:

Apuron knew that Richard Untalan also KNEW that he was lying, so he fired him.

Also, Apuron's claim that the title is "renamed" makes his claim in the third paragraph a lie. He says that "the Title holder...doesn't change," but of course he just said that the title is "assigned, transferred, and renamed." Renamed to who? Well to RMS, Inc. of course because RMS, Inc. is the "other juridic person."

This is why the latest version of the title is incorrect and must go through the court process for correction. Apuron himself said that he is "assigning, transferring, and renaming" the Title from the Archbishop of Agana ("one juridic person") to RMS, Inc. ("another juridic person).

These are Apuron's words, not mine. Apuron himself recognizes that there are TWO juridic persons (corporations) involved in this transaction and that he is assigning Title from one to the other, with the only justification that both corporations are subject to himself. 

This fact, that there are TWO juridic persons, nullifies Michael Borja's claim that the matter of the incorrect certificate of title could be worked out without going to court because the archdiocese was willing to work it out.


The archdiocese is NOT the only party. RMS, Inc. is clearly the other party and it was NOT brought to the table. The reason is because Borja and apparently Kristan Finney, were buffaloed (by the "trained lawyer") into believing that the seminary is "subject to the same Ordinary." 


And it is is high time we find someone in the government INTELLIGENT enough to figure this out! 

Or should we begin our campaign to "throw the bums out" NOW?

There is also the other lie that we have already mentioned. Pius and the kiko's are running around saying that the reason Apuron "transferred" title to the property was to keep Untalan from selling it. 

Which is it? You LIARS need to get together and decide which lies you are all going to tell.

P.S. Note to the Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples who was here last year. This is going to come back at you. You knew all of this. 


  1. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONApril 1, 2016 at 11:14 PM

    Liars...They all are! Apuron: Agat, Chalan Pago, Agana - Child Molestations. Adrian and David, you are complicit in all his crimes, especially you, Adrian. BTW, Think I will have some fun with you both on YouTube. Vatican will love it.

    1. John, I hope this isn't just an April Fools' Day joke!

  2. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONApril 2, 2016 at 10:57 AM

    Need to get my props set. Need FM to send items.